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Safeguard Yourself With The Best COVID Cleaning Services In Newcastle

    Property managers and business owners are crucial to keeping visitors, patrons and patients safe. It is their responsibility to take all the necessary steps to ensure their communities’ safety and health.

    Whether it’s a small physician office, a medium-sized outpatient clinic or a warehouse, Australian Construction has the disinfection know-how to customise a cleaning plan for your requirements.  Our COVID cleaning team in Newcastle uses our national disinfection skills and specialised experience in healthcare premises.

    We are ready to handle the exceptional needs arising from this pandemic. Our cleaning professionals are necessary because they work in the front line in preventing infection. 

    Keeping your premises safe

    We ensure you can keep your business open and protected. A major COVID-19 infectiousness feature is the fact that individuals are carriers long before they display symptoms. Disinfecting and cleaning are the only ways of maintaining safety in your surrounding from an accidental COVID-19 outbreak. Alleviate the danger of COVID-19 spread with our COVID cleaning team’s routine preventive disinfection.

    We are a leader when it comes to disinfection. Our skilled COVID cleaning team in Newcastle can turn any area into a healthy space using our exclusive, CDC-compliant and disinfection system and tailored service supplies such as:

    • High-touch, germ collection and removal method.
    • 360 hands-on disinfectant use.
    • EPA-registered products, such as SaniMaster7. It features SARS-COV-2 disinfection documented equivalency.
    • Our cleaning technicians are healthcare quality certified.

    Our commercial cleaning professionals offer:

    • Skills in regular cleaning techniques with specific awareness in preventing infection.
    • Detailed knowledge of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and the compliance requirements.
    • Advanced disinfecting and cleaning methods that cover your premises from floor to ceiling. 
    • Sophisticated proprietary disinfection and chemicals procedures to enhance infection protection.

    Our commercial cleaning entails:

    • Commercial specialty cleaning
    • Disinfection cleaning
    • COVID-19 cleaning
    • Project-based cleaning
    • Comprehensive cleaning services
    • Janitorial services

    Post-outbreak emergency disinfection

    When a staff member or patient tests positive for COVID, it would be best for you to shut your doors temporarily. Australian Construction can help you reopen quickly.

    Our local businesses network ensures quick response times and excellent care from our COVID cleaning team in Newcastle, equipped with the latest tools and technology that adheres to CDC guidelines. We ensure your facility can reopen safely.

    All our protocols and training are based on national skill and deployed locally.

    Our commercial cleaning services

    We provide the following in our emergency services:

    • Many years’ experience in disinfecting and cleaning.
    • Trademarked cleaning services enable us to move fast and remain thorough.
    • Wipe and spray technologies, ensuring total coverage to eliminate any pathogens.

    Choose the best COVID cleaning contractor.

    COVID-19 cases are increasing. In these unpredictable times, turn to our reliable and experienced COVID cleaning team in Newcastle to protect your premises and everyone in it. We are available for your emergency disinfection or preventive measures.

    Custom cleaning plans

    At Australian Construction, we familiarise ourselves with your premises and form a customised disinfecting and cleaning plant that accommodates your needs perfectly. Our team schedules our services at a period and regularity that is ideal for you and your facility.

    Save money & time

    When you outsource your cleaning services, it reduces your expenses and cleaning time by around 25% and ensures a spotless, disinfected surrounding. Our cleaning professionals have comprehensive training and use patented cleaning and disinfecting systems that decrease bacteria and dust dramatically and other compounds.

    Having a clean work area reduces employee sick days and protects your clients from dangerous bacteria and germs.

    Commercial disinfection services

    Our COVID cleaning team cleans and disinfects your facility thoroughly. We are professionals in creating safe, healthy and clean environments. Today it is crucial to ensure that everyone who comes into your facility is safe from bacteria and germs that can spread easily from one individual to another.

    Our commercial COVID cleaning service in Newcastle specialises in disinfection services and will help you decrease the danger of illness on your premises.

    Deep, detailed cleaning for a thorough disinfection

    Pathogens, viruses, bacteria and germs flourish in dirty surroundings. Our expert cleaning professionals have training in eliminating pathogens using ideal practices. We not only use standard cleaning products available on store shelves; we also use improved green cleaning disinfectants and products that are the best in our sector.

    Our COVID cleaning team in Newcastle uses the newest disinfection and cleaning service for today’s disinfection concerns. Our top-edge protocols and technology support schools, manufacturing areas and businesses, etc., to create healthy surroundings.

    As the CDC stipulates, infectious illnesses define illnesses that germs cause, for instance, fungi, viruses and bacteria that enter the body and multiply, leading to an infection.

    Diseases spread in the following ways:

    • Through germs that move via soil, air or water.
    • By ticks, animals and insects.
    • From one person to another.

    Emerging illnesses are the ones that have either increased recently in documented cases like COVID-19 or are likely to increase in the future. 

    These infections may be:

    • Totally new to an area
    • Newly discovered
    • Recurring in an area
    • Triggered by new bacteria that are antibiotics resistant.

    Commercial specialty cleaning

    Our specialty cleaning services from our experts improve your facility’s image and function. To keep your business looking its best, it needs more than standard cleaning.

    With our exceptional speciality cleaning services, your facility is cleaned, disinfected and sanitised with topmost attention to detail. From making windows crystal clear to upholstery care, we offer various speciality cleaning services to improve your image and working environment.

    Since we are already on-site at your facility, we can combine our speciality services with a range of other services making them more affordable and efficient.


    Our years of experience at Australian Construction has enabled us to develop the products and methods to service almost any kind of industry. We are expert cleaners and skilled problem solvers also. Despite the challenge you have, we can handle all complicated cleaning queries and requirements.

    Call us today to find out how our expert COVID cleaning team in Newcastle can create a safe working environment for your commercial premises!