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Geelong Roofing Contractor

Geelong Roofing Contractor

    Do you need instant roof repair? In that case, Australian Construction offers various roof repair services. Moreover, our roofing contractor in Geelong provides roof restoration and maintenance. Moreover, our roofing specialists are highly experienced in the sector. Our team has the correct knowledge and expertise. Because of this, they handle anything connected to roofing. In addition, we can help with any roof plumbing issues. Additionally, we handle emergency repairs. 

    We ensure we deliver comprehensive services. Because of this, our roof tilers offer roof extensions and roof installations in Geelong. Our services include roof leaking repairs, roof installations and gutter cleaning. Additionally, we offer commercial roofing and fascia repairs and installation. Therefore call our friendly team today! 

    Custom roof replacement

    At Australian Construction, we are roof replacements experts. Furthermore, our team expertly and safely extracts your existing tile or metal roof. They then replace it with another metal roof. More importantly, we customise it to your needs. The roofing contractor in Geelong has product knowledge and technical expertise. Additionally, we present excellent customer service. Given this, the procedure of roof replacement is stress-free and enjoyable.

    When sourcing materials for all our projects, we only use the most reliable brands. For example, we use Zincalume, Colorbond and Bluescope steel. As a result, it ensures your home safety is not compromised. Furthermore, Australian Construction only uses licensed trades when carrying out roof replacements. 

    For this reason, you have peace of mind because we build your roof to top standards. Consequently, our products last for years. So if you want roof replacement for your home, call us today. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote.

    Fixing roof leaks

    A leaking roof is frustrating. Worse still, it can be extremely costly. If you do not treat it, it can lead to inevitable structural and internal damage. For this reason, it is crucial to rectify it fast. A watertight roof is the critical defence of all types of weather. 

    These weather elements can harm your home. Therefore, investing in a watertight roof is worth it.  Repairing the leak involves meticulous knowledge and inspection. It facilitates the detection of weak areas in your home’s roofing systems and external linings. 

    The roofing contractor in Geelong is experienced. Hence we apply roofing construction knowledge to identify the cause of leaks successfully. Furthermore, we identify leaks accurately. As a result, we reduce materials, labour and cost.

    Detecting roof leaks

    We detect roof leaks by finding out where the leak originates. You may believe this is easy. However, it takes years of experience to do this correctly. Moreover, vast knowledge is essential. Many times faults are repaired incorrectly. Due to this, the initial leak worsens.

    Moreover, additional leaks may happen. For this reason, repair costs increase. Given this, it is vital to engage a licensed roof plumber like us. Our team visits and inspects more damage. Due to this, further damage does not occur.

    Various roofing defects cause a roof leak. Some occur because of general maintenance problems. Others result from inadequate artistry and design. We are highly experienced. Because of this, we have experienced all likely roof leak defects. So we know the exact roof repairs you need. Because of this, we get rid of your roof leak permanently!


    For affordable and reliable roofing services, Australian Construction is your answer! We have a solution for any issue. Our team visits your property, diagnoses and inspects any possible problems. Moreover, our main objective is to provide outstanding services. In light of this, we aim to be a leader in offering roofing services in Geelong. For this reason, we offer quality work hence guaranteeing your satisfaction.

    Do not hesitate to call us to consult our skilled staff about your next roofing project!