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Foundation Contractor In Adelaide: What Do They Do? 

    What does our foundation contractor in Adelaide do? We all know that a foundation has something to do with digging, but is that all there is to it? Are there other things that foundation contractors do to make sure that the foundation is sturdy?  

    These are the questions that we will address today. We at Australian Construction want to make sure that before you use a service like ours that you understand what to expect. By the end of this simple tutorial, we hope that we have enlightened you on what to expect from our foundation contractor in Adelaide.  

    1. Surveying services

    Before anything else, a foundation contractor has to survey the area. This is to ensure that the demarcations of the property line are clear. This happens after the transfer of the title has been completed, and the position of the facility has already been decided upon.

    The surveying process also includes what type of soil is on the land, if there are boulders that may or may not be removed. The results of the survey will allow the contractor to determine how to do the foundation without violating building codes.  

    There are different types of codes per country and per city. This is because lands are located in different terrains. The surveyor will take a footprint of the location and then decide where the footings will be placed.

    This is the final step in the surveying process, but only if the land has been studied and if the surveyor has decided how deep the foundation should be.

    2. Excavation services

    Once the surveying process is completed, the next step is to do the excavation. The land will be levelled during this process, too. Trees may be removed if needed. However, most contractors and landscaping designers prefer to leave the trees if it can be helped. Trees take too long to grow and transferring old trees to a new location is an expensive ordeal.

    It is during the excavation process where you will see large and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, and bulldozers. The contractor will dig in the right spots. The land that was dug out will be used later to backfill areas, or they will be moved to a quarry. This all depends on your agreement with the contractor.  

    We at Australian Construction also specialise in excavation projects. Our foundation contractor in Adelaide undertakes large-scale excavation for high-rise buildings, and we also do excavation for industrial projects like irrigation and piping systems.

    3. Footings services

    Footings are the stakes or flags that contractors put in designated places. These are indicators of the property line. They are also used so it is easy to find the places where footing forms will be placed.

    What is footing?

    A footing is a platform for the foundation of the walls. They are put there so the walls have something to hold on to and not collapse. Depending on the project type, some footings may require drainage. The forms will also be inspected to ensure that they are sitting on solid ground.

    If drainage tiles are used, their function is to equalise groundwater, which can seep through and damage the foundations. This is also the phase where we use reinforced steel. They are tied both horizontally and vertically to add strength to the wall foundations.

    4. Foundations services

    Now that the footing is put in place, the foundation contractor is ready to lay the foundation. There are many materials that we can use. The most common is concrete. We can also use insulated concrete forms or concrete blocks. Some engineers prefer pressure-treated wood.

    If the structure will use a concrete wall, wood is set-up as temporary support. These wooden frames can reach as high up as the basement walls.

    There are many other ways to lay foundation the correct way. Also, there are many considerations before we start with this process. Some examples are drainage systems, utility wires, and floor heating. It all comes down to the design of the facility.  

    5. Waterproofing services

    On some occasions, there is a need to waterproof the foundation. This is especially so for concrete ones because concrete is porous. It is like a sponge that absorbs water. And if concrete absorbs water, its integrity is compromised.

    There are different types of treatment used to waterproof a foundation. Most are based on petroleum products. Here, our foundation contractor in Adelaide will also take the time to apply the foam insulation.

    If the project requires a rubberised membrane, then we will do it at this phase. The end goal of this phase is to make sure that the foundation is waterproof.

    6. Backfilling services

    The last part of building a foundation is to backfill the area. Backfilling means we will put back the soil where it belongs, and then cover the foundation footings.

    It is in this phase of the project where you will see machines called compactors. These are heavy machines that punch the soil to make it compact. There should be no air pockets in the soil, as it will cause the building to collapse.

    The backfilling process depends on the style of the facility. Some large-scale projects we have completed came with landscaping designs. As such, we had to build man-made hills on the land to give the property a better look.

    Summary: Adelaide foundation contractor 

    As you can see, the job of a foundation contractor is not just about digging and putting in slabs of concrete. There is so much that goes into it.

    Australian Construction is the team you can trust as far as foundation contractor services are concerned. Our foundation contractor in Adelaide has been doing this for 20 years, and we can guarantee you that you will be happy with our work!

    We are a team of licensed engineers, and we offer a warranty on our services. This warranty is in the contract that we offer. Give us a call and we will discuss your project.

    One of our engineers will take a look at the blueprint and also visit the site. From there, our foundation contractor in Adelaide can determine how we can best approach the project. So give us a call today!