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Newcastle Sandblasting Contractor

Newcastle Sandblasting Contractor

    You may be the owner of an industrial firm. Or perhaps you own specialised equipment. In that case, you need heavy duty sandblasting and spray painting. As a result, it protects your equipment from rusting. Australian Construction specialises in abrasive blasting and sandblasting. Moreover, we undertake protective industrial coatings. Furthermore, the sandblasting contractor in Newcastle provides these services for industrial and commercial. We serve mining operators as well.

    These solutions prolong your equipment’s life. In addition, we use our high-quality protective coatings hence enhancing its appearance. In this regard, we are qualified to handle all your industrial spray painting needs.

    Professional sandblasting firm

    Australian Construction has a custom-built facility, and we have the newest technology. Therefore, we can provide top quality industrial sandblasting and spray painting services. We offer quality spray painting and sandblasting. Due to this, we are the top choice throughout Australia. Moreover, our services are popular with heavy-duty leaders in the industry. We are happy to help you with any spray painting and sandblasting for your metal surfaces or products.

    The sandblasting contractor in Newcastle offers unique services and product delivery. More importantly, we follow Australian standards. Our team uses industrial-grade garnet. Hence we guarantee a successful coating application that matches your industrial spray painting requirements.

    Exceptional sandblasting services

    Sandblasting presents a simple way of cleaning hard surfaces using blasting garnet. We use high velocity, mainly with compressed air. Additionally, we use abrasive blasting to prime, clean or etch a surface. It depends on your needs and the size and nature of the equipment you want to resurface. For industrial sandblasting, we use specialised methods and blast rooms. Our qualified team cleans your equipment thoroughly. They remove surface blemishes, chipped paint and rust. Consequently, the surface looks brand new!

    Professional spray painting

    Industrial spray painting is famous for painting surfaces of heavy equipment and machinery. For instance, this method is famous in the technical and mining sectors. Spray painting gives your surfaces a protective coating. Given this, rust does not occur due to contact with harsh environmental factors. The sandblasting contractor in Newcastle uses only top quality A-grade materials. In addition, we use impeccable artistry hence ensuring top quality spray painting.

    Paint inspection

    Your heavy-duty tools and equipment may experience harsh outdoor elements. The equipment may also be subjected to extreme temperatures. For this reason, it is essential to carry out regular paint inspections. It ensures that your industrial materials and pipes are safe. Also, it ensures the apparatus have enough protection. We confirm the durability and quality of your industrial coating. Consequently, it eliminates any corrosion risk.

    When your coating fails, it leads to costly repairs or downtime. Because of this, it is advisable to allow professionals like Australian Construction to undertake paint and coating inspections. It ensures your equipment has complete protection. More importantly, your equipment follows strict industry regulations. Therefore if you want top-quality industrial sandblasting paint inspection and spray painting, please talk to us now.

    Abrasive blasting solutions

    The Australian Construction team is qualified to undertake all your Newcastle sandblasting needs. So we offer industry leaders in the mining sector superior and reliable sandblasting solutions. The sandblasting contractor in Newcastle provides highly specialised industrial sandblasting. We use special equipment, and our qualified technicians handle these projects. The process requires vast experience. For this reason, we only hire the best!

    We use different air guns, wheel blasting and spray gun techniques. It ensures we clean your surface meticulously. Our solutions eliminate rust, chipped paint and blemishes from the surface. In other words, Australian Construction continuously provides reliable and quality sandblasting services. We are proud to offer customer satisfaction at all times.

    Main sandblasting uses

    In Australia, sandblasting is popular in the industrial sector. The reason is that it prepares surfaces, making them clean before beginning various projects. Additionally, it roughens or smoothens machinery equipment surfaces to apply a protective coating. Also, sandblasting surface raises the coating’s adhesion and coating.

    Some surfaces of materials we sandblast include:

    • Wood
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Silver
    • Plastics
    • Pewter
    • Metals
    • Glass
    • Brass

    Industrial spray painting solutions

    Our industrial spray painting service describes a highly specialised skill. For this reason, it needs special equipment as well as skilled experts like us. Australian Construction offers spray painting solutions for technical and mining industries. These are sectors that need paint protection for areas with large surfaces. We have a fully equipped facility. Given this, we accommodate all sized projects which need different treatments.

    Our different spray painting services include:

    • Two-pack primers and paint
    • Single pack primers
    • Heavy-duty industrial paint
    • Industrial etch primers

    Harsh environmental factors need premium paint protection. Due to this, we help you choose the coating that matches your equipment. It includes:

    • Service modules
    • Transport frames
    • Oil & gas piping
    • Different sized gas, oil and water valves
    • Dust and ventilation extraction ducting


    Australian Construction uses top quality materials. Our skilled staff ensures superior finishes as well. Moreover, we work according to your requirements and implement suitable preparation, priming, painting or sandblasting. We pay attention to detail to ensure your surface has a remarkable finish. More importantly, your equipment lasts longer.

    We look forward to hearing from you today!