Routine Fire Testing And Inspections In Sydney By Our Certified Inspectors


Sydney Fire Testing and Inspections Contractor

    All commercial establishments must comply with fire protection standards. This is a part of Australia’s building code, and this is why you need a Sydney fire testing and inspections contractor. If your establishment fails to pass this test, your license to operate may be revoked.

    If your establishment already has a fire alarm system, or a fire protection system, it has to be tested. The last thing you want is to have a fire and then find out that the system does not work. Today, we at Australian Construction will show you several reasons why you need our services.

    1. Our service will help you save money

    As a large-scale business enterprise, you must have insurance, especially against fire. The thing here is that insurance companies will charge you more money if your facility is not safe.

    Insurance companies that offer property insurance are willing to negotiate the cost of your premiums, provided you have documentation of fire inspection. This is how we can help you. We will check your fire alarm systems and conduct tests.

    Once we find out that there are problems, we will give you recommendations on how to fix it. And you should. By the time the insurance company checks the fire alarm systems, you will not have any issues. As such, you can ask for a better deal from them.

    2. Our service can help you save lives

    Safety is your primary concern for you and your employees. If your ire alarm system works, the rate of security also increases dramatically.

    Just suppose that the smoke alarm did not work. In this case, the fire has already spread out and not everyone is aware. It could lead to serious injury and even death. And if this happens, you are going to face serious liabilities.

    3. Our service makes you compliant to the law

    Every country has a law as far as fire standards are concerned. These laws may vary, but they exist. We at Australian Construction Services will not only check the fire alarm system, but also the structural integrity of your building, plus the other expectations such as the fire exits.

    Once our inspection is done, we can sit together and discuss which aspects of the law you have to comply with. From there, we can either add some facilities like a fire escape hatch or ladder, a fire escape door and so much more.

    In the end, your building will be compliant. If a fire inspector comes over to check, you will not receive any ticket for violations. You will also not receive any sanction from the government.

    4. Our service can prevent false alarms

    One problem that fire alarm systems often bring is that they trigger for no reason at all. As such, the workers are disturbed—they have to run outside thinking that there really is a fire.

    This is not only inconvenient, but it does interrupt your business processes. There is also a likelihood that your employees could get hurt if they panic. It can cause a stampede.

    Again, this is a liability that you do not want. What we will do for you is to test your fire alarm systems and inspect if something is not right. At the end of the inspection, you will no longer have false alarms.

    5. Our service prevents legal issues

    If you are not compliant with the law, you are increasing the chance of you getting sued. Why? If your building has no fire exit and people got hurt, they will blame you.

    The key here is to take proper measures to ensure that the building is safe. If it is safe and a fire accident still happened, there is no way you can get blamed and sued. You can only have this guarantee if you let a fire testing contractor like us do the inspection.  

    How should you choose a Sydney fire testing and inspections contractor? 

    Fire hazard is a serious issue. You have to be sure that the team you hire to do the inspection is qualified. Read below for our tips on how to choose.

    License – only deal with a contractor who has a license to operate. As a licensed contractor, you have a guarantee that we have met all the stringent conditions of the government to do this job. Our engineers are all licensed, and our reputation and professional permits are on the line whenever we do our job.

    Experience – you must only hire a contractor who has an adequate number of years of experience in this field. If not, chances are that the contractor has not seen all sorts of problems in fire testing yet. We at Australian Construction have been in business for over 20 years. We have seen it all, and we can proudly say that we are experts not just on paper but in real life, too.

    Flexibility – this one refers to skills and capabilities. Apart from testing your fire alarm system, we will also fix it if there are problems. Now, what if the problem is that you do not have a fire exit? As construction experts, we can do this for you. We are builders, and we can add doors and ladders to your facility if needed.  

    We at Australian Construction are comprised of engineers that you can rely on. As a tenured group of construction experts, we have a wide range of experience in all facets of the construction business.   

    Summary: Sydney Fire Testing and Inspections Contractor

    Testing your fire system is for your best interest. You cannot entrust your business to machines that are not working. We at Australian Construction are you best partners for this. Apart from fire safety installation and testing, we are experts in all facets of construction.

    Yes, we can repair anything in your facility and make sure that your entire building is fire code-compliant. Give us a call now and we will do an ocular inspection. We will check your facility, make notes, and then provide recommendations on how to best ensure that your building is safe.