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How to Choose a Gold Coast Bathroom Renovations Contractor

    Bathrooms are one of the areas in a facility that receives the most traffic. One of these days, you will need to hire a Gold Coast bathroom renovations contractor like us. It is not an issue whether you want or not, but it is an inevitable thing you have to do.

    Today, we at Australian Construction will tell you how to choose a bathroom renovation expert or contractor. This is important, as bathrooms today are more than just a place to “rest.” You need a good contractor so you can get a functional bathroom that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    1. Must know plumbing systems

    A bathroom renovation or remodelling is not just about installing new tiles, taps and counter tops. The bathroom also involves piping.

    If you hire a contractor, make sure that the contractor understands how pipes work. Since the construction is already made, there is no way that the bathroom remodelling contractor can change where the pipes go.

    What this means is that he has to rely on the existing pipes and plumbing systems and work the design from there. He has to use the right P-traps, clams, pipes, and he must also tell you if your chosen urinals and toilets will work as per the pipes that are already in your plumbing system.  

    If these things are not taken into account, you will have a flooded bathroom. Worse, you can have clogged toilets all the time.

    We at Australian Construction understand plumbing. We do offer plumbing services separately, but we can also include this in the construction project for your bathroom remodelling. We do digging and pipe laying for industrial facilities, and we know how pipes work in unison with toilet facilities.

    2. Must know waterproofing systems

    The second thing you have to look for if hiring a Gold Coast bathroom renovations contractor is the capability to do waterproofing.

    As you know, the bathroom involves a lot of water. People brush their teeth, flush the toilet, and even shower. Water will always find its way in any hole. If your bathroom is not waterproofed, what do you think is going to happen?

    That water on the flooring will seep down, and find its way to the tenants below. Even if all your bathrooms are vertically aligned, a leaking bathroom is still unsanitary.

    Make sure that you hire somebody who knows how to do waterproofing. The most important part of the bathroom to be waterproofed is the floor. The walls must also be waterproofed. If not, the concrete will gather moisture.

    Before you know it, the bathroom has mould. This is going to pose serious health risks to you and your tenants. Water will also degrade the walls and flooring. Never hire a contractor who will just read the manual from a waterproofing product label. Hire someone who has been doing it for years.

    3. Must be a licensed contractor

    Construction is a big business; many people want to cash in and take advantage of the demand for construction projects. Because of this, it is not unusual to hear fly-by-night contractors who are not experts.

    The sad thing here is that they make facilities that are not even meeting the basic expectations of the Australian building code. As such, the person or company that paid is at the losing end of the bargain.

    Hire a contractor who is licensed. The license is an indication that the contractor passed the expectations of the government. With a license, the identity of the contractor is verified. What this means is that if something happens, you know where to find them.

    A licensed contractor is also likely to be bonded and insured. If the contractor is insured, then you do not have to worry about liabilities.  

    4. Must have a good reputation

    You must hire a contractor who is known in the industry. Australian Construction take extra measures to make sure that our reputation is clear. We only deliver a final project output that meets the specifications of our clients.

    Because of our commitment to excellence, we have a positive reputation. Our name precedes us. This is what allowed us to grow as a company. Now, we do not just offer bathroom renovations in Gold Coast. We also do it in other areas and cities in Australia.

    Here are some examples:

    • Brisbane
    • Adelaide
    • Townsville
    • Newcastle
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney

    If you need a contractor that has a positive reputation, then we are the ones to call.

    5. Must have long experience 

    The last thing you have to consider is experience. Do not work with a contractor who is just starting. Not that they are not good, but they are not yet exposed to all the problems that can occur in bathroom renovations.

    Australian Construction Company have been around for 20 years. We have a lot of experiences in the bathroom remodelling industry, and this allowed us to learn from all of the projects that we have completed.

    We know what the potential problems are going to be, and we prevent them from happening. For any unforeseen problems, we have experts who will analyse what happened. They also know how to fix it.

    As a team, we provide not just the bathroom renovation, but also advice and recommendations on how to make the entire project worth your money. Talk to us now and see what we can do for you.


    Gold Coast Bathroom Renovations Contractor

    Bathrooms are high-traffic rooms in your facility. Add to that the fact that water is involved in everything that is done here. You need to hire a contractor that understands plumbing, and also one who knows what to do to waterproof the bathroom.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction so we can discuss your project. We will do an ocular inspection at your site, and we will have our architects and interior designers present a plan for you. Our engineers will also tell you what materials will be used and how the plumbing system is going to work.