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Bunbury Foundation Contractor

Bunbury Foundation Contractor

    Foundation, unlike common thought, is not always done in the same way. There is a corresponding type depending on your building and its needs, and this is why you need a foundation contractor in Bunbury. Meaning, you can’t just do whichever sounds more appealing.

    You have to go through research and detailed planning with professionals. Before that, you should first have an idea about what the types of foundation are. This is what we’re going to help you with today.

    Shallow Foundation

    First, let us talk about shallow foundation. From the name itself, this involves low-level foundations. This is the most common. In addition, this does not require intense excavation.

    This mostly matches the needs of smaller projects. By this, we mean structures with small dimensions like bungalows or cottages. The main basis for this is the ability of the topsoil to handle its weight.

    The shallow foundation has its own set of subtypes.

    Here are some:

    Mat Foundation

    Mat foundation is also known as a raft foundation. Like a mat, the structure for this is continuous. Its position includes the overall surface where the building will be on. Usually, contractors recommend this if the target soil is weak. 

    Individual Footing

    Next up, we have individual footing. This consists of footings placed away from each other. Their weight and thickness will depend on how heavy the building is. This is also the most commonly availed.

    Combined Footing

    The concept of combined footings is simple. Instead of placing footings far apart, this type combines two or more sets. Pros suggest this to assure a more even weight distribution.

    Each type above has distinct uses and requirements. It is still important to evaluate them to land on the right type. 

    Deep Foundation

    Moving on to the next and last category, we have a deep foundation. Unlike shallow foundation, this is for big-sized projects. This foundation is ideal if the project needs extensive weight support.

    Going back, below are some of the most common deep foundation types:

    Pile Foundation

    Pile foundation makes use of columns or tubes. These undergo drilling for them to be able to drive deep up to the bedrock. These will establish a steady foundation.

    Generally, this comes in two forms. These are end-bearing piles and friction piles.

    Caisson Foundation

    Caisson foundation generally suits water-based sites. This is because of its water-resistant quality. What makes this different from the former is its structure. Instead of a regular tube, this looks like an inverted funnel.

    Shaft Foundation

    Finally, the shaft foundation is very much similar to the pile foundation. Here, however, the columns used as a load-bearing unit them. Usually, contractors use concrete. This makes it more durable and flexible.

    One con of this type, however, is that its methods require deep digging. Hence, this can harm the surrounding area.

    How to Know the Right Foundation Type

    Keep in mind that your choices are not limited to the ones above. Ask your foundation contractor in Bunbury to know more. These are just the most common in the field. It will still depend on a lot of existing factors.

    Here is an overview of what is often considered:

    • Budget
    • Client’s Goals
    • Size and Weight of Building
    • The Intensity of Support Needed
    • Soil Condition
    • Type of Environment

    It is more recommended to ask for professional assistance during planning. They can be engineers or contractors. Doing so will ensure that your project is taking on the right path. Moreover, this can prevent future issues caused by the wrong foundation type.

    Summary: Foundation Contractor in Bunbury

    Being well-informed about the various foundation types will be a big help. This will allow you to choose what is best for your building. In addition, you can avoid beginner mistakes

    If you want to know more about the process, feel free to contact our team. We’re willing to discuss the details. We also offer the service to projects located around Bunbury.