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The Best Gabion Fence Installations In Townsville

    At Australian Construction, we do not compromise our superior standards. We listen to all our customers gabion building requirements and provide the ideal solutions in an affordable and friendly way. So, check out the services that our gabion wall builder in Townsville offers on the newest gabion building trends and styles.

    Gabion benches

    If you want an exceptional outdoor seating arrangement, our gabion benches can add glamour and style to any area. Gabion benches are similar to other gabion structures, and we create them from strong mesh bases full of concrete, rocks or other materials.

    We place them together and arrange the gabion benches in different ways, adding a breathtaking natural appeal to exterior arrangements.

    Using gabion cages as seating

    Gabion cages are essential before we build a bench; the wire boxes that firmly hold rocks. The boxes consist of wire mesh with sufficient tensile power to contain huge stones.

    The Australian Construction skilled team welds galvanised steel mesh for more strength and a lovely appearance. Sometimes we also coat the galvanised mesh in PVC.

    After filling the mesh and lining up two or three ballast cubes, we place a strong, weather-resistant top above them. Our team places two square gabions at the bench’s opposite ends or one long gabion set at the centre.

    Gabion benches look lovely around a fire pit when encircling a deck or lining a walkway. You can place them in any area you require seating but wish to have a natural flair.

    Using gabion cages as seating

    Before building a bench, gabion cages are essential. These describe the wire boxes that hold the rocks firmly. The boxes feature wire mesh with sufficient tensile power to sustain big stones.

    Our gabion wall builder in Townsville welds galvanised steel mesh for more strength and a lovely look. At times we coat the galvanised mesh in PVC too.

    We place two square gabions at the bench’s opposite ends or place one lengthy gabion in the centre. Gabion benches look great when encircling a deck, lining a walkway or around a fire pit. You can place them in any area you require seating but wish it to look natural.

    Making a gabion bench

    We build gabion benches in different ways; stand-alone benches with two or one gabions with one extensive or numerous narrow boards linked to them. Whatever your imagination is, we can deliver the shape and style you want!

    Different gabion benches shapes

    If you want your outdoor area to have a different design, we can arrange the gabion benches into various shapes. We can construct L-shaped gabion benches using three gabion baskets or cages and two wooden seats.

    If you want to form a build that is not entirely straight, we create a solid seat and fix it securely to the gabion cage.

    Benefits of gabion benches

    Using gabion benches in your lawn presents notable advantages. The Australian Construction gabions present an aesthetically pleasing appearance and are environmentally friendly.

    We can coat the gabions with filler and rocks available on site. Using local materials is environmentally friendly as we use minimal fuel for transportation.

    Mainly we use natural materials for gabion benches. The gabions feature galvanised steel; however, we take the filler material straight from the surface. Our team uses raw materials for the benches tops and can be manufactured from local or recycled wood when possible. Garden areas need highly sustainable materials like these.

    Gabion benches remain cool even in hot weather. The stones we place inside the gabions facilitate room for air circulation. They are free-draining, making them stable since water moves easily through them.

    The gabions add a naturally appealing factor to any garden. The gabions toughness displays the suppleness of the plants in the garden.

    Gabions are robust, easy to install and permanent. To make the rock stable, a masonry or foundation filling is unnecessary as the gabions mesh walls do that. Because mortar does not hold the gabions ballast, they can shift with the ground, making them more stable.

    Gabion walls

    Gabion walls are a combination of wire and rock. They are simple in construction and nature and essentially involve creating a giant wall from rocks that we pile on top of each other.

    Our gabion wall builder in Townsville mainly uses pebbles, broken bricks and tiles to construct gabion retaining walls.  We assess all the materials we use depending on strength and size to ensure maximum integrity.

    Gabion retaining walls have been in use for thousands of years, making them a tried and proven structure, which provides practical and aesthetic additions to redevelopment projects and urban areas.

    Are foundations necessary for gabion walls?

    Gabion walls are affordable, durable and straightforward to install. In some cases, a gabion wall may require a foundation; however, most gabion walls do not require any foundation.

    All we need to do is build the basket, then fill them with stones or different filler materials, then place the wall where you want, and that’s it!

    Traditional foundations are unnecessary for gabion walls; however, we level out the space we will install your wall, facilitating a level wall. If we do not do this, it can cause a crooked wall that will move with time.

    Despite the material we use for your gabion wall, we make sure that we remove any unstable topsoil to avoid a shaky structure. 

    If we are constructing a smaller gabion wall, we possibly will not need comprehensive soil testing because of the subsoil’s decreased load. However, when building a more prominent wall, our expertise comes in handy because we check whether the soil is suitable before investing in materials.

    What is the use of gabion walls?

    We mainly use gabion walls for erosion protection and slope stability. A factor that makes these walls popular is that we can build them to look appealing and provide flexible reinforcement.

    At times, we install them to absorb the force of moving water and we mainly use them to boost riverbanks in danger of experiencing erosion and to avoid landscape damage.


    If you want to change your garden, yard, or home appearance, our gabion wall builder in Townsville may be your ideal solution! Gabion walls are incredibly affordable than other retaining walls and provide an exceptional customisation level, enabling them to match your décor and style effortlessly.

    They are long-lasting and relatively maintenance-free. Whether you want a temporary fix or a modern method of enhancing your garden or home appearance, gabion walls are the best choice.

    We are available any time to provide you with the best gabion services in Townsville, so call us now!