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Townsville Sandblasting Contractor

Townsville Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction is popular in the surface preparation industry. Moreover, our sandblasting contractor in Townsville offers different commercial, industrial and mobile blasting services. For a long time, sandblasting has been famous as an effective method of cleaning, preserving and repairing different kinds of material. In other words, we have blasting solutions for all types of metal, glass or wood.

    Our sandblasting services are effective for preparing the surface. In addition, this solution prevents wear and tear, toxic chemicals and corrosion. More importantly, it is economical. We provide different expert sand and abrasive blasting services. These solutions apply to any surface or material texture that needs reconditioning.

    Our expert services

    We strip grime, dirt, paint and all undesirable substances. It depends on every client’s personal need. The sandblasting contractor in Townsville uses top quality industry grit. Additionally, we use superior abrasive media. As a result, we meet the specific blasting demands and deliver a blasting job successfully. We use the highest standards to give you a lovely surface finish. Our company uses sandblasting to eliminate rusty components. Furthermore, we use it to prepare surfaces for more treatment. For example, we prepare surfaces when you wish to add a coat of paint. We also offer abrasive blasting services and mobile sandblasting services. Our solutions are applicable for surfaces that need:

    • Steel sandblasting
    • Soda blasting
    • Paint stripping
    • Machinery blasting
    • Graffiti removal
    • Glass bead blasting
    • Dustless blasting
    • Concrete sandblasting

    Australian Construction specialises in industrial, commercial, onsite and mobile sandblasting. We provide one of the broadest ranges of abrasive blasting and sandblasting services in the Townsville region. Our sandblasters are skilled professionals in their field. Because of this, they can offer you the ideal effective action plan for preparing your surface. In addition, our blasting services are affordable. The sandblasting contractor uses top quality grit.

    Furthermore, we use robust blasting equipment. More to this our sandblasting methods are friendly to the environment. Consequently, your surface finishes are durable. We design our sandblasting solutions to match your specific blasting requirements and needs.

    Describing the sandblasting process

    Most people describe ‘sandblasting’ as a kind of ‘abrasive blasting’, which is true. However, the two differ because they hold different blasting methods and technologies. We use sandblasting and abrasive blasting to clean during surface preparation. However, we use abrasive media for abrasive blasting. For example, we use bicarbonate of soda, plastic media and glass beads against surface materials. Meanwhile, we use fine sand for sandblasting. Although abrasive blasting needs more complex media for rough surfaces, it does not damage the material.

    The reason is that Australian Construction uses suitable procedures. Also, we use abrasive particle size on specific material textures. Our team designs glass bead blasting and use it on stainless steel. Depending on your particular requirements, we can do abrasive blasting from coarse to fine finishes. We propel sand using compressed steam or air under intense pressure during the sandblasting procedure. Our team applies this pressure to a rough surface and makes it smooth. Hence we make it smooth for further reconditioning and preparation.

    When we use pressures of sand for surface recondition, it is beneficial because the abrasive grit we use cannot damage the material. For this reason, it lacks the impacts caused by more traditional types of surface preparation. During the blasting procedure, we direct the sand abrasive using a nozzle. Our expert and qualified sandblasters use this nozzle to work on a surface that needs cleaning.

    Sandblasting benefits

    • The result gives you a more refined surface finish to which any coatings can bond to.
    • It prolongs the coating life significantly.

    But every blasting method we use depends on the blasting needs. We follow OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Act and Regulations in Australia. In addition, we use specialised technologies and sandblasting methods. It depends on the surface or equipment that requires blasting and surrounding where we are doing the blasting.

    The sandblasting contractor in Townsville provides eco-friendly services. It means our skilled team considers all the effects of abrasive and blasting media on the environment. We also try to figure out how we can prevent those effects. Australian Construction offers top quality standards. For this reason, our sandblasting services are unique.


    Australian Construction does not only offer sandblasting services throughout Townsville for restoration services. Instead, we are proud to give our clients superior blasting works. Moreover, our work surpasses industry standards because we only use the best grit and blasting equipment available. Our sandblasters have vast experience. Due to this, they offer efficient and effective services, and our solutions are environmentally friendly. The big names in Townsville trust us because of our quality sandblasting solutions. In addition, we use top-notch technology. Our sandblasting services are available throughout Townsville to trade and industry.

    We look forward to hearing from you today!