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Toowoomba Paving Contractor

Toowoomba Paving Contractor

    In Toowoomba, Australian Construction is the most reliable and trustworthy when it comes to paving services. In light of this, our paving contractor in Toowoomba has been popular around this city for over two decades. Furthermore, our company comprises of a team of professional paver installers. Additionally, we have deck designers, engineers and concrete builders.

    More importantly, our team has years of experience. We provide comprehensive paving services in Toowoomba. Because of this, our services are unique. Moreover, we have created a reputation for our exemplary professionalism, attention to detail and quality artistry.

    Our services

    We appreciate that many people regard paving services as an investment. Therefore, we work hard at all times to ensure that we give you value for your money. In addition, we have a pricing policy that prioritises accessibility. Due to this, we provide affordable rates all over the city. Also, we have the most extensive inventory of available paving materials and pavers. For example, we offer:

    • Marble
    • Limestone
    • Cobblestone
    • Bricks
    • Sandstone
    • Concrete and more!

    For our paving contractor in Toowoomba, each project is essential. Due to this, we invest hard work, effort and attention to all of them.  Our paving installations and pavers surpass your expectations.  So please consult one of our experts now to find out our various options!

    Selecting the correct paver material

    Australian Construction provides pavers in numerous design and colours options. Apart from this, we offer various professional standards. Hence using one of our pavers improves your curb appeal. For this reason, your home or premises stands out from the rest! You might be an environmentally conscious homeowner. Or perhaps you wish to save our valuable natural resources. For example, you may want to prevent clean water from flowing into storm drains.  Under these circumstances, our paving contractor in Toowoomba offers the following solutions:

    Brick Paver

    Our brick pavers are a lovely selection for your driveway. Comparatively, they need more maintenance than other paver types. However, their 12000 pounds strength rating per square inch makes it very strong. Do you want to create an impression on visitors as soon as they walk through the door? In that case, this is the best option! Not only are these pavers stylish but also durable. 

    Concrete paver

    For paver driveways, we mainly use pavers created from a mould. We then mould them into brick form. They have a strength rating of 8,000 pounds per square inch. Most people find it satisfactory for essential uses and purposes. But in comparison to a solid concrete slab, it is not as sturdy. 

    Regardless of regarding period, it is more durable. The Australian Construction cement pavers are of superior quality. For this reason, they last long. Hence some individuals prefer using them. However, others may prefer clay for convenience sake.


    Initially, the paving contractor in Toowoomba made cobblestones from huge natural quarried stones. We fastened them together, creating a stone block. However, today we mainly use more manageable brick blocks. As a result, we offer an appealing and very durable product. Cobblestone has an uneven surface. 

    Therefore when driving on them or during wet conditions, it provides traction. Using this type of material to pave your driveway prevents you from playing basketball. Despite this, you can drive anything else on them. The reason is they have a non-slip feature.


    Our paving contractor in Toowoomba offers functional and attractive paving services. We do not use intermediaries, and so we provide comprehensive services. Our team is onsite for all the production stages. For example, they remove stones in the quarry stages. 

    Also, they carry out the last sealing coats at the Australian Construction factory. In other words, we are available when you need us! Due to this, we are the top choice in Toowoomba for paving services. Our products are not only top quality but also appealing.

    So call us today for quality and affordable paving services!