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The Best Experience From Our Excavation Contractor In Townsville

    Australian Construction is the top choice in Townsville for excavation and plant hire services for civil excavation projects and residential excavation.

    Our excavation contractor in Townsville owns a fleet of powerful and specialised excavation plants for hire, such as bobcat for hire, trenchers for hire and excavators for hire, prepared to offer you the service you require to finish any excavation project you need doing.

    From irrigation and drainage projects to swimming pool excavations, land development, sand fill, electrical site preparation, etc., the excavation contractor we have in Townsville understands the ground and soil conditions of Townsville.

    Our competent team knows how to conquer these challenges and complete your project efficiently. 

    Services provided by our excavation contractor in Townsville: 

    Excavation and Trenching

    We provide various plant hire options like bark blowers, excavators and bobcat for hire to complete any trenching or excavation project you are working on in Townsville, and the nearby suburbs.

    Our wet hire operators and excavation plant hire have worked in various projects like local builders, civil construction and even farming businesses. If you want to hire an Australian Construction machine, do not hesitate to contact us online to get a free quote and enquiry form or call us.

    We offer the following services:

    • Trenching
    • Digging footings
    • House foundations building
    • Bark blowing
    • Land clearing
    • Drainage
    • Sand fills
    • Small demolition
    • Pool digging
    • Material handling
    • Site preparation, filling, levelling
    • Quarry material (picking up and delivering)
    • Sediment control

    We are specialists in hiring heavy earthmoving, construction and mining equipment such as vac trucks, posi trucks, a mini digger and a tipper truck at competitive prices.  

    Since our inception, we have provided trustworthy, reliable and fast earthmoving services in Townsville and its surroundings. Our equipment is modern and designed to handle complicated projects. Australian Construction has a simple customer service approach. 

    Our excavation crew prioritise our excavation services in Townsville and work closely with you, making sure that you have the correct machinery for the task at hand. We stand out from other companies because we are available until completion of the project to confirm that you are happy.

    It is for that reason why we offer a range of equipment for short or long term rental like posi trucks, mini excavators, a vac trailer, 20-29 tonne excavators and truck and dog tipper. We are accessible to you 24/7 if you need any assistance.

    Delivering quality service

    Australian Construction expects only the best from its operators and equipment. Therefore, we take measures to make sure that we deliver it.

    Our Townsville excavating and earthmoving equipment goes through pre-starts every day, and we service them regularly.

    Our team of machine operators has undergone vigorous training in safety measures and risk management. Providing a secure working environment for our clients, contractors, and employees is paramount to us. 

    Civil Construction Services in Townsville

    Civil construction’s main focus is on the most labour-intensive, sensitive and costly projects. All civil construction jobs such as road, pipeline, drainage, rail, and storm water construction need an optimal level of experience, expertise and vast resources.

    We differ from our other construction projects because infrastructure like road, pipeline and rail support the society’s well being and serve a significant number of people. 

    You will most definitely a competent contractor like us because millions of dollars and lives are at stake. It would be best for government departments and land developers to pick the appropriate and most qualified excavation contractor in Townsville for civil construction.

    For your civil construction projects to be successful, check the expertise, services, variety of equipment and contractor’s reliability.

    Below are some crucial factors you need to consider when picking the right contractor for your job:

     Variety of Heavy Equipment

    When you hear the term civil construction, you think of various modern equipment for heavy lifting. If you do not have the right contractor for your project, you cannot attain it.

    It would be useful for you to have highly efficient machinery, tools and equipment to complete your project from the beginning to the end.

    When constructing storm water and drainage, delays are the last thing you want because specific equipment is missing. Therefore, you need a firm like Australian Construction, which offers all the essential equipment to complete all the tasks in the project.

    You may be a land developer or in the government department; you require efficient, reliable and safe heavy equipment. 

    It is where our civil construction services come in handy. We provide graders, dozer’s, excavators, water trucks, haulers, loaders and other heavy machinery for hire to government departments and land developers doing civil construction in Townsville.

    Despite your project type, we guarantee to meet all your construction requirements.

    Ideal Services

    Each construction service has different requirements. Your construction project’s specific needs require customised services to deal with every aspect.

    For example, if you are working on road construction, but do not have experienced heavy construction machinery operators, it would be best to pick a company like ours that provides dry hire services.

    Our wet hire service enables you to rent all the equipment you require, together with experienced operators for the period of your construction.

    You will not need to worry because you know that a qualified operator works at your job site. Wet hire also saves you cost and time. Get our wet hire services and head straight to your construction site and start working!

    It saves you time wasted in searching, testing and training all the operators needed for your project. It can be very expensive for you to hire and train operators for all the heavy machinery and equipment you need for rail construction projects.

    The reason is that there are limited experts in this sector.  Using our equipment guarantees you the best skills in civil construction, at a price you can afford.


    Government departments, road construction, storm water and drainage, or other civil construction can benefit from the variety of civil construction services available at Australian Construction.

    When you rent civil construction equipment for wet hire, you are assured of getting qualified and skilled operators. You also access all the equipment and capabilities you require for the period of your civil construction.

    Leave all the concerns about repair, storage and maintenance costs to us! Another benefit you can enjoy is the free delivery of your equipment to your construction site around Townsville.

    Call us today on 1800 155 881 and enjoy all these awesome benefits!