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Wollongong Industrial Fabrication

Wollongong Industrial Fabrication

    Industrial fabrication in Wollongong is a service you may need if you are operating a business. Wollongong is known for its mining industry, and there is a lot of metals that we need here to make the businesses work.

    Today, we will give you a primer on industrial fabrication, which is also commonly known as metal fabrication. After reading this, you should have clear idea whether you need this service or not.

    What is metal fabrication?

    Metal fabrication or industrial fabrication in Wollongong is a process that we mostly use to make product manufacturing easier. It involves the manipulation of metal, including shaping it to a desired shape. You see products of metal fabrication every day—from your biscuit cans to paper-clips, all of these went through metal fabrication.  

    Metal fabrication is also a critical process for creating appliances, cars, and tools. All hardware that uses metal has to go through metal fabrication.

    Some people think that welding is metal fabrication. It is, but it is only a small art of it. Metal fabrication that you see in welding shops is not industrial.

    Here are some examples of industrial fabrication:

    • Bolts and screws
    • Cans, knives, spoons, and forks
    • Metal equipment, tools, and pipes
    • Car pipes

    Metal fabrication is everywhere. From the dawn of the Industrial Age, we have not stopped using metal as it is one of the strongest materials on earth.  

    Types of Metal Fabrication

    The three main types of metal fabrication are commercial, industrial and structural.

    Commercial fabrication refers to commercial products that consumers typically buy. Examples of these are appliances and cars. Spoons, forks, electric fans, and other similar things are all under the umbrella of commercial fabrication.

    On the other hand, industrial fabrication refers to things that we use for equipment. In turn, the equipment that we produce is used to manufacture goods.

    In essence, these are machines. Examples are band saws and other machines that come as attachment to your power tools. Industrial fabrication is what we at Australian Construction do. We are engineers that manufacture pieces of metal that you can use for your manufacturing plant.

    Lastly, there is structural fabrication, It is a kind of metal fabrication for building structures. The metal that you use for concrete wall is an example of structural fabrication.

    The Metal Fabrication Process

    The first step in the entire process of industrial fabrication in Wollongong is the design. We need to understand what you need and what the metal will be used for. From there, we will create a prototype. This prototype is something that you need to approve. It will also go through a test.

    Once the prototype is good to go, we will proceed with the large-scale production process. There is a serious attention that we give to quality of the output. Engineers and robots work together to ensure that every piece is at par with the quality of the product that we desire.

    Sometimes, the end product has too many components. As such, we may need to manufacturer the parts one at a time or by group. After that, we will move to the final part, which is the assembly.

    Summary: Industrial Fabrication in Wollongong

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