Expert Gabion Wall Builder In Hobart From Aus Construction

Hobart Gabion Wall Builder

Hobart Gabion Wall Builder

    At Australian Construction, we use our gabion baskets to reinforce driveways. Additionally, we use them for landscaping your property. Moreover, our expert team designs them easily. Our gabion wall builder in Hobart fills them with the stone you choose. 

    As a result, we ensure the retaining wall block systems match your premises or home. Furthermore, these systems provide a durable and robust supporting structure.

    Retaining walls using gabion materials

    These retaining walls are ‘dry.’ Which means they do not have any mortar. Moreover, they are remarkably well-draining. As a result, water does not build up. Australian Construction effectively stabilises a slope with these walls. Additionally, we control erosion on your premises.

    Our competent team creates the rectangle wire baskets onsite. These baskets are available in a flat pack. The gabion wall builder in Hobart provides various custom and standard made sizes. Besides, they can accommodate jobs of all shapes and sizes.

    The gabion retaining walls suit commercial and residential areas. Similarly, our company has worked on train stations retaining walls. Also, we have established retaining walls on backyard patios. The walls are long-lasting, regardless of whether you grow plants on them or not. 

    Steel mesh is robust, and its design withstands all conditions. We use all types of stones to fill the baskets. However, you can choose the stones depending on availability, price and colour.

    Casual seating

    Gabion baskets are great for permanent outdoor seating. Using gabion baskets for casual seating has many benefits. Gabion seating matches existing walls all over your property. Therefore it forms a cohesive finish. The structure acts as outdoor furniture. Additionally, it functions as a garden edging or retaining wall.

    Australian Construction creates rectangle wire baskets onsite. They are available in a flat pack, and we have various custom and standard made sizes. Because of this, they accommodate projects of all sizes and shapes. 

    These baskets are suitable for commercial and residential use. Also, gabion seating is the best solution for an alfresco area in a public area or restaurant. These structures are durable. Hence they are ideal for timber topped seats. Because of this, they are great for use throughout the year. You can also use removable cushions during poor weather conditions. 

    Vertical gardens

    You can practice your gardening skills on our gabion basket vertical garden. We use gabion baskets for the vertical gardens. A vertical garden is the best choice for townhouses, units or apartment. They are ideal for a small courtyard. After we establish these gardens, the plants’ dependency on watering reduces.

    Our competent team at Australian Construction creates the rectangular wire baskets on site. We avail them in a flat pack, and we have different custom and standard made sizes. Given this, we accommodate projects of all sizes and shapes. 

    The gabion wall builder in Hobart uses soil to fill the spaces between the rocks. Because of this, pathways are created for vegetation establishment without barriers. It suits residential and commercial work. Steel mesh is strong and it sustains all conditions.

     Feature walls

    You can use gabion baskets indoors also. They give you a lovely addition to your home. They can be rustic or contemporary and are easy to clean. Also, we can embed ovens, seating, fireplaces and other features in them. All types of stones suit the baskets, and you can choose from a range of colours.


    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that customer service is crucial. Given this, our friendly team is ready to help you today. We ensure we deliver on time and according to specification. More importantly, we follow your budget. Whether the project is small or big, we meet your needs.

      We will be happy to assist you with all your gabion building today!