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Sydney Highrise Building Maintenance

    Once a highrise building is completed, the next crucial step is to maintain it. While many of us see these buildings in pristine condition all the time, what we do not normally see is how they are maintained. You need your local trained highrise maintenance experts in Sydney to get the job done properly!

    Here, we will discuss with you several things that go on in the planning and execution of highrise maintenance. From here, you will have an idea of why hiring expert contractors are better than asking your employees to do it.

    You must have a plan

    The maintenance of a highrise building requires a plan. It is not like doing general cleaning in the house. Here, you need to maintain a schedule. And this schedule is not just a list of repetitive tasks and at what intervals, but also what areas of your building require maintainance.

    Your staff can clean your building daily weekly, and monthly. However, there are areas that they cannot access or areas that do not need daily cleaning activities, such as your HVAC systems, your basement, your sewers and pipelines, and your water tanks.

    There is so much to clean in a highrise building that you need an expert to do the planning. You can call on a service provider like Australian Construction, and we will take care of doing the inspections and planning the maintenance activities on paper.

    We will not just tell you how often something has to be cleaned, but we will provide advice on which areas of your highrise require priority. The plan we will provide you with, will also include the activities that need to be done weekly or monthly. Therefore, all areas of your highrise building will have maintenance coverage.

    You must consider the season

    Depending on your location, they may be a need to change the approach to the maintenance according to the season or the weather. For instance, during spring and summer, HVAC cleaning services need to be performed more regularly as plants and trees are blossoming, and your HVAC systems may be compromised with pollen. We will ensure that this maintenance activity happens in a timely manner.

    During the winter, we will ensure that your thermostats and ACs are working. We will also check your doors and parking spaces and make sure that they are clean. Windows and doors have to be properly sealed. Your sidewalks, walkways, and garden have to be de-iced (if required). We will do the same with your parking lots.

    There are maintenance activities that are seasonal, and there are activities that should be done regularly regardless of the season. If you do not have the tools to maintain certain areas of your building during a harsh season like the winter, you have to give us a call at Australian Construction.  

    You must have regular audits

    Your building security systems, HVAC systems, and power lines are all subject to wear and tear. Part of the maintenance services you should get from a provider should be the regular audit of these systems.

    The last thing that you would want is to have a massive power interruption because of faulty wiring, not to mention the safety hazard that comes along with it. The same thing goes with your plumbing systems.

    A maintenance service like this is called facility condition audit. This is a kind of audit where experts like us will inspect your systems, and we will advise you as to the expected lifespan of these systems. If we find problems, we will report them to you and also provide our recommendations.   

    On many occasions, it is better to have something repaired early than to have to replace it when it deteriorates. Repairs cost much less than buying and installing new units. It is essential to spot the problem before it gets worse. If not, there is a likelihood that repair is no longer an option, and that a large amount of money will need to be spent by you on purchasing new fixtures, equipment and the like.

    You must keep your building up-to-date

    The Building Code of Australia gets updated from time to time. This is why we recommend that you deal with engineers, even for highrise building maintenance services. Buildings that are tall enough are subject to these types of inspections, and as a building owner you have to ensure that you are compliant. Otherwise, you may be slapped with a large fine for non-compliance.  

    So, what does the government check? Here are a few:

    At Australian Construction, we are qualified to do all the above maintenance work for you. We are a licensed contractor, and our engineers are also all licensed. We understand what the government expects, and we can give you guidance on how to comply.

    Before we close, we advise that you only work with a licensed contractor as far as building maintenance is concerned. This guarantees that you are working with a group that has passed the stringent requirements of the government.

    A licensed contractor is also likely to be bonded and insured, which means that you will be protected financially and that you will have no liabilities.

    Lastly, we suggest that you pick a contractor that has expertise in many facets of building maintenance, like us. It is going to be a headache if you have to deal with several contractors—one for HVAC, one for plumbing, etc. Furthermore, you also will save on the cost of building maintenance if you are only working with one contractor.  

    Summary: Sydney highrise building maintenance

    A highrise building will easily get old if not maintained. Maintenance is not just about giving it a new paint job, but also wiping the dust from the windows, and repairing anything damaged due to normal wear and tear. The maintenance of a highrise building is a very dangerous job. You should only get it done by a professional like our team of highrise maintenance contractors in Sydney!

    Call us at Australian Construction, and one of our engineers will speak with you. We will visit your site and determine the best rig to use to clean the building. This should make the maintenance process quick and effective, and most importantly, keep our contractors safe. Our highrise maintenance team in Sydney is looking forward to working with you on your maintenance needs!