Brilliant Commercial Sandblasting Contractor In Cairns

Cairns Sandblasting Contractor

Cairns Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction offers different top quality sandblasting. The sandblasting contractor in Cairns also provides spray painting and soda blasting services. Sandblasting effectively removes paint, mill scale and other substrates from affected surfaces. Our team only uses premium grade garnet. As a result, we ensure your surface is clean, etched, and ready for painting. We use bio-degradable, non-toxic soda blasting services for softer surfaces. Therefore this option is safe and highly efficient.

    We expertly clean large and small machinery for the mining and earthmoving industries. We have various modern blasting types of equipment. So our spray painting and the sandblasting facility is adequately equipped. Because of this, we can handle major and minor projects. It includes road transport equipment and earthmoving machinery.

    Dry sandblasting

    Australian Construction mainly uses abrasive grit blasting on steel surfaces. This sandblasting method removes rust and any coatings. Consequently, it leaves a clean surface ready for painting. We also use dry sandblasting for restoration or paint removal on wood and pools. The sandblasting contractor mainly uses garnet or crushed glass. But when using dry sandblasting, we can access all blast media.

    Dustless blasting or wet sandblasting

    Dustless blasting or wet sandblasting is similar to dry sandblasting. The reason is we can use it in various practices. For example, we use it to:

    • Brickwork
    • Remove paint from brickwork
    • Grit blasting concrete
    • Sandblasting pools
    • Remove paint from wooden structures

    Our skilled team uses wet abrasive grit blasting water injection nozzles to decrease dust levels. In other words, our wet sandblasting helps in creating a dustless blasting impact. Dustless blasting ensures the quantity of dust reduces. So it is better than the conventional sandblasting methods. Because we add water, this blasting process is dust-free.

    Road line removal

    We specialise in sandblasting road lines at Australian Construction to remove load lines. Sandblasting road lines to remove road lines is an efficient method. It is more effective than other techniques like grinding. This process produces a smooth surface instead of a broad black visible line.

    Protective coatings application

    We are the top choice in Cairns for industrial spray painting and protective coating applications. We carry out simple box trailer priming. In addition, we handle heavy-duty 3-coat systems of water immersed structures or bridges. Furthermore, our team is experienced and happy to help. The sandblasting contractor in Cairns supplies and applies various protective coating products.

    We work closely with our coating applications and protective coating specialists in light of this. Hence we create the appropriate paint system for the specific job. Protective coatings describe art that requires patience and time for the proper outcomes. Due to this, we carefully handpick our protective coatings team. So you are assured of excellence in all elements of protective coating application.

    We are Cairn’s concrete blasting specialists and are experienced in:

    • Buildings
    • Kerbs
    • Pavement
    • Walls
    • Wet areas
    • Driveways
    • Brick
    • Render

    Concrete Sandblasting

    Concrete sandblasting (concrete shot blasting) is an abrasive blasting method. We use it to expose concrete surfaces aggregate, forming a clean and non-slip surface. Australian Construction also sandblasts to remove grime, dirt, coatings or graffiti. Mainly we place coloured rocks inside the concrete mix. After sandblasting, these lovely colours that present a more significant effect.

    There are various benefits for sandblasting concrete to produce an exposed aggregate finish:

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Forms a non-slip surface
    • It exposes the level you desire
    • Creates a level aggregate exposure
    • High production rate; our team can blast 500sq m in one day, per sandblast machine.

    The sandblasting contractor in Cairns uses steel stencils. Due to this, we can sandblast any graphics, designs, numbers or words you want into any concrete surface. The outcome is a striking visual effect. We sandblast concrete pavements and glass, tiles, pavers, and concrete walls.

    Our team of experienced concrete shot blasters removes all kinds of coatings. We remove coatings from rendered surfaces, brick or concrete using dry sandblasting or wet sandblasting. The aim of eliminating the coatings from the surfaces may be to transform the substrate to its natural form or uncoated. Alternatively, the objective may be to make the surface ready for the application of new coatings. Regardless, Australian Construction’s concrete sandblasters are the best professionals for surface preparation. We use concrete grit blasting to remove damaged or old sealers from surfaces like paths or driveways.


    Australian Construction has worked on major and minor projects throughout Cairns. Moreover, we have worked with different architectural, landscape and Construction firms. Because of this, we have gained the skills to work with you, giving you the finish you want! In addition, we provide concrete sealing solutions after blasting. Hence your surface remains protected from contaminants. Whatever your sandblasting needs, curing concrete takes one day. For this reason, we begin blasting one day after it cures because it is a lot faster. Also, it raises the chances of achieving a lovely and even aggregate exposure.

    Please talk to us today for the best sandblasting services in Cairns!