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Efficient Asphalt Services In Sydney

    Australian Construction is a reliable asphalting company in the Australian market. We undertake commercial and residential projects. Our professional team specialises in all kinds of asphalting such as paving for parking lots and driveways to roadways and curbs. We are the best Asphalt contractors in Sydney. 

    We ensure that we work to the highest standard and within budget, and complete on time with utmost expertise. Asphalt Contractor Sydney handles small residential and large commercial projects with equal skills.

    Australian Construction uses asphalt quality that meets the industry standard and is 100% recyclable. Our staff is knowledgeable and offers you customised project services and a high level of artistry. Asphalt Contractor Sydney is fully registered, insured and licensed. We ensure that we deliver what you deserve!

    Asphalt Driveways

    We appreciate that installing a new bitumen or asphalt driveway, car park, or path is a significant step. So, we must ensure you get precisely what you need. Australian Construction builds it with minimal impact on your everyday life. Our professional team works closely with you, ensuring the best result each time with and an outcome that offers our customer complete satisfaction.

    An asphalt driveway has many advantages. Asphalt, also referred to as bitumen can offer you a very affordable solution for a new driveway, in contrast to other standard materials. These driveways are the cost effective alternative, ideal for those with a strict budget in mind. 

    Our asphalt contractor’s in Sydney provide quick installation, reducing disruption to your home during construction. Asphalt also offers a very maintainable choice for your new driveway and asphalt driveways are very durable, skid-resistant, low noise, and their surface is rigid. An asphalt contractor in Sydney’s driveway is ideal for those properties that experience frosty mornings in winter months.

    Asphalt driveways are sturdy and reliable; however, they might require some repairs and maintenance after significant heavy use.

    The experienced team at Australian Construction can return for any upgrade or maintenance issues big or small and we advise all of our clients to ensure repeat inspections and upgrade work are to be done using superior sealant every 3-5 years to prevent any destruction. 

    If you notice that your asphalt surface has cracks, do not hesitate to seek our expert services, as delays could lead to further damage to the area requiring resurfacing. Whether you are experiencing a pothole or crack in your asphalt, Australian Construction quickly and efficiently repairs your surface to optimal standards.

    Our asphalt contractor’s in sydney makes sure that they create asphalt that looks wonderful and is long-lasting. We lay enough foundation, and it is a vital element of any strong structure. Our skilled team facilitates appropriate drainage that prolongs your asphalt’s lifespan.

    Water damage can soften the sub-grade or be completely absorbed by the asphalt; this can lead to cracks when the temperature goes under the freezing point, leading to water expansion.

    Asphalt Contractor Sydney uses suitable material that is ideal for driveways and the correct asphalt mix. We follow efficient construction practices, particularly at the pavement’s edges and joints. It ensures that the driveway will endure for an extended period.

    Australian Construction gives you proper maintenance if your driveway starts cracking. It is vital to seal and fill the cracks before the water seeps into them since all this involves offering reliable contracting services. If you reside in Sydney or its surroundings and wish to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of asphalt and how it differs from concrete, call us today. One of our experts will be glad to give you some suggestions about your project.

    Civil & Commercial Asphalting

    Australian Construction understands the importance of your business entrance appearing inviting, tidy and presentable. Our asphalt experts plan carefully and always finalise the job to top standards, with minimal disruption to your work.

    Commercial Asphalting Projects

    Australian Construction provide our customers with impeccable services, despite the project size and no commercial asphalting job is too big or small.

    We provide the following commercial services:

    • Car park construction
    • Pothole repairs
    • Flown patching services
    • Large scale & road resurfacing.

    Our asphalt contractors in Sydney provides the above services to supermarkets, forecourts, commercial spaces, etc.  At Australian Construction, we offer the top commercial asphalting services. For restoration of asphalt driveways and roads Australian Construction supplies and lays, resurfaces and repairs car parks and pavements.  

    Asphalting involves the procedure of utilising hot mix asphalt as a coating for the surface in highway and commercial projects. Our team uses various specialised machines for personal projects and will use only the relevant equipment for the application process.

    Our skilled team offers commercial asphalting services for major paving and asphalting projects, road construction, car parks, highways and shopping centres. 

    Australian Construction offers asphalt related services for car parks, commercial driveways and different large-scale spaces that need repair or new surfacing. We adhere to all work safety compliance protocols and are fully insured. 

    Our asphalt contractors in Sydney’s asphalt team go through constant training and retaining, and they work full-time, making them reliable.  We pride ourselves on delivering services on time and giving you high-quality service. To correct ponding issues and stop persistent pothole repairs needed, our skilled team is capable of resurfacing the whole asphalt car park space.

    Excavation & Earthworks

    Our expertise does not just apply in asphalting; we also provide earthwork services. Australian Construction is experienced in providing affordable earthwork solutions to challenging and complex ground conditions. We offer early contractor participation to give suggestions on how you can get the most cost-effective fit to your site requirement.

    We value each job that involves earthworks and excavation, no matter what the size. It may be a crawl area for your latest dream residence, getting rid of debris, waterline replacement or small grading work. Our commitment is to give clients top-notch quality service and professionalism all the time. 

    Until you are completely satisfied, we do not rest and are proud to forge long lasting relationships with our clients. Our repeat business attests to this. New driveways, basements, ponds, septic systems, demolition, site services are among just a few of the construction services in Sydney that we offer.


    Australian Construction provides ponds, demolition, sand rings, basements, underground services, trucking, utility trenching, trucking, parking lots, septic systems, back-filling and land clearing.

    Our team expertly handles new construction, replacement or repairs of the current system. We ensure that the home-owners comprehend and acquire the design and permits services

    We eagerly wait to hear from you about your next Asphalt project in Sydney!