Highly Experienced Waterproofing Contractor In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Waterproofing Contractor

Port Macquarie Waterproofing Contractor

    Australian Construction undertakes all aspects of waterproofing services. We waterproof e-suits, spa baths, showers and bathrooms. Moreover, our waterproofing contractor in Port Macquarie waterproofs terraces, balconies and retaining walls. We also waterproof rooftop gardens, rooftops and swimming pools.

    Our experience spans many years. So we are specialists in detecting issues before they come up. Given this, our team is glad to inspect your building site beforehand. Also, we check the current leaks in the areas mentioned above. We then present quotes for leaks and related damage.

    Professional bathroom waterproofing

    Australian Construction is proud to provide expert bathroom waterproofing services. It includes shower and toilet waterproofing to Port Macquarie homes. Each of our works adheres to the applicable Australian Standards. Moreover, we present a certificate and warranty when we complete our projects.

    Benefits of waterproofing

    When constructing a home, you likely concentrate on its appearance. Hence you choose light fixtures, paint colours, furniture, etc. However, the building’s invisible structures are as crucial as its appearance. Because of this, it needs preventative measures such as waterproofing. Due to this, it protects the structure from the elements.

    So it is important to waterproof areas like laundries, bathrooms and wet areas. As a result, it safeguards against water damage. For this reason, we carry out waterproofing and ensure we comply with Australian Standard AS3740 (Waterproofing domestic wet areas).  

    These areas are mainly next to a living area or bedroom. Additionally, they are found on a home’s upper floor. Therefore lack of waterproofing can lead to severe damage. For this reason, you cannot afford to avoid waterproofing.

    Find out the regulations.

    Numerous bathroom surfaces need waterproofing mainly before installing flooring or appliances. Due to this, it presents an obstacle to homebuilders. The Australian building codes specify that a certified expert like Australian Construction should provide bathroom waterproofing to:

    • Steps leading into the shower or bath
    • Any bathroom floors consisting of wood
    • Bathroom floors on 2nd storey or above
    • Bathroom walls
    • Spa floors

    Shower floors and walls

    Australian Construction completes bathroom waterproofing in Port Macquarie for all the above areas. In each case, our team places a waterproof membrane under your flooring to protect the foundation. This slim layer ensures that all the drips and splashes do not undermine your bathroom’s beauty or your structure’s integrity.

    Work with our licensed waterproofers

    The waterproofing contractor in Port Macquarie follows all the Australian Standards regulations. Moreover, we give your new home the essential technology and equipment. Due to this, you prevent water damage. Learn about our skills to determine how we can deliver the ideal bathroom waterproofing service in Port Macquarie.

    Planter box waterproofing

    Do you want a veggie or flower garden but lack the space or time for ground planting? In that case, planter boxes are an ideal option. Raised garden beds are mainly placed on decks, pathways, terraces and balconies. For this reason, water leaks can lead to issues.

    That is where Australian Construction comes in! Our expert planter box waterproofing assists in preventing water from leaking onto decking and paving. Consequently, it safeguards your home from expensive moisture damage. Our waterproofing contractor in Port Macquarie uses reliable methods, quality materials and expertise.

    As a result, we make sure your garden beds and planter boxes are fully impenetrable by water. Our team works expertly and efficiently.  Given this, the team seals and protects the internal walls and base against moisture before plants and soil go in. 


    Australian Construction provides quality waterproofing to clients in Port Macquarie. We have many years experience. Because of this, we are the ideal choice for waterproofing wet areas. We waterproof areas like bathrooms, rooftop gardens and balconies. Because of this, we help in protecting your investment. As a result, you prevent the hassle of repairs.

    We look forward to hearing from you today!