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Mackay Fencing Contractor

Mackay Fencing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we guarantee all our fences. We manufacture our products to meet Australian building codes. Because of this, you have peace of mind. Your new fence will keep invaders out. In addition, it withstands harsh weather. Our fencing contractor in Mackay offers durable fencing materials. 

    We customise your fencing’s colour, size and look. In view of this we offer industrial, commercial and residential fences. Additionally, we install them to your precise needs. Our team consists of skilled fencing contractors. Because of this, they offer protection for your property. 

    More importantly, our fences keep your family safe. Do you want a pool fence? Or do you wish to remove an existing fence? Maybe you want a longer-lasting replacement option. Under these circumstances, we provide to your requirements. 

    Security fences

    Mainly our fencing contractor in Mackay creates security fencing using aluminium or steel. Due to this, our fencing attains superior strength. We design these fences to avoid illegal entry to your property. Given this, our security fences have barbed wire. In addition, we have spiked tops for more security. We construct them with different non-climbable materials. 

    Because of recent advancements, we provide more attractive designs. This fence is robust. Therefore it offers a real presence. Moreover, it has a black powder coating. For this reason, it improves the look by forming an intelligent and clean-cut finish. A security fence’s typical height is 2-5-3m. But if you want, we can make it much higher. Additionally, our skilled team suggests the best fence to suit your needs.

    Modular fences

    In Australia, modular fences are a relatively new product. The Australian Construction modular fence has different modules or parts. These features create a stable structure when we slot them together. Because of this, they build beautiful fences. Also, they make great retaining walls and acoustic barriers.

    House blocks are becoming increasingly smaller. Due to this, it is crucial to manage the noise from neighbours. Conventional timber fences help in reducing noise. Comparatively, however, they cannot match modular wall systems qualities. The fencing contractor in Mackay provides neat and sleek modular fences. In addition, we can render, texture and paint them.

    We use modular panels for retaining rather than block retaining walls or traditional timber. The end product looks much the same as a block. However, it is a lot more affordable. The reason is that footings and excavation are unnecessary. We can increase post sizes to give the effect of block piers if you want.

    Chainwire fencing

    Chainwire fencing is a fencing method that has withstood the test of time. Also, it remains very famous. Chainwire fence has several terms. For example, we refer to it as chainlink fencing or chain mesh fencing. We term it as wire netting and wire-mesh fence also. Furthermore, we call this fencing diamond-mesh fence or clone fence.

    We create chain wire fencing using galvanised steel wire. It is a kind of woven fence. Usually, we offer chain wire fences with a black or green coloured PVC coating. Our team installs the wire vertically but bend and link them zigzag. As a result, it forms a diamond pattern on this kind of fence.

    Aluminium slat fences

    Aluminium slats create wonderful screened spaces. It facilitates sufficient air and light flow via the fence panel. The fencing contractor in Mackay makes aluminium slats from durable aluminium. Moreover, our aluminium slats are superior, and we powder coat it. 

    For this reason, it resists twisting, buckling and corrosion. We use our aluminium slat fences for stylish privacy screens. Mostly we use the fences to conceal bins and your property’s utility areas. Aluminium slats are appropriate for fixed panels and pedestrian gates. We also use them for double and single driveway gates.


    In Mackay, Australian Construction is a leader in the fencing sector. All our products have a guaranteed long lifespan. Our team is qualified and provides ideal solutions for our clients. Moreover, racecourse, councils and homeowners trust our name. We also offer commercial, home and rural fencing.

    Call us today to discuss your fencing services in Mackay!