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Ideal Asphalt Contractor Services In Brisbane

    Australian Construction has all of your general asphalt servicing and business projects covered whether you need a new car park, general maintenance or are simply looking for a more professional and brighter look. 

    At Australian Construction we work hard to ensure we are meeting your needs with the utmost care and professionalism by providing you with our best asphalt contractor in Brisbane.

    Your complete-service solution

    Australian Construction covers a wide variety of construction services. New car parks, road base, drainage, channels, curbing, paving, hot mix asphalt and spray sealing, bumper stops and line marking are just some of the many construction services we can provide. 

    Professional maintenance & assisting to pave the way

    Australian Construction’s maintenance services such as extensions, resurfacing and touch ups will leave your business or property with  stand-out entry points that will leave lasting impressions with any of your visitors. 

    From subdivisions to roadway work, the Australian Construction team will provide you with exceptional quality asphalt services and a dedicated and experienced team that can also cover so much more. We have years of experience in the industry, and you can rely on our experts to handle your project with the focus and care it deserves.

    Exceeding expectations with an Asphalt Contractor in Brisbane

    Australian Construction offers expert paving services for your subdivision, making travel more convenient and smoother. We assist in paving new roadways and installing asphalt driveways for established and new properties to set up a more usable and uniform area for future landowners.

    Our asphalt contractors in Brisbane have the industry experience and equipment to complete all projects, including complex ones. Whether you require assistance with spray sealing bitumen or road widening, or need compaction tests and spray sheet supplies, Australian Construction will be happy to help. Allow our professionals the opportunity to deliver the results you seek by contacting us today.

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority and embedded into all the services we offer. It is the reason we do not take short cuts and always endeavour to surpass your expectations with our work. Call our team if you are not happy with your home’s driveway. When you own a home, you need to appreciate the importance of enhancing your property’s value. Hence the reason our Australian Construction team is glad to provide you with affordable options to improve your home’s general appearance and value. 

    Our team provides you with ideal services for all your requirements, despite the size. Our asphalt contractors in Brisbane deals with small pathways and large acreage driveways; they handle all projects.

    You can trust Australian Construction with all your asphalt needs. We can assist with easements constructions for clients who want to sell the property. Australian Construction has the experience, skills and equipment you require for an efficient job for your residential or commercial property.

    We pride ourselves in delivering expert earthwork services to prepare your property for all your future projects. We ensure that we import and lay bottom and top course bases and complete compaction analysis for quality assurance. For water run-off, our asphalt contractors in Brisbane makes sure that the pavement as at least 3% cross. Our various equipment meets your exceptional needs. We have bobcats, rollers, water carts and excavators, giving you the appropriate machinery in the proper time.

    Spray Seal

    Australian Construction understands that you value your property, and that is why our top priority is to deliver impeccable services by providing expert asphalt spray sealing services. Our team provides spray sealing with remarkable outcomes for your asphalt like:

    • Suitable curing because of even sealer coverage.
    • Improved asphalt traction
    • Brush coats don’t leave markings.
    • Prolonged use of your property.

    Australian Construction uses liquid spray bitumen with a cold or hot application using a pre-coated aggregate of 10m all through our two-coat procedure. Asphalt Contractor Brisbane’s spray sealing service is more flexible and lasts longer compared to concrete. It helps in saving money on costly replacement or repair services.

    Asphalt Repairs

    Are you frustrated at the sight of ugly potholes or surface destruction on your asphalt? Your property should not be an embarrassment any more. Our capable team at Australian Construction offers high-quality asphalt repairs and maintenance services, restoring life to your surfaces.

    Professional Asphalt Repairs in Brisbane

    The Australian Construction specialists are happy to provide efficient and affordable solutions for all your asphalt repair requirements. If your surface is not satisfactory, our skilled team can give you the answer you want. Call us now on 1800 155 881 to discuss our various repairs like:

    • Pathway patching
    • Surface irregularities
    • Footpaths
    • Pavement
    • Potholes
    • Walking tracks
    • Public & private parkland
    • Golf course buggy tracks, etc.

    Maintenance for surface irregularities

    Does your car park look faded and old? Maintain the attractiveness of your asphalt by booking maintenance services with our expert team at Australian Construction. Our maintenance services include line marking, patching and spray sealing.

    Asphalt road construction

    Australian Construction provides services for new road construction projects like profile & resurface, regulating & overlay jobs and strengthening.  Our latest model equipment series includes all-wheel steer A770 Bobcat skid steers, rollers, trucks and excavators.

    The asphalt contractors in Brisbane we have caters for private residential buildings, businesses and local councils with new road construction, maintenance and road surface repair. We offer services like deep asphalt patching and replacing asphalt surfacing. Chat with one of our skilled Australian Construction team now for expert advice. We’ll service any project in construction and regardless of size we treat every project and customer as essential.


    At Australian Construction our objective is to give unique services. Our highly trained team endeavour to present them with a friendly demeanour and a zeal for brilliance. We make sure that our results surpass your expectations and we offer competitive prices.

    From large to small projects, driveways to potholes and more, Australian Construction is available to assist. We promise you will not be disappointed with our services. Asphalt Contractor Brisbane ensures that your residential asphalting is a straightforward and stress-free procedure. We handle the small details, and you enjoy the smooth outcomes.

    Get in touch with us today and allow us to deliver all your Asphalt needs in Brisbane!