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Rockhampton Paving Contractor

Rockhampton Paving Contractor

    Do you want a top-quality but cost-effective outdoor paving job done? In that case, Australian Construction can deliver. After all, we have vast experience in quality paving works. We have a skilled and professional team. In addition, they are passionate about revamping or creating an outdoor area for your property. For example, our paving contractor in Rockhampton offers paving for parking areas and footpaths.

    Moreover, we provide paving for outdoor patios and garden paths. We have a wide range of skills. In addition, our experience in the landscaping sector spans many years. For this reason, we create lovely outdoor areas to suit your preferences and style and general use of the site.

    Selecting the right pavement

    Australian Construction customises our design process. Also, we customise your available options. Therefore we give each client the correct fit for his or her space. Deciding the type of pavers and style can be a long and confusing process. Because of this, our specialists are available to help and support you in this procedure. The paving contractor in Rockhampton has different kinds of outdoor paving materials for your selection.

    Permeable pavers

    These pavers are an excellent heavy-duty and weather-resistant option. Additionally, they facilitate the natural draining away of water. Hence they present the best choice for areas that experience severe weather events and are used often. We mainly use our permeable pavers for parking areas, roads and driveways. Moreover, we utilise these pavers for garden paths, patios and pedestrian areas. These pavers are durable. For this reason, they are a popular choice in Rockhampton.

    Italian porcelain pavers

    These pavers have a high quality, stylish and lovely design. Because of this, they are popular on the Australian market. Comparatively, Italian pavers are more durable and stronger than many other paving selections on the market. Apart from this, they are available in different colours. Our paving contractor in Rockhampton mainly uses Italian porcelain for courtyards, alfresco and pool areas and surrounds. We also use them for walls and interior flooring.

    Travertine pavers

    Our travertine pavers are another superior quality and popular choice. These pavers are not only suitable for outdoors but indoor areas. Furthermore, they give your entertainment area an air of elegance. These stone pieces are not identical. Therefore each piece is genuinely unique, like your outdoor area. 

    These pavers withstand front and heat. Because of this, they are an excellent year-round option. The paving contractor in Rockhampton mainly uses travertine for interior flooring, walls and courtyards. In addition, we use them for patios and pool surrounds areas and outdoors. 

    Bluestone pavers

    These kinds of pavers are very durable. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly. Because of this, they are the most used landscaping materials worldwide. More importantly, their visual appeal is widely accepted. These pavers are consistent in durability and colour against marks and stains. Because of this, they are suitable for outdoor and indoor areas. We mainly use bluestone for driveways, footpaths and patios. Additionally, we use these pavers for pool areas, courtyards and alfresco.

    Porcelain pavers

    This type of paver is not only lovely but also durable. It is low maintenance as well. Porcelain paver material is clay-based. For this reason, it highly resists wear and tear. Therefore they are ideal for kids and pets. Also, cleaning them is easy, and they are low maintenance. More importantly, they are durable. Due to this, they are ideal for children and pets. Above all, they are stunning.


    Australian Construction is proud to have a highly skilled team. This team is highly qualified. As a result, we deliver superior outcomes to our clients. Our services are not only quality but also affordable.  Call us today for any landscaping questions and a free quote.

    It will be our pleasure to work on your next paving project in Rockhampton!