Residential & Commercial Gabion Wall Builder On The Central Coast

Central Coast Gabion Wall Builder

Central Coast Gabion Wall Builder

    Australian Construction works hard to deliver superior services. Also, we provide quality management and products. The products we use are durable and strong. Because of this, they are durable. Hence, they require minimal or no maintenance. Our gabion wall builder on the Central Coast has the ideal company owned and controlled equipment. 

    Furthermore, we ensure we install your Australian Construction products efficiently and correctly. As a result, it maximises their visual impact and effectiveness. For us, no project is too small or big. After all, we have all the essential equipment. 

    Additionally, we have the experience and personnel to provide superior services. More importantly, our prices are affordable. We are proud to offer efficient and professional installation of our gabion products. Our competent team completes projects on time. For this reason, our clients are satisfied. 

    We consistently complete projects within deadlines ensuring satisfied clients. 

    Creek restoration

    Mostly we use gabions along riverbeds, creeks and channel linings. It is a method of flood protection.  We install gabion retaining walls along the bank. Because of this, the bank stabilises the creek walls. The water flow slows down and there is erosion reduction as well. Similarly, our Reno mattresses protect the riverbed or creek against erosion.

    Gabions have various benefits. For instance, they protect and stabilise the bank immediately. Apart from that these structures enable the establishment of limited vegetation. In addition, Reno mattresses are eco-friendly. Consequently, they offer a flood control solution.   Not only is it fairly easy to install these systems quickly, but also they are affordable.

    Noise walls 

    Australian Construction builds gabion walls as the best solution for areas with too much noise. The gabion wall offers protection against noise. Moreover, it reduces industrial and traffic noise. Our gabion wall builder on the Central Coast builds these walls as cladding. We also construct them on an existing exterior or interior wall.

    In addition, our team can fit the inner core of a freestanding wire mesh gabion wall with sandbags. As a result, the sound dampens even further. We install soundproof fencing and gabion noise walls. They are also impact-resistant. In other words, they create a safe barricade between you and the road!

    Gabion retaining walls

    Australian Construction retaining walls are built using strong galvanised steel mesh panels. We lace them together and use posts to fix them inside the ground. Mainly we fill them with sandstone or bluestone. It is either hand-faced or tipped-in. 

    Comparatively, they form a thinner structure than traditional wire gabions. We use them for beautification purposes in places that need minimal stabilisation. However, we do not recommend them in places where water flows. It is because there is the danger of differential settlement.

    Gabion bench seating

    We custom make our gabion bench seats. Our team constructs these seats using a welded mesh that they fill with rock. You can use the benches as a retaining wall. Together with that, they give you functional and exceptional seating in a park or garden. Our expert team designs them to suit a particular area. For instance, we design them to fit a corner. Also, they can be curved or straight.

    The gabion wall builder on the Central Coast uses slats or timber slabs to add the baskets’ seating. We also use recycled wood plastic or concrete composite. Usually, the rocks are hand faced.  More importantly, we only use locally sourced bluestone or sandstone.


    At Australian Construction, we have excelled in the gabion-building sector. The reason is our team has the dedication and experience to deliver various projects successfully. We meet the demands of commercial and residential markets. Our specialist installers have superior artistry. 

    Because of this, we are the professionals to call for a new or unique fence!