Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor Services In Ballarat

Ballarat Asphalt Contractor

Ballarat Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction is a leader in paving in the Ballarat area. Our asphalt contractor in Ballarat is highly experienced in full-service asphalt paving. We are proud of our dedication to providing the ideal asphalt paving services and products. Because of that, we meet all our clients’ needs. Moreover, we apply a similar level of expertise to all the services we offer. 

    Besides, we equip our crews with the superior training and quality equipment. Therefore, our competent team delivers each task with quality and precision assurance.

    Our specialised services

    Asphalt patching

    Cracks, potholes and damaged surfaces are unsafe. Therefore, if not fixed, they can lead to an expensive repair. They get worse with time if neglected. For this reason, major repair work may be necessary. The asphalt contractor in Ballarat uses specialised equipment. Moreover, we use the correct asphalt. Because of this, our skilled operators establish an affordable asphalt patch solution. To this end, we repair your damaged surface. 

    Besides, we work frequently with tradespeople. It includes plumbers and electricians. We also work with telecommunications technicians. Australian Construction works with them for inspection home reinstatements. Your asphalt area might be damaged. Or perhaps it needs asphalt reinstatement work. In that case, call us today for a site inspection. 

    We take this step to recommend an asphalt patching solution. In turn, it will help you in prolonging the asphalt surface life. Additionally, it will enhance your asphalted area’s safety and functionality. 

    Spray sealing

    Road surface and pavement resealing is part of bitumen surface maintenance. In light of this, our asphalt contractor in Ballarat carries out this procedure regularly. Regular spray sealing is a standard road surfaces procedure in Australia. We do it to reseal and improve the heavily utilised surface.

    Crack sealing

    Footpaths with cracks enable moisture to enter the surface. Consequently, the surface breaks down further. If we do not seal cracks, first, it causes more cracking. Second, it eventually causes a significant path breakdown. Third, it leads to unnecessary costly repairs.

    Australian Construction helps to minimise significant repairs. With this in mind, we use crack sealing treatment. Crack sealing seals the damaged section with bitumen sealant. As a result, it prevents future pavement issues. 

    Crack sealing presents an affordable method of footpaths maintenance. Also, it maintains other pathways. Comparatively, it is much cheaper and effective than using other broad works. For example, projects like reconstructing and resurfacing. Call us today to discuss your crack-sealing project.

    Shopping centres

    Our asphalt contractor in Ballarat has a proven track record. Also, we have the skills for your shopping centre asphalting work. New and efficiently laid paths and car parks make your centre more attractive. Also, walkways improve your centre’s look. In addition, it enhances safety for all its users.

    We utilise high-grade produce and specialised equipment. For this reason, it ensures the work we deliver withstands a shopping centre‘s high traffic demands. Our experienced team provides complete construction.

    Besides, we assist with fast upgrades and maintenance to your shopping centre. Furthermore, we fill dangerous potholes and seal path cracks. Likewise, we repair hazardous surfaces.

    Road maintenance

    We have years of experience in the paving and asphalting industry. Above all, we have the staff, equipment and knowledge to handle your road construction project. The asphalt contractor in Ballarat uses unique technologies and treatments.

    We do this to give you superior delivery. We work with civil contractors and local councils. Because of this, we provide complete service project delivery. For example, we provide road marking, patching and maintenance. We also offer curbing and ongoing crack sealing.


    At Australian Construction, we work together. To this end, we maintain a safe working environment. For this reason, our workers, contractors and the overall public are safe. No matter how urgent the job or service is, safety is our priority. Due to our vast experience, we have enhanced our working safety procedures.

      So call us today to discuss your asphalt requirements, and we will be happy to serve you!