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Melton Asphalt Contractor

Melton Asphalt Contractor

    In Melton, Australian Construction is famous for all asphalt and bitumen paving. We have worked in this sector for years. Whether the project is big or small, we deliver quality services. After all, we need to preserve our reputation since it has earned us more clients. Our asphalt contractor in Melton gives each project a personal touch.

    Furthermore, we do not take shortcuts when laying asphalt. For this reason, our complete site preparation methods formulate a strong asphalt sealer. Also, we specialise in asphalt areas like roads, car parks, pathways and driveway edging.

    Because of our exceptional range of coloured bitumen, we stand out among many asphalt-paving businesses. Also, we provide different bitumen and asphalt services like asphalt patching for damaged or cracked asphalt in need of repair.

    Our quality services

    Asphalt car parks

    You may have an unsealed car park gathering dust, unavoidable potholes or mud that wreaks havoc in winter. In the circumstances, consider our Australian Construction asphalt car park. For years, our asphalt contractor in Melton has created asphalt car parks. Therefore, it presents a more innovative and cleaner look. Also, we service council-designated areas, businesses, schools and different industries.

    Asphalt is the ideal option for car parks because of its flexibility. As a result of this, it can withstand any weather conditions. However, it is durable enough to handle a car park’s traffic demands.  We use our reliable hot spray-and-seal bitumen for our car parks. Besides, we use it for any other areas you want paved. Additionally, we provide various coloured bitumen to make your car park unique.

    Please contact us today to discuss your new asphalt car park needs.

    Asphalt & bitumen driveways

    When you require an asphalt driveway, your go-to company in Melton is Australian Construction. Our skilled team has built bitumen driveways for years. Therefore, we are pleased to work with our clients to create an attractive and pleasing design. Our different coloured bitumen makes your asphalt driveway awesome. Besides, we can also provide driveway edging.

    Asphalt driveways are flexible and durable and so a reasonable choice.  Our efficient team uses hot spray-and-seal bitumen. In this process, we spray liquid bitumen on the surface. We then cover in rock and sand to give you the asphalt driveway look you want. Whether you like it coloured or black or smooth or rough, we will deliver.

    Comparatively, the bitumen driveway is cheaper than other surface sealers. Also, it is more flexible. So, repairs are less likely to be unnecessary. Therefore, if you need asphalt driveway services, call us today. We have provided asphalt driveway for schools, rural and domestic properties, and truck and bus yards.

    Asphalt driveway kerbing

    Kerbing is a crucial factor in driveway paving. However, many times it is underrated. The asphalt contractor in Melton considers driveway edgings essential for the entire project. So, we offer more detail, thus enhancing your asphalt driveway. We listen to your driveway edging concepts. Accordingly, we create a design that matches any existing driveway or new asphalt paving. 

    We provide these driveway-edging options:

    Asphalt driveway repair

    Our asphalt patch is a simple solution to any damaged, leaking or cracked existing asphalt surfaces. The asphalt contractor in Melton specialises in asphalt driveway repair for residences and rural properties. Moreover, we service schools, hotels, truck and bus yards, etc. When you allow us to repair the driveway in the first stages, it prevents more damage since small cracks spread fast.


    Call our asphalt contractor in Melton today for a quote on curbing. You are free to give us your ideas on asphalt driveway edging. Alternatively, you can allow our specialised staff to help you decide. Kindly also enquire about the quality asphalt driveways Australian Construction can install for you and the variety of coloured bitumen we offer.

      We look forward to meeting all your asphalt needs today!