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    At Australian Construction, we offer various paving services and we provide services to commercial clients. Additionally we serve domestic clients all over Canberra. Given this, our paving contractor in Canberra offers paved driveways. In addition we offer walkways and edges. Moreover, we have a keen eye for detail and imaginative touches. Because of this, we have the ideal paving for your requirements.

    Our services

    • Driveway drainage
    • Agi pipe
    • Sump
    • Strip drains
    • Driveways
    • Bitumen
    • Paving
    • Concrete
    • Granite
    • Crushed brick
    • Brick mowing edges to turf
    • Concrete paving
    • Stone paving
    • Clay paving
    • Brick paving

    Our range

    Creative paving

    The Australian Construction team offers an imaginative solution for your paving issue. Do you have an unusual area? Or do you wish to have an attractive feature in your yard? In that case, we have the expertise and trained professionals to do the job.

    Granite driveways

    Our granite driveway gives you a stylish method of giving your home a unique entry. Not only is granite a firm surface, but also durable. Because of this, your home looks unique.

    Brick mowing edges

    Our brick mowing edge offers an attractive solution. In light of this, the paving contractor in Canberra lays your lawn against walls, fences and beds. More importantly, we ensure your grass is tidy all over your yard. Additionally, we make sure you have enough room to go on mowing your lawn correctly. As a result, we give your yard an appealing accent.

    Garden beds & rockeries

    The paving contractor in Canberra provides quality paving services. Furthermore, we create a rockery or garden bed for your lawn. Consequently, your home becomes the envy of your neighbourhood! Ask our professionals for suggestions on the ideal match for your space. We offer plant consultation services ensuring you have the best garden.

    Landscaping services

    Paving and landscaping go hand in hand. Therefore for almost any paving project, we undertake landscaping work as well. Mainly our clients know what they want us to create. Besides, we offer them our advice. So jointly, we formulate a durable and efficient solution.

    Landscaping services

    We are mainly requested to blur the limitations between outdoors and indoors. Because of this, we create a simple transition. Moreover, this solution is practical and functional. For this reason, it is impressive to visitors. We provide:

    The Australian Construction team is well equipped. In other words, we undertake any landscaping work. For example, we handle landscaping work like:

    • Storm water services
    • Concreting
    • Retaining wall
    • Artificial grass installation
    • Paving
    • Site prep

    Driveway paving and repair

    Your driveway can serve you for years with the appropriate concrete asphalt maintenance. However, your driveway may have reached the end of its lifetime. Or perhaps it has changed drastically. In that case, call us today. Our dedicated paving contractor in Canberra is experienced. Moreover, we offer the ideal services for our clients.

    If your driveway is pitted or cracked, it negatively affects your residence’s curb appeal. In addition, it makes it harder to sell your property. We provide reliable driveway paving services. Therefore for driving paving services, our qualified paving contractor in Canberra can deliver. Our competent team inspects your driveway to determine whether your driveway needs these services:

    • Concrete or asphalt driveway replacement
    • Patching
    • Repairs 

    Our driveway-paving contractor in Canberra guides you throughout the process. As a result, we establish the ideal outcome for your concrete or asphalt surface.


    At Australian Construction, we aim to give our clients the best quality products. In light of this, we are the go-to paving firm in Canberra. At all times, we endeavour to meet our clients’ goals. More importantly, we use the latest paving equipment. Furthermore, our team has the skills to use it and our employees have vast experience in the industry. Therefore we offer our clients ideal paving outcomes. 

    Our paving contractor in Canberra has helped many clients, and it will be our pleasure to help you!