Choose The Best Rendering Contractor In Newcastle

Newcastle Rendering Contractor

Newcastle Rendering Contractor

    Rendering comes in a lot of styles. The term can relate to graphic designing, architecture, and of course, construction. No matter how it is used, however, it offers the same great benefits — smoother outputs, and this is why you need a Newcastle rendering contractor

    The issue is that most construction processes skip the rendering. This results in them learning the disadvantages the hard way. Our team at Australian Construction believes that rendering is an important factor that provides better protection for infrastructures.

    Today, we’ll talk about what the process is, how it is done, and why we will be perfect as your contractor team.

    What does rendering mean?

    Starting off, let us discuss the process of rendering. Some of you may already be familiar with this, some may not be, but is a process that has long been present, but is only being recognized recently. 

    The said process was originally started by those residing in Europe to help achieve their desired look for their infrastructures. Over time, it was adapted by neighbouring states, until it managed to spread internationally.

    So how exactly is rendering performed? In a nutshell, this involves applying another layer of cement to a concrete wall or brick wall, basically anything that has exposed structure. 

    As having bare constructed walls as exterior and interior is not that appealing, this is done to make the surfaces more seamless and make it somewhat like a blank canvas. Those who are aiming for a medieval look are an exception, though.

    Even if the process is mostly done to earn a notable aesthetic appeal, this also offers a lot of benefits for the building itself. Below are some benefits.

    1. Better Insulation

    Having rendered surfaces allows walls to better absorb warmth. This will help regulate the temperature within the infrastructure and prevent it from getting too cold during rainy and winter seasons. 

    If you can compare the thermal capabilities of a building that has not undergone rendering, and one that has completed it, it will be easier for you to deduce the difference between the two.

    2. Improved Durability

    Protection is also provided by the process at hand. With rendering, your buildings will be safe from destructive factors such as the constant change in weather, and fortuitous disasters such as fire, typhoons and super typhoons, earthquakes, and the likes.

    The reason behind this is that the rendered surface will be the first one to take the damage before the actual base structure of the construction.

    3. Makes Surfaces Easier to Clean

    No matter if the rendered layer is applied in the interior or the exterior of an infrastructure, cleaning bare concrete is still as hard. There is a high possibility of accumulated dust, moss, and algae from being stuck within the corners and uneven surfaces of bricks.

    With smooth surfaces, you can easily make it free from unnecessary particles by merely sweeping and wiping. 

    Note that the advantages stated above will only be achieved if rendering is done with the utmost care and quality. This is why you need trustworthy contractors throughout the process.

    What are the types of rendering?

    Rendering may sound simple but it requires a lot more requirements and activities to achieve completion. Its methods, along with its materials, however, will depend on the type of rendering used. 

    Below are some types that you may choose from:

    1. Cement Render

    This render type is probably the most commonly used by construction masters. As this involves the use of cement, this is also considered as the most durable.

    Applying cement render comes with a lot of advantage, both for the clients and the contractors. Constructions equipped with this tend to last longer. This is also more affordable as the material can easily be found and gathered.

    2. Lime Render

    Lime render, on the other hand, will be ideal if you are looking for a breathable, yet durable material. This can expand, contract, and generally adjust with the existing coating and structure of the building which will save resources during application. This is usually used for wooden and older buildings as it matches the materials better. 

    3. Polymer Render

    One of the recent innovations in rendering is polymer render. This is almost similar to that of silicones. The main advantage that this gives is its ability to repel water. This makes the buildings free from moisture that is brought upon by rains and other natural liquids. This is compatible with both wooden and brick home structures.

    4. Insulated Render

    The last type is the insulated render. This is mainly used for rendering external surfaces, and to provide insulation within the surfaces of the construction. This can also reduce the infrastructure’s carbon footprint.

    With regards to what render type will be used in a project, it will depend on the clients’ preference, the condition of the building, and other underlying factors such as the budget and the timeframe.

    Why should you choose us as your Newcastle rendering contractor?

    Considering the needs of the process, it is just right that you make negotiations with a credible and experienced contractor. We personally recommend our service at Australian Construction. 

    Here are the things that we can offer you:

    1. Well-Equipped Team

    Our contractors are equipped with all the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources for the completion of the rendering process.

    2. Hassle-Free Process

    As we are all aware of how the process is done, we also know how to execute all the activities, and avoid the common issues that one may encounter during rendering. This means that you don’t have to worry about running into problems throughout the activity.

    3. Exceptional Results

    Of course, we are confident, and we do guarantee that the clients’ satisfaction and the quality of the infrastructure are at the top of our priority. We will strive to bring not just satisfaction, but the best results that we can give.

    You may still have doubts about our capabilities. To be more assured, you can ask for client testimonials and proof of projects. We will be more than glad to provide you with all the things that you may need to be convinced of.

    Summary: Newcastle Rendering Contractor

    Rendering is the process of applying an additional layer to bare construction structures to provide them with a smoother surface.

    This will be helpful in achieving a certain look and making it more durable. This, however, is a lengthy and needy process, although it may seem simple.

    Australian Construction offers rendering services for all types of projects. Feel free to contact us for proposals, inquiries, or requests for site visits, and we will do our best to respond to your messages and needs.