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Get The Most From A Professional Excavator In Brisbane

    Australian Construction is popular in many sectors because we provide high-quality work. We maintain our equipment in excellent condition, and we are the go-to excavation contractor in Brisbane for your excavation services.

    Despite the job’s size, such as a small dig or extensive excavation, we have the operators and equipment to handle them efficiently. You can trust our team’s vast experience if your project involves earthmoving.

    Our operators at Australian Construction are skilled, and we have earthmoving equipment that completes your road construction venture on time and according to your budget.

    We work with you in all stages and set up a custom plan for your specific requirement. Our many years’ experience enables us to give you top results.

    Why civil road construction is important

    You may be supervising repair works for a brand new subdivision or a local council for roads connecting future inhabitants to local streets; in this case, during construction quality and care is essential for the following reasons:

    • It facilitates motorists’ safe passage, which is a critical reason. Safe roads begin with dedicated and smart efforts. We have an excavation contractor in Brisbane who appreciates that it is vital to know about expertly laying down roadways to withstand all usage types.
    • It decreases the necessity of short-term maintenance and the risk of the development of long-term faults. Inefficiently prepared surfaces or faulty asphalt work creates various issues that need piecemeal fixes.
    • It forms a safe and proficient working environment. At Australian Construction, we maintain a secure area on the job site. It is essential to facilitate good outcomes and we have a skilled team that is focused on safety. 

    Common errors people make concerning excavation firms in Brisbane.

    There is a wide range of excavation companies. However, choosing a provider in haste can quickly lead to mistakes, and you can find yourself exceeding your budget and going beyond your deadlines.

    Below are some common errors people make when choosing an excavation contractor in Brisbane:

    • Most firms try to oversell their excavation equipment and extras to you, and it exceeds your requirements. Our experienced team has handled all kinds of projects. We have the expertise to assist you in setting up the appropriate machines for your project.
    • If your excavation firm comes to the site with dirty and faulty equipment that breaks down before they are offloaded from the truck, it will delay the project. Australian Construction maintains our entire equipment to ensure that it is suitable and ready for any task.
    • At times you may wish to operate the equipment yourself. Some excavation firms do not have this option. However, at Australian Construction, we’ll even provide the training if you wish to do this.

    Services provided by our excavation contractor in Brisbane

    From the instant you contact us for your project, you will enjoy our comprehensive and widespread experience in the sector. We are not only an operator prepared to dig the ground; we can help you in any area of your project to ensure that we complete your project with the competence you need. 

    When you hire Australian Construction, we offer you the benefits below:

    • We have a well-maintained fleet that consists of a variety of different sizes. It is appropriate for small and big projects.
    • Our hiring rates at Australian Construction are competitive, and it is our pleasure to work with you to get the ideal option for your needs.
    • If you want full plant hire, we have this available for all kinds of projects.

    Earthmoving services in Brisbane

    Hire a team that delivers fast and top-quality earthmoving services. If you have a large-scale structure, renovation or similar job, you need a firm like Australian Construction that helps you with earthmoving services in Brisbane. It is a complicated process involving many technical tasks, so you need a team with the correct equipment and years of specific industry related experience.

    Different earthmoving services

    We specialise in all aspects of earthmoving, like small domestic jobs to major civil jobs. We provide a variety of earthmoving and excavation services like:


    Our operators work with the excavation contractor in Brisbane to ensure that all drainage needs are met to the specifications; therefore, the job is done correctly, the first time.

    Site cleans

    We have the best combos for site cleans. Each of our combos is fixed with Tipper, Bobcat and Excavator. So, our one operator can clean the area efficiently, saving you time and money.

    Under House Digs

    Most of our excavation machinery is fully equipped, and the canopy can be removed for under house and access sites with height restrictions.

    Advantages of hiring the excavation contractor in Brisbane 

    Moving tonnes of earth from one area to another is not easy, if you need to clear your team’s location to start a building project. However, Australian Construction can assist you with this, giving you the following advantages:

    • Speedy construction schedule and minimal  down time. Even if you hire the correct equipment, it does not compare to engaging an experienced team with world class machinery. 
    • We take care of all your logistical arrangements and organisational requirements. When Australian Construction works on your earthmoving project, you can use your efforts to keep your team busy and productive on the job location without worrying about jobs they are not competent in.
    • Our team of excavation contractors in Brisbane is third-party qualified to work according to the Australian Building Standard. Hiring a team like Australian Construction that provides this level of quality and certainty relieves you of the stress of being unsure of whether the job was completed efficiently. 


    Australian Construction is experienced in working on different types of projects of various sizes. You are welcome to consult us about your site requirements.  

    Presently, our fleet consists of a variety of dozer’s, excavators, rollers, steer loaders and water trucks. We offer them at highly competitive rates for your use in different projects.

    We are earthmoving contractors whose skilled team can complete your road project, bulk earthworks and dam building within the budget and on time.

    Contact us today about your excavation project and give us a chance to help you with all your project requirements!