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Hervey Bay Fencing Contractor

Hervey Bay Fencing Contractor

    Fencing installation is not a simple DIY project. It is especially challenging if you lack the right tools and knowledge to do it right. Therefore, hire an experienced firm like Australian Construction.  Our fencing contractor in Hervey Bay handles fencing installation. Moreover, we undertake fencing refurbishments and repairs.

    Our fencing services are affordable, efficient and comprehensive. Furthermore, we have provided services in Hervey Bay for many years. We aim to surpass our client’s expectations in every fencing project. Given this, our efficient and expert tradespeople meet all your fencing requirements. For example, we provide glass pool fencing and aluminium fencing. We also offer colorbond fencing, pool fencing and timber fencing.

    Colorbond fencing

    Australian Construction’s colorbond fencing is affordable and sustainable. More importantly, it is environmentally friendly. We use Colorbond steel to manufacture this iconic fence. Due to this, the fence lasts for over fifty years. Additionally, it withstands Australia’s severe weather conditions.  Colourbond fencing presents a wonderful method of improving your property’s visual appeal.

    Also, it offers more security. It is simple to maintain as well. When manufacturing colorbond, we do not use harsh chemicals. Consequently, you do not need to worry about your health or chemical waste leaks. Furthermore painting these fences every few years is not necessary. Many homeowners prefer colorbond fencing. After all, it is durable, friendly to the surroundings and elegant.

    The fencing contractor in Hervey Bay picks the best materials. Because of this, we attain brilliant and long-lasting outcomes. We provide different colours. Because of this, our colorbond fencing matches your home’s style.

    Features of colorbond fencing:

    • Climb resistant
    • Durable
    • Fade-resistant
    • Low maintenance
    • Recyclable
    • Fire resistant
    • Stable
    • Is not attacked by insects or termites
    • Affordable
    • Manufactured from 100% recycled steel
    • Climb resistance
    • More privacy and safety
    • Does not rust or rot in wet areas

    Benefits of aluminium fencing

    Most individuals want to reduce the costs of fence maintenance. Additionally, they want to cut down on time spent maintaining a fence. Furthermore, most homeowners lack the time for repairing, repainting or maintaining their fences. Under these circumstances, our aluminium fencing is the best option. 

    It needs minimal maintenance. However, it still looks classy and elegant. It is different from wood because it is rust and rot-resistant. The reason is that aluminium lacks iron. Because of this, it resists corrosion and rusting. Aluminium fences are lightweight. Despite this, they are long lasting.  Australian Construction offers various kinds of aluminium to suit your needs.

    Aluminium fencing maintenance

    Our aluminium needs minimal maintenance. Because of this, it lasts longer. But the following guidelines maintain your aluminium fencing.


    Aluminium fencing is easy to clean and maintain. Because of this, it is an ideal option.  In addition, aluminium is rust-resistant. For this reason, when you use water and cleaning products, it remains clean. It also maintains its great condition. Use mild soap and warm water to remove visible stains. But avoid using a power washer as it damages the metal.


    When you inspect your aluminium fence regularly, it saves you from costly repairs. Look out for uneven fences, loose posts and broken rails. Doing this helps you detect possible damages. Under these circumstances, contact the fencing contractor in Hervey Bay immediately. Remember that when we fix it quickly, it prevents further damage.


    Australian Construction always delivers quality outcomes. In addition, our customer service experience is unrivalled. From the first consultation to the completion of the project, our friendly and skilled experts guide you. Do you want to make that move and begin your fencing project? In that case, we are the ideal team for you!

    Therefore call us to talk to our reliable team about your fencing project!