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Wagga Wagga Roofing Contractor

Wagga Wagga Roofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have skilled roofing experts. Moreover, they pay close attention to detail. Our team respects your premises. Therefore they maintain cleanliness all through the procedure. More importantly, our roofing contractor in Wagga Wagga uses top quality materials from reputable suppliers. 

    We aim to give you durable roofing solutions. In addition, our services can withstand the severe Australian climate. When picking our suppliers, we use only reputable firms. Not only do they offer top quality materials but also affordable.

    Our quality services

    The roofing contractor in Wagga Wagga works with various clients. Furthermore, they provide services for commercial and residential projects.  Our team is highly experienced in different services. Because of this, we can handle any metal roofing work. The essential services we provide are:

    • Skydomes
    • Skylights
    • Metal wall cladding
    • Polycarbonate roofing
    • Gutter guard
    • Leaf guard
    • Downpipe and gutters installation
    • Roofing conversions
    • Metal roofing installation

    Commercial roofing

    Each commercial roofing project is different. Due to this, it needs a skilled team. So, you enjoy an efficient and successful outcome. At Australian Construction, we have become specialists in commercial roofing installations over the past years. Moreover, we have a fully trained team

    Because of this, they can handle the most complex commercial projects. We comply with all Australian regulations, high-risk standards and WHS. Therefore we give our commercial clients peace of mind. Additionally, we have product liability and public liability insurance.

    Our clients are our top priority. So, we give our clients a top priority. In addition, we work hard to ensure their satisfaction. Also, we are ready to handle the most complicated commercial works. We provide not only unique but also quality work.

    Residential roofing

    Do you want a reliable roof plumber with vast experience for your residential project? In that case, Australian Construction is your solution. We guarantee excellent work. In addition, we give our clients individual attention. It depends on their particular requirements. Therefore for expert metal roofing services, call us today for a free quote.

    Metal roofing

    Our metal roofing offers numerous benefits for homeowners. The roofing contractor in Wagga Wagga has installed various metal roofs successfully on existing and new homes. In Australia, metal roofing is popular. It is solid and needs minimal maintenance. So metal roofing is durable. We provide it in various colours and styles that match any residential property.

    Skydomes and skylights

    Skydomes and skylights are efficient methods of reducing energy costs. It offers a beautiful source of natural light in your home. For this reason, we take meticulous care when installing skydomes and skylights. Therefore we ensure your roof does not have any leaks.

    Polycarbonate roofing

    Our polycarbonate presents a sturdy thermoplastic material and is light in weight. It withstands different temperatures as well. Australian Construction uses this practical and durable roofing material in carports. We also use it in pergolas and patios.

    Downpipes & guttering

    We offer various downpipes and gutters suitable for any roof style. Our team installs your downpipes and gutters. We help you in choosing the most suitable system for your property. Downpipes and Gutters have an essential role to play in removing rainwater from the roof. It is crucial because your property is in danger of water damage without effective downpipe and guttering systems. For this reason, our team uses full respect when installing your downpipes and gutters. 


    At Australian Construction, we have provided quality roofing services for years. We offer the most affordable roofing solutions for our clients. Given this, we handle various roof designs. Our quotes are accurate; hence you do not experience surprises after the work commences. More importantly, we deliver fast. 

    For an efficient, trustworthy and reliable roofing contractor, call us today!