Rendering Contractor In Hobart With Over 15 Years Experience

Hobart Rendering Contractor

Hobart Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction undertakes rendering and texturing projects. Given this, we use only high quality and modern products. Because of this, we ensure we deliver projects successfully. Do you want a contemporary finish or a traditional appearance? Regardless, our rendering contractor in Hobart meets each customer’s individual preferences.

    We use cement, sand and oxides. Additionally, we use other finishes to suit your needs. Our specialised team has the expertise to repair and repaint textured houses. These are homes that need maintenance to cracks as well as re-shielding. We use high tech methods. Due to this, we create an elegant and impressive finish. 

    More importantly, the finish endures for years. You may wish t transform a brick home into a textured one. In other words, you want to make it more modern. In that case, we have great experience in this area as well. Texturing makes your home more valuable. For this reason, we ensure we undertake all our projects to comply with the applicable safety guidelines.


    Our texture coating forms an appealing finish that other wall coatings lack. Hence it is ideal for improving a particular architectural style. In addition, it mimics the natural loveliness of stone, marble and sand. Texture coating helps in protecting your home against the development of mildew and mould. The reason is water cannot enter through the coating.

    We tint the colour you choose into the texture coat mixture. Hence future painting is not necessary. So, texture coating is a wonderful investment for your house. Moreover, it does not require special maintenance. If the surface is dirty, simply use light water pressure to clean it.

    Texture Coating  

    The rendering contractor in Hobart uses Venetian plaster. As a result, we provide a luxurious, unique and distinctive look. Our Venetian plaster provides a bright mirror or smooth glass finish. In addition, it gives the illusion of texture and depth. Because of this, your walls and ceilings transform into handcrafted art.

    Venetian plaster is grout-free and needs minimal maintenance, and we use it instead of natural stone. Better still, Venetian plaster does not age or fade. Additionally, it is exceptionally durable and simple to clean. Therefore it provides an elegant, refined and natural look. In addition, Venetian plaster is affordable. For this reason, it is a beautiful choice.


    Australian Construction offers various textures and render coating repair and restoration solutions. For example, we provide simple cracks.  In addition, we restore heritage buildings. However, cement render fails over time for several reasons. For instance, it can fail due to:

    • Poor adhesion
    • The insufficient bond between substrate and material
    • Poor mix ratio
    • Inefficient surface preparation
    • Using inappropriate products
    • Vibration and movement
    • Poor surface preparation

    The rendering contractor in Hobart visits your property to check the problem. We then give you an affordable solution to your issue. We can match any finish or style. Furthermore, we repair old and new structures.

    Restoration and repair

    When building a new home, for most people, design and construction materials are a priority. Some factors to consider are how to create a comfortable home and make it secure, energy-efficient and solid. In light of this, we build your home in Hebel. 

    Therefore we meet all these requirements. At the same time, this product acts as a protective cloak. Hence it retains warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Additionally, it shields you from exterior noise. Hebel presents a versatile design. Therefore it helps in creating different finishes and looks. The rendering contractor in Hobart pairs the Hebel’s external part with an acrylic render coating method. Also, we provide the colour you prefer. As a result, we offer a lovely modern look!


    Australian Construction is dedicated to offering its clients top-level expert rendering. Moreover, our services surpass Australian Building Standards. We have vast experience in architectural coatings and cladding. Our services also include feature mouldings and reviving all grano finishes.

    Please get in touch with us today for the best rendering services in Hobart!