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Bundaberg Waterproofing Contractor

Bundaberg Waterproofing Contractor

    Waterproofing is essential to all types of buildings.  In light of this, Australian Construction installs waterproofing correctly. As a result, it prevents moisture and water from seeping inside the building’s structural areas. Consequently, it prevents likely damage before it happens. Our waterproofing contractor in Bundaberg has years of industry experience. Because of this, we offer various quality waterproofing services. We have a team of highly skilled and hardworking waterproofers. Our company applies waterproofing membranes to all external and internal wet areas.

    Reliable waterproofing services and products

    The waterproofing contractor in Bundaberg provides waterproofing for outdoor or indoor areas like:

    Our range of clients

    Australian Construction has vast experience in the industry. In other words, we have worked on various waterproofing projects in Bundaberg. Our clients include:

    • Rural and city councils
    • Hospitals
    • Colleges and schools
    • Engineers
    • Professional builder
    • Owner-builders
    • Internal waterproofing

    The importance of internal waterproofing

    Is your business or home inappropriately waterproofed? In that case, an accident can happen at any time. What’s more, it is a council requirement to waterproof your building. Because of this, it would be best for you to check with your local council. They will give you the specifics of their waterproofing rules. In addition, Australian Construction installs superior, customised waterproofing products in your building. 

    Furthermore, we can stop substrate damage in wet areas. For example, we protect areas like the bathroom or another wet area. Additionally, we can stop water from migrating. As a result, it prevents damage in different sections of your home. Given this, it ensures that floor or wall tiles do not crack or ‘pop.’

    Expert internal waterproofing services

    The waterproofing contractor in Bundaberg only waterproofs wet areas. We ensure we complete our projects to strict Australian standards. All our work adheres to these standards, for example, designing your property, pulling out a shower or retiling.  

    Professional external waterproofing

    Appropriate external waterproofing is an Australian council requirement. For this reason, we check what the requirements are in your council. As a result, we ensure we follow the applicable council regulations and guidelines for your external waterproofing.

    The importance of external waterproofing

    Our external waterproofing presents an ideal way of maintaining dryness and safety in your home. Also, it enables you to manage moisture and water in your garden or yard. Australian Construction has all the essential expertise and skills. Given this, we waterproof balconies and decks thoroughly. We also meticulously waterproof the positive sides of garden beds and retaining walls—additionally, we waterproof water features and planter boxes.

    Affordable and reliable external waterproofing services

    At Australian Construction, we are pleased to consult with you. The reason is to ensure we give you reliable external waterproofing services. As a result, these solutions meet your external waterproofing needs perfectly. Our professional team installs waterproofing on your deck surfaces. Due to this, it prevents moisture from harming the area below and around retaining walls. Consequently, it stops moisture from moving to the negative areas.

    More to this, we can install customised waterproofing solutions in your garden beds. Using these products, we ensure that the exterior render of the backyard bed maintains its integrity. Moreover, it prevents the bed from leaking.  Our team ensures they design and build your external waterproofing correctly. 


    Australian Construction has highly skilled and professional technicians. Additionally, our technicians are dedicated and proud of the quality work they deliver. In light of this, our technicians regularly undertake training and education in all aspects of industry and product knowledge. 

    For this reason, you have the assurance that we are updated with the newest innovations in the sector. In addition, we aim to facilitate a safe working surrounding with our onsite and internal training practices. So, we rank top among our competitors!

    It will be our pleasure to provide you with outstanding waterproofing solutions today!