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Best Plumbing Technologies for Gold Coast Plumbing Contractor

    If you are building a house or a commercial establishment, you need a Gold Coast plumbing contractor who is in tune with the current technologies of the industry.

    We at Australian Construction are always at the lookout for new ways to make things better. As such, we know what new technologies are available—technologies that will benefit our clients. And we also know how to properly install them.

    Today, we will show you the top gadgets that we at Australian Construction use in our large-scale plumbing contractor projects.

    1. Tankless Water Heater

    If you have a hotel or a hospital, we encourage you to use this one. The common approach to heating water is to have a tank that stores hot water.

    Not anymore.

    The tank-less water heater operates either by electricity or gas. As you might have already guessed, it is a heater that does not need a tank. The water gets heated as it passes through the tubes and tank. As such, you will never run out of hot water for your guests.

    The benefit that you get from this technology is that you will never be out of hot water. Your hospital or hotel guests will have access to it anytime, for as long as there is power. There are also many variants of this for home use.

    2. Smart Irrigation System

    This is an irrigation system that is controlled with a device. The device is connected to the internet, which means that you can make your irrigation system function the way you want to even if you are not in the facility.

    Here are some of the things you can do:

    • Turn the sprinklers on from your phone
    • Set timers from your phone; this allows you to set which part of the garden gets watered
    • Allow the system to adjust its actions based on weather forecasts

    As you can see, this is a great addition to your facility. It is unnecessary to hire a gardener and water your plants. You also do not want to waste water with sprinkler systems that you cannot control.

    The smart irrigation system is a connection of pipes and sprinklers that are ultimately controlled by a box or unit that has electronic aspects to it. That unit and your phone are connected to a “computer brain” through an app. It is from this app that you control the behaviour of the smart irrigation system.

    3. Leak Detectors

    In industrial facilities, one of the worst things you could possibly have is a leak. This is especially so in areas where the water facilities are underground or in a basement—they are rarely visited. By the time you find out there is a leak, much damage has been done.

    The solution to this is a leak detector. These are devices that can measure pressure changes in the tubes or pipelines. Once they detect that there is a leak, you will get notified.

    These devices must be placed in strategic locations. Particularly, they have to be installed in areas where leaks are likely to happen. Otherwise, they will not work.

    At Australian Construction, we have engineers who know how to locate areas likely to have a leak. They are the ones who will decide where to place the devices.

     4. Touchless Faucets

    Touchless faucets are great for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and any large facility. As a Gold Coast plumbing contractor, we have a variety of designs that you can choose from. While we don’t sell them, we do know how to install and use them.

    Touchless faucets work because they have sensors. They are commonly used in offices.


    To conserve water.

    If the system cannot detect a pair of hands, the faucet will stop water from flowing. This works best in facilities where there are a lot of people. There is always a tendency for people to brush their teeth and leave the faucet on. It also prevents the transmission of germs.

    There are many models that you can choose from, and we can help you with this, so your faucets are standard all across your facility.

    5. Smart Shower System

    This is not a standard shower. What this does is it controls not just the on and off feature, but also the temperature.

    You can control the temperature with an app and use it via a smart voice recognition system, allowing you to use this while showering without ever having to touch your phone. There is also a feature where you can turn the spray strength and speed with only a touch of a button.

    Smart shower systems need a special installation process, especially for large-scale plumbing projects like hotels and hospitals.

    There are many variants of these showers. Some come with hot and cold, while some don’t. Depending on your choice, we can connect the smart showers with the tank-less heaters in your facility. This way, you can still give your client an option to use hot or cold water.

    There are many other plumbing technologies available out there. If you want to know more, just consult with us and we will let you know what we have in our systems. We provide not just the best options but also advice on installation.  

    Summary: Gold Coast Plumbing Contractor

    Technology is our ally. We at Australian Construction are at the forefront of technological advances in the plumbing industry. We know what works and what does not, and we are ready to provide you with our recommendations so you can make an informed decision.

    Give us a call now and let us talk about your large-scale project. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and we have completed dozens of projects for the government and big commercial establishments.

    You can never go wrong with us. Pick up the phone, call 1800 155 881, and let us schedule a visual inspection or a review of your blueprint. Our engineers will work with you and we guarantee that we will move fast and efficiently.