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Hobart Waterproofing Contractor

Hobart Waterproofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that all the projects we undertake are essential. Whether your project is civil, commercial or domestic, it is your investment. Therefore our waterproofing contractor in Hobart uses top quality waterproofing materials. Our waterproofing services ensure that your home or premises are secure and dry. 

    Furthermore, we recognise the issues with your sealants. We, therefore, replace or repair any damaged materials. Our team has vast experience. Because of this, they find the source of the issue. Consequently, we find its ideal solution. 

    Professional waterproofing services

    We offer waterproofing repairs to Hobart and its surroundings. Our team visits your home or premises to check the areas that need waterproofing. For example, the following areas may need waterproofing services:

    • Basements, where leaks mainly hide
    • Deck or balcony
    • Kitchen or bathroom tiles
    • Spa or pool, particularly those housed indoors
    • Rooftop for protection against the weather

    The waterproofing contractor in Hobart can fix your home. Our team delivers safe and efficient waterproofing services. As a result, they prevent property damage. 

    Technology that prevents damages

    Australian Construction uses the newest technology. In other words, we utilise waterproofing primer or paint for repair or replacement. We also use liquid-applied membranes. Our team analyses the ideal products for your house exterior and interior. When we handle your building, it guarantees you that we have solved the problem!

    Waterproofing procedure

    Our waterproofing professionals inspect the existing leaks. We then offer an obligation free quote for repairing leaks and the associated damage. After confirming the source of the leak, we begin the repairs. Our team is present at the site from beginning to end. Furthermore, they provide comprehensive services for retaining walls. It includes repair, leak detection and installation. You may use retaining walls to make space for a driveway.

    Additionally, the retaining wall may hold back garden beds. Whatever the case, the retaining walls need protection from penetration by moving water. Groundwater flows to the wall causing various issues. These issues may be catastrophic or cosmetic.

    For example, the water may stain the wall with calcium or lime deposits. Or it might cause corrosion. Moreover, the steel rods supporting the building may expand. In turn, the concrete cracks. Worse still, the water build-up pressure may lead to collapsing of the wall. It is dangerous for more enormous walls. Mainly we design retaining walls to keep the space behind the building dry.

    For complete water protection, additional measures are necessary. In light of this, our skilled team has been waterproofing retaining walls for years.  Given this, we have acquired the essential knowledge and expertise. Therefore we ensure we give your wall complete protection from water permeation. Moreover, our team works thoroughly, fast and effectively.

    Rooftop waterproofing

    The waterproofing contractor in Hobart installs and repairs rooftop waterproofing. In addition, we work on homes of all sizes and shapes. For instance, we handle homes with rooftop gardens. Rooftops are a crucial element in the construction procedure. Your rooftop forms the top of the structure. Also, it covers all habitable rooms.

    For this reason, an experienced professional like us must fit your rooftop with a suitable waterproofing product. Also, the waterproofer and builder need to communicate effectively. Due to this, there are no problems during installation.


    Australian Construction installs specialised rooftop waterproofing products. We offer compressed cement sheeting, insulated roof panels, structural plywood and concrete. Also, we install durable and trafficable membranes. 

    So they can be left exposed to the intense Australian sun. Alternatively, we cover them with pavers, decking and tiles, as you prefer. Our team is quick and flexible. They are qualified in all areas of waterproofing. Also, they are fully skilled in working with all kinds of the membrane. 

    Do not hesitate to call us today for all your waterproofing services!