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Bunbruy Sandblasting Contractor

Bunbury Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction delivers quality sandblasting. We propel small granulated pieces (usually sand) to etch or clean a surface at high speed. This technique is effective and we use it in many applications. The sandblasting contractor in Bunbury uses high-powered sandblasting equipment. Hence we clean your concrete efficiently and blast your brickwork.

    We have a mobile service, and therefore we cover a wide area of Bunbury. Our services are eco friendly and affordable. We apply durable and corrosion-resistant line x protective coatings after blasting. Consequently, it makes your surfaces last long. In addition, we offer graffiti removal services for our commercial clients.

    Quality sandblasting services

    Australian Construction provides high-quality mobile sandblasting in Bunbury. In addition, we offer our services throughout Australia. So if you want sandblasting professionals, we are your go-to company! Sandblasting describes a modern method that requires using specialised equipment. We provide dustless blasting solutions, which is similar to our sandblasting process.

    Sandblast cleaning

    Sandblast cleaning presents an abrasive blasting or abrasive blast cleaning method. Sandblasting involves propelling tiny bits of an abrasive material toward a surface at high velocity. We use it to make a rough surface smooth or to make a smooth surface rough. It depends on the product. Australian Construction mainly uses Garnet as an abrasive media to prepare surfaces.

    It is efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly to remove existing coatings, rust, and mill scale. It offers your surface an anchor pattern or cleanliness that suits the adhesion of decorative, protective or specialised coatings. We call this blasting method ‘sandblasting.’

    What are the advantages of sandblasting?


    Sandblasting is not a complicated task, especially if an expert handles the job. In light of this, our skilled team delivers this service quickly and without straining. They lay a tarp under the surface they want to blast. Due to this, cleaning up is easy and quick. After finishing the procedure, we remove the extra material and clean the tarp.


    We use sandblasting for different purposes. For example, we can use it to strip pavement and remove paint as well. Sandblasting polishes not only delicate surfaces but also removes dirt and contaminants. As a result, this polishing creates a beautiful looking finished product or a surface for painting. The sandblasting contractor in Bunbury uses sandblasting on solid surfaces. Furthermore, we use this method on sensitive surfaces like tabletops.

    Rust removal

    Rusting of metal products presents a serious problem. It is the main trigger of property damage. The reason is that it leads to metal corrosion and spreads fast to different metallic surfaces. If you do not treat rust properly, it causes permanent damage. This damage is particularly harmful to machinery, which can malfunction. Worse still, if one part rusts, the machine can fail. Sandblasting effectively removes rust, which is essential for the maintenance of metal products’ integrity.


    Our sandblasting procedure is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The sandblasting contractor in Bunbury uses sand for sandblasting services. So it eliminates harmful dust that people can breathe in. In other words, we do not use any material that can harm people or the environment. You can touch the sandblasting material we use without fear since it cannot hurt you. Moreover, we can dispose of it without harming the environment.

    Outstanding outcomes

    The sandblasting procedure is highly effective. It cleans almost all surfaces and removes all contaminants that may destroy the product or look. Given this, we use sandblasting to clean your product. It enhances its durability and functionality. Using sandblasting to remove rust repairs surface damage caused by rusting. Therefore sandblasting is an effective procedure for creating a perfectly polished product.

    Sandblasting advantages

    We often use sandblasting as part of our finishing procedure. Our team removes materials from the product. It prepares the surface for coating. When we sandblast certain products or objects, it presents benefits. In addition, we undertake powder coating to finish off everything.

    Why do you need professional sandblasting?

    The sandblasting procedure exposes you to toxic silica, which is life-threatening. Therefore it is perilous for you to attempt sandblasting. In light of this, Australian Construction uses appropriate safety precautions to avoid toxic silica exposure.

    When exposed to toxic silica, it can lead to lung disease and injuries if not sandblasting is not properly done. So do not try to sandblast your objects personally. Instead, work with an experienced and expert sandblasting service like Australian Construction. We have suitable equipment to sandblast your products or objects safely. Our team works safely to avoid putting people at risk of:


    The main two functions of your objects are decoration and protection. So sandblasting helps in preparing your products or objects for finished powder coating. At Australian Construction, we have a quality and reliable team.

    So please talk to us today, and we will be glad to discuss all your sandblasting needs in Bunbury!