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Melton Joint Sealing Contractor

Melton Joint Sealing Contractor

    A joint sealing contractor in Melton has many services. While many people think that joint sealing is only for windows, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many types of sealing activities in buildings, including cracks.

    Today, we want to explore these different activities. In the end, you will know whether or not you need a joint sealing contractor in Melton.

    Building Cracks

    All buildings have cracks. This is not unusual for concrete. Heat is the culprit here, and you are better off sealing these cracks. If not, these cracks will absorb water. The water will erode the concrete and make it unstable.

    Cracks also happen because of shrinkage and structural-related things. These are stresses that are ever-present in a building. You cannot just use a sealant for concrete cracks. You have to use the right compound.  

    Before you apply a sealant, you must determine the cause of the crack. This is why you need experts like us to do this job—we have engineers that will figure this out. They will use the right sealant according to the cause of the crack.

    Building Joints

    There will always be gaps in buildings. Anything that has a floor, or a wall, will have gaps. Sometimes, these gaps are intentional. They provide control over cracks and reduce the stress that the building has to go through.

    Since there are gaps, you want to seal them with the right sealant. Sealing a gap like this is not as easy as getting caulk and applying them. There is a science behind this. You need to seal it in such a way that you allow contraction to occur.

    If not done right, you may do more harm than good. This is why you need a joint sealing contractor in Melton. Hire an expert joint sealing contractor to do this to prevent further maintenance and damage repair later on.

    Expansion Joints

    Things that you put together are going to expand later on. On some occasions, engineers use expansion joints to provide space between structural units. Their purpose is to prevent crushing.

    You usually expand joints in concrete buildings. The heavy load will cause a crushing force downward, and the engineers have to take this into account when building.

    Because of the compressive force, an expansion joint is necessary. This gives way to differential movements.

    Naturally, you want to seal these expansion joints to make the building more appealing. However, not all sealants work in the same way.

    To cover expansion joints, you can choose from several types of sealants like polyurethane, resin, and many other things. Each type has strengths and weaknesses. An engineer is the best person to speak to in relation to this.

    For one, the engineer has to consider the substrate. Not all sealants adhere to all types of substrates. There are sealants that are best for metal and some work best on concrete. Some sealants also need primer, so it is better to speak with a qualified contractor.  

    Summary: Joint Sealing Contractor in Melton

    These are just some of the most basic services for joint sealing. It does not include the other ones that involve highway construction or airport runways. If you have any questions, let us know by giving us a call.

    We also encourage you to ask us for a price quote. Tell us the services that you need via our contact form. We will assess the information you give us and then we will give you a price range.

    Another option that we offer is a meeting. We can meet with you and do an ocular inspection. This way, our engineers can better assess your project and draw a better plan, plus give you a more accurate price quote.