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Hobart Industrial Painters

Hobart Industrial Painters

    Industrial painters in Hobart are the ones you need for high-quality paint jobs. These jobs are not the ones about house painting, but rather for manufacturing, highways, and other structures.

    Before you hire, we want to introduce you to the entire process. We will discuss the basic elements of the industry. In the end, you will learn how industrial paint differs from your typical paint.   

    What is industrial paint? 

    Industrial paint is a product that is typically in liquid form. It uses different chemicals compared to house paint, and its main purpose is to protect the substrate. We also use them to paint materials that stay in extreme conditions, such as under the sun or underwater.

    Some types of paints that industrial painters in Hobart use are in powder form. This one is common for the manufacturing industry, especially so for things that people sell commercially like cars and appliances.

    Industrial paint cures and converts itself into a film. When dry, it becomes solid plastic that adheres to the material.

    The purpose of industrial paint

    We use industrial paint for two main purposes: protection and aesthetic appearance. For protection, the paint dries into something really solid. A good example of this is epoxy resin.

    Because it dries like this, industrial paint has high resistance to many elements. It can withstand high temperatures, water, and even prevent corrosion. Some are so hard that they can also withstand physical impacts.

    On the other hand, it can also provide aesthetic value. Industrial paint is what gives many products a glossy or matte finish. Although regular paint can also do this, it does not offer the same level of protection as industrial paints.

    What makes up industrial paint? 

    The first thing you have to know about this paint is that it also uses pigments. Pigments are the things that give colour to the material. However, there is also a kind of pigment that we use specifically for protection.

    This kind of pigment is what we call anti-corrosion pigment. We apply this on the first coat as a primer, and it comes in direct contact with the metal. Usually, we use zinc-rich coatings for this purpose. The zinc will corrode first before the metal.

    There is also a thing called binders. The binder chemical is what makes the paint dry as a film. Overall, the mechanical property o the paint depends on this, and it is the material that makes the paint durable.

    Lastly, the paint needs a solvent. Its purpose is to liquefy the material. As such, the industrial paint that you have now has the same consistency. The solvent is what gives paint its viscosity.  

    As you can see, the materials that make up industrial paint is similar to ordinary ones. However, the typical paint you use for houses has different ratios as far as these materials are concerned.

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Hobart

    If you have any questions about industrial paint jobs, give us a call. There are so many things about this industry that we cannot put in this article, so we encourage you to discuss your concerns with us.

    For your projects, you can use our contact form if you need a price quote. Just give us the details of the paint services that you need, and we will provide our feedback and price range.

    The best option we can offer is for us to schedule a meeting. As Industrial painters in Hobart, we would love to see your project site. If our engineers can speak with you in person we can do a better assessment of the project and give you a better plan.