Highly Experienced Sandblasting Contractor In Mackay

Mackay Sandblasting Contractor

Mackay Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction provides mobile sandblasting to clean your concrete. We also use this process to repair your peeling swimming pool. Our sandblasting contractor in Mackay also uses powerful mobile sandblasting equipment to clean concrete and blast brickwork. Our team visits your premises and handles various projects. For example, we undertake heavy machinery blasting. We blast significant steel buildings and swimming pools.

    Making your surfaces functional, smooth and clean

    Rusty and dirty equipment are dangerous, sharp and ugly. Do you want to fix this problem? In that case, Australian Construction is your answer! We handle every issue with you and finish the job successfully. As a result, you have safe and smooth surfaces. This process eliminates rust from the surfaces also. Our sandblasting method is also effective in removing graffiti from brickwork and concrete.

    Additionally, we use this technique to remove painted traffic lines from your asphalt surfaces. It wastes money and time when you paint over flaking paint or rusty surfaces. Australian Construction has experienced technicians. Therefore, they undertake restoration sandblasting that guarantees an expertly prepared surface each time.

    We use the best abrasive sandblasting or blasting, which saves you time and money. In addition, these mobile sandblasting solutions remove old stubborn paint from handrails and metal exteriors. Furthermore, we remove old paint from roofs before repairing and repainting. Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is adequate for preparing metal surfaces. It eliminates any previous corrosion or coating. Consequently, you get a lean profile that paint adheres to. This procedure is essential to the overall and finished project’s durability.

    We combine abrasive coating with protective coatings or precision wet coat paint. Hence this procedure:

    • Prolongs the performance and life of structures, machinery and equipment
    • Decreases replacement and repair cost

    At our Mackay facility, we have broad set-down and under-cover storage areas. The sandblasting contractor in Mackay uses steel grit GL-80, which is environmentally sustainable. In addition, we use alternative appropriate abrasive mediums during the blasting procedure.

    We provide abrasive blasting solutions to Australian Standard AS1637.4. It covers Class 1 & 2, 2.5 and Class 3 abrasive blasting. Australian Construction provides mobile blasting services throughout Mackay and Australia.

    Industrial coating

    We provide industrial protective coating (wet coat painting). In this process, our team applies industrial quality paints and primers. However, first, we prepare the surface properly using an abrasive blasting procedure. After this, we prime the surface. We apply an intermediate coat if you wish. A final topcoat offers weather protection, a specific gloss level, and the colour you choose.

    This process is effective in:

    • Decreasing expensive repairs and replacement
    • Prolonging the performance and life of structures, machinery and equipment

    ​The sandblasting contractor in Mackay uses a rigorous assessment procedure. Because of this, we establish the ideal surface preparation technique for your site or equipment. We consider the following elements:

    • Temperature and humidity
    • Chemical and adhesion bonding
    • Affordability and continuous maintenance
    • Wear resistance

     Our team is highly skilled with NACE 1 Certified Inspectors (onsite). We also have NACE 2 Inspectors. We are proud to offer top quality services. More importantly, our solutions are safe and environmentally friendly. Australian Construction provides expert technical suggestions and colour matching services. We are based in Mackay and provide mobile coating services Australia wide.

    Concrete sandblasting

    Australian Construction provides a comprehensive onsite service for concrete sandblasting. We assist architects, projects managers and industrial clients all over Mackay. We use the high-tech Wet & Dry Sandblasting technique. Because of this, we attain the desired surface profile you want. We provide a brushed sandblasted finish which exposes aggregate further. In addition, you gain a non-slip surface.

    Our sandblasting technique is the best method to harden, texture or coarsen various concrete surfaces. It provides different sandblasting degrees suitable for the concrete project’s requirements. We provide deep, medium or light aggregate depending on the client’s preference

    Also, our staff restores all concrete surfaces to their original condition. To do this, they remove unwanted surface contaminants. For example, they remove sealants, paint and epoxy coatings. Hence they prepare and deliver a primed surface for more treatment.

    We are highly experienced in sandblasting all concrete areas like:

    • Pathways & driveways
    • Office blocks & new estates
    • Parks
    • Shopping centres
    • Huge concrete slabs


    The sandblasting contractor in Mackay offers autonomous painting and mobile blasting services. Moreover, our services follow Australian Environmental regulations. We provide skilled technical suggestions for onsite abrasive blasting, industrial coating and wet blasting. In other words, we offer the ideal results for coating durability and corrosion resistance.

    Additionally, we give you the best value for your money! Our projects follow safety and environmental standards. Also, our team efficiently manages exclusion zones and dust suppression. We also handle waste removal and spark elimination. The sandblasting contractor in Mackay works in remote areas, challenging terrains and confined spaces. Additionally, we work in regional areas. We have experienced paint and blast specialists for projects with complex needs. Our team is highly responsive and delivers on time.

    We look forward to providing you with the best sandblasting services in Mackay!