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Perth Lightning Protection

Perth Lightning Protection

    At Australian Construction, we have earned a strong reputation in supplying and installing the most sophisticated and affordable lightning solution protection solutions in Perth and throughout Australia. We offer superior solutions for all your data and power protection needs. Over the years, we have created a powerful firm with vast experience in providing expert lightning protection solutions for a significant number of government agencies and industries. Our lightning protection contractor in Perth has amassed significant knowledge by designing, installing and certifying a wide range of systems throughout Australia.

    We continuously extend our design and research to get the ideal lightning protection solutions for our clients. 

    Our services and products

    We ensure you access the most superior products at affordable costs. All our earthing systems, power surge protectors and UPS systems follow all the important Australian and global standards. We have an expert installation and consultation team who help you in designing your application’s most effective lightning system. The lightning protection contractor also supplies and installs the newest top quality uninterrupted power lines and surge protectors, and different power conditioners for your facility equipment.

     Australian Construction consultants

    Our consultancy firm specialises in:

    • Risk assessments for any application or structure.
    • Designing innovative surge and lightning protection systems.
    • Advising on surge protection.
    • Consultation on-ground solutions and earthing equipment.
    • Power conditioner information.

    Our team of experts has many years of experience in the industry and has completed many Perth projects. The lightning protection contractor specialises in installing and maintaining all systems across Australia. We supply, install and commission the following:

    • Earthing equipment
    • Lightning conductors
    • Lightning protection systems
    • Power conditioning equipment

    Our competent team works to all applicable WHS requirements and can install and certify national, local and international standards.

    Our range of products

    We distribute various surge protectors, and our products are popular because they are cost-effective, reliable and of high quality. We have a range of lightning protection, such as:

    • Earthing product
    • Aerial termination product
    • Uninterrupted power supplies
    • Surge protection devices (gatekeeper range)

    Customer service

    We have a friendly, professional and reliable team who comprehend our client’s needs and give you outstanding service that surpasses your expectations. We provide the following when you work with us:

    • Affordable suggestions on systems
    • A friendly and efficient service
    • A reliable on budget and on-time service

    With Australian Construction, you invest in top technology systems that our qualified professional industry experts design, install and maintain. Call us for top-quality UPS systems installation (uninterrupted power supplies), earthing systems and lightning protectors. We guarantee you the best prices in Australia.

    Earthing Systems

    An earthing system’s main purpose is to offer a secure return path for fault currents. When an earth fault strikes a high voltage system, the fault current produces a voltage at the fault’s source. This voltage can rise to risky levels, posting a risk to the staff working in the compound and members of the public who are close to the high voltage asset.

    We design and engineer the earthing system to provide security during earth fault situations. We also appreciate that it is important for us to carry out commissioning and regular testing to validate and ensure protection. The lightning protection contractor can provide world-class testing, advisory and commissioning service using industry-leading software and equipment.

    We work jointly with our customers to tailor a testing program to meet their financial needs and ensure their earthing systems’ proper functioning and compliance with international and local standards and regulations.

    We perform the activities below as part of our earthing and lightning protection assessment:

    • Touching, stepping and transferring voltage hazard measurements.
    • Determining individual and general earthing system impedance.
    • Determining physical integrity and lightning protection impedance.
    • Soil resistivity testing.
    • Determining EPR (earth potential rise) contours.
    • Equipment earth connections continuity.
    • Visual inspections
    • Existing distribution measurements.
    • Determining earth grid conductor sizing compatibility.
    • Switchyard surfacing assessment.

    Protection, control and metering

    There is a constant increase in energy demand and comprehensive regulatory compliance requirements, and it is crucial to maintain power system reliability. We have engineers who are skilled in system reliability and give our customers suggestions and design to ensure their systems are compliant with local regulatory standards.

    We provide the specialist skills below:

    • Protection schemes review
    • Fault assessment and modelling
    • Calculations, reviews and coordination of protection relay settings

    Protection scheme design for systems like:

    • Transmission
    • Busbar
    • Feeder circuits
    • Motor/generation
    • Electrical plant control systems
    • Implementing and managing metering systems
    • Transformer cooling control systems

    Design drafting

    Our lightning protection contractor in Perth offers expert drafting services to match our design capabilities. Electrical drafting has a major role in the design procedure as all stakeholders involved need correct drawings to complete their projects successfully.

    Our team has expertise in these fields:

    Create project drawings and sketches for:

    • Switchyard layouts
    • Electrical circuits
    • Lightning protection systems
    • Control and protection
    • Help in design draughting
    • As-build current drawings
    • Include redline markups to current CAD files.
    • Incorporate vendor drawings to company CAD standard.
    • Redraw ancient current image files to firm CAD standard
    • Redraw present CAD files to FIRM CAD standard
    • Lightning Protection System Design

    Lightning strikes have devastating impacts on assets, whether it is a warehouse, commercial building, mine site or substation. A lightning protection system minimises the danger of possible fires and assets being struck by a direct strike. We help clients to design new lightning protection systems or assess a current installation for sufficient shielding. We use 3D software for designing lightning protection systems for nearly all applications. We have the following capabilities:

    • Lightning protection systems adequate earthing.
    • Lightning protection system output.
    • Assessment of current lightning protection installations.
    • Lightning shielding design using CDEGS SESShield 3D CAD software. 
    • Lightning system integration using earthing system design.


    We are specialists in primary, secondary and earthing systems design. To match our design services, we also offer testing and commissioning services. Perth’s lightning protection contractor has vast experience in transmission, generation, distribution, and heavy industry sectors in Perth and all over Australia.

    Our engineers are skilled and certified to utilise world-class instruments and software to deliver and surpass our customers’ expectations. Our company adapts to meet your financial goals by customising solutions that utilise an economical method while sustaining a high-quality delivery.

      We look forward to providing our services today to ensure your commercial facilities are safe from lightning strikes.