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Wagga Wagga Waterproofing Contractor

Wagga Wagga Waterproofing Contractor

    Australian Construction has high experience in waterproofing. Given this, we offer quality waterproofing systems. In addition, our waterproofing contractor in Wagga Wagga offers damp-proofing solutions. Our team is licensed, insured and qualified. Moreover, they have a great understanding of waterproofing. Because of this, they ensure they complete all jobs professionally. Not only this, but they also deliver within budget and on time.

    Because of this, we are proud of our work quality. We ensure we focus on all the details. As a result, we provide maximum customer satisfaction. Our hands-on experience spans many years. Moreover, we use the newest equipment. Due to this, you have peace of mind knowing we will deliver beautiful results!

    Expert waterproofing

    The waterproofing contractor in Wagga Wagga provides specialised waterproofing solutions. At all times, we aim to deliver excellent waterproofing services. More importantly, our services adhere to all Australian quality standards. Our team of professional waterproofing experts is highly skilled. Additionally, they have comprehensive knowledge of various waterproofing techniques. As a result, we provide new and integrated waterproofing. It facilitates durable benefits and longevity as well. Our waterproofing services are suitable for all kinds of construction and structures.

    Concrete roof waterproofing

    The roof presents a vital section of any building. However, it ensures the most impact. The reason is that the roof experiences natural forces and weather conditions. The harsh sun and rain affect the roof directly. Therefore, if you do not take proper care, leaks damage the building’s structure. As a result, wetness and erosion occur, and the building appearance is affected. Worse still, the interior paint and décor become destroyed.

    Given this, Australian Construction provides roof waterproofing services for all kinds of buildings. So do you have a shopping mall, commercial building or factory? Or do you have an apartment or residential home? Regardless we ensure we offer you superior concrete waterproofing.

    Balcony waterproofing

    As a homeowner, you fear having a leaking balcony. Not only are balconies visually appealing but also charming. The waterproofing contractor in Wagga Wagga provides different balcony waterproofing options. Our team takes care of your balcony. Because of this, we stop severe structural damage. 

    The Australian Construction team works accurately and delivers the project on time. Because of our vast experience in this area, we provide excellent solutions. Our services are available to businesses, industries and factories. We also offer balcony waterproofing to residences.

    Our services involve more than balcony waterproofing. We offer a comprehensive range of waterproofing for all sections of the building. The waterproofing contractor in Wagga Wagga provides affordable balcony waterproofing solutions. Moreover, we offer a warranty for our services. Therefore you have the guarantee that you will enjoy the benefits of our services!

    Also, our team works closely with our clients. Additionally, we provide valuable suggestions and advice about repairing and constructing balcony waterproofing. Due to this, our clients access the appropriate and suitable waterproofing solutions.

    Importance of waterproofing your balcony

    We advise buildings and homeowners to allow us to waterproof their balconies. Continuous water leakage from balconies leads to structural damage. Furthermore, it can damage the building framework. Waterproofing prevents the building from collapsing due to leakage, mould and rotting. Comparatively, balcony waterproofing is a lot more affordable than fixing a damaged balcony. For this reason, we waterproof your balcony in the first stages. Due to this, future damage control is unnecessary.

    Features of balcony waterproofing system

    • Affordable solution
    • Long term life
    • Breathable membrane
    • Easy application
    • Highly flexible
    • Non-toxic
    • Ultraviolet rays resistant
    • High chemical resistance
    • High water resistance


    Australian Construction offers a wide range of waterproofing services. For example, we provide remedial rectifications. Moreover, we repair brand new builds. We also install membrane systems.  For new builds, our team helps from the design stage. They do this by specifying the ideal long-term solution. Additionally, we have the latest knowledge and experience. Therefore we recommend a solution for all external and internal waterproofing problems.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for all your waterproofing needs!