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Wollongong Industrial Painters

Wollongong Industrial Painters

    Industrial painters in Wollongong use a different type of paint. It is not the same as what you use for do-it-yourself or the standard house paint, but there are some similarities.

    Today, we will share with you some of the most common paints that we use. This should give you an idea about what to use once you have a project that requires industrial painting. It will also allow you to comprehend what engineers mean when they mention these materials.


    This is one of the most used chemicals in our industry. It is a final coating that comes in different finishes like matte or high gloss. Polyurethane is a great option because of its resistance to abrasion. Most of the time, we use polyurethane as a topcoat.

    For manufacturing processes, industrial painters in Wollongong use polyurethane as extra protection for paint that uses zinc or epoxy. This material does extremely well in harsh environments.

    Polyurethane comes in two main types: aliphatic and aromatic. The first one resists UV rays and is best for external use. Aromatic polyurethane is great for surfaces underwater, but not for surfaces exposed to sunlight and air.

    Epoxy coatings

    Epoxy is a chemical that needs a curing agent. The most common that you see today is epoxy resin. Once it dries, it becomes a hard inert plastic.

    The use of epoxy is complicated. Each brand has its own ratio between epoxy and curing agent. It is ideal for situations where you do not want moisture. Epoxy can also resist heat and other chemicals.

    The best thing about epoxy is its durability. If you use it right, it takes a lot of force to break it. It can resist abrasion and can withstand 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The only drawback with epoxy is that it does not perform well under sunlight. It cannot resist UV, and will eventually turn yellow if exposed to the sun.

    Alkyd coatings

    This one is a combination of alcohol and acid. It is a kind of resin that forms a film one dry. It is not as durable as the first two types, but it does give a glossy finish. You can use it for internal or external purposes, and it also works well underwater.  

    Alkyd coatings have great bonding properties. They are resistant to moisture, non-flammable, and can fight corrosion. You can also use it for projects that will get exposed to high temperature. Alkyd coating is something that you may consider if you are looking for low-cost options.

    Zinc-rich coatings

    The last one on our list is one that uses zinc dust. Organic zinc coatings use epoxy binders, while inorganic ones use polyurethane.

    Zinc coating is what industrial painters in Wollongong use if they are working on steel. Steel corrodes easily once exposed to the environment. If you use zinc t coat it, zinc is the first material that gets exposed. As such, it will corrode first. It can take years before the coated metal beneath it gets corroded.

    Summary: Industrial Painters in Wollongong

    There are many other chemicals used in industrial paint jobs—so many that we cannot list them all down here. If you have a question about anything, give us a call and we will help you out.

    For project quotes or pricing, we can discuss that over the phone, or you can use our contact form. Give us the details for your industrial paint job, and then we will assess it from here. Expect a response from us as soon as possible. The best option is to call us and schedule a meeting. We will visit your site and do an ocular inspection.