Fully Licenced Roofing Contractor In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Roofing Contractor

Toowoomba Roofing Contractor

    Australian Construction has provided expert roofing restoration services for years. Our services are professional and affordable. Moreover, our roofing contractor in Toowoomba offers quality and honest advice. As a result, we provide long-lasting roof restorations. 

    Do you need full roof restorations or exterior cleaning? Or do you want roof or guttering repairs? Under these circumstances, we have a suitable solution for you. Our competent team has been carrying out quality, durable restorations for our clients for many years. Consequently, we help in enhancing your home appearance. If your guttering or roof looks tired and old, call us today. We will give you a customised quotation.

    Our quality services

    The roofing contractor in Toowoomba provides full roof restoration. Because of this, your home’s appearance improves. Hence it increases the value of your property. Additionally, a suitable roof restoration makes your roof more durable. The reason is a protective layer restricts the impact of the harsh sun. Moreover, it protects against other weather-related impacts.  Australian Construction offers specialised roof restoration services for all roofing types. It includes:

    • Galvanised roofing
    • Decrabond/decramastic roofing
    • Terracotta tile roofing
    • Colorbond roofing
    • Cement tile roofing and more

    Roof repairs

    We offer general roof repair services. Mainly we repair the roof as we carry out roof restoration. However, in some cases, homeowners may need repairs for fixing broken tiles. We also handle other problems causing water leaks. Our team also carries out the following roof repair services:

    • Re-attach/repair downpipes and guttering
    • Re-screwing down loose sheeting
    • Replacing damaged colorbond, galvanised and metal roof sheets
    • Ridging re-bedding, re-pointing and ridge cap-rebedding
    • Replace broken or cracked cement tiles

    Roof cleaning

    Sometimes you have had a roof surface that is in good condition. However, the roof surface may have experienced an accumulation of grime and dirt. Because of this, it doesn’t look very interesting. In that case, we clean your roof expertly. We have various cleaning equipment.

    Furthermore, we have specially prepared cleaning products. Because of this, we restore your roof’s natural glow. In addition, we remove any branches or leaves. We also get rid of any sludge that has built up in your guttering.

    Residential roofing

    When you make the right choice, you get a lovely new metal roof. We offer various colours of colorbond. Furthermore, you have the benefit of durability and strength of zincalume steel. You will have peace of mind for years after choosing the right residential roofing. Therefore make the right decision and pick the ideal metal roofing for your future project. Working with Australian Construction guarantees that. We have created our reputation of great customer service. Moreover, over the years, we have gained expertise.

    Commercial roofing

    Obtaining suitable roofing for your business gives you a long-term investment. Because of this, you make the best decisions! Our roofing contractor in Toowoomba is highly experienced. Due to this, we ensure you get the ideal roofing solutions for your business. We work in the following manner:

    • Our team meets you for a free consultation and advises you of the ideal roofing solution.
    • We visit your premises and estimate the price.
    • The roofing contractor in Toowoomba offers you an honest analysis. Moreover, we recommend the ideal roof construction strategy.
    • We endeavour to deliver the roof you want. At the same time, we maintain top safety, health and service standards.
    • Our expert team ensures our services meet your expectations.


    The Australian Construction team guarantees timelines. We have highly trained staff. Because of this, they deliver top-quality installations quickly. So you can rely on us to finish your roofing project on time. Our roof professionals have readily available equipment and materials. For this reason, you do not need to buy your supplies. Therefore it saves you extra costs.

    Please get in touch with us today for expert roofing services in Toowoomba!