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    If you need a demolition contractor in Coffs Harbour, you must know that there are processes involved. Known for the banana plantations, Coffs Harbour is a busy coastal town. Its climate is best for fishing, and it is not unusual for establishments here to need some kind of renovation.

    Let us talk about the three major processes involved in demolition. In the end, you will be able to speak with engineers and understand what kind of things they will do during the demolition. You will be able to discuss and understand their plans, too.


    This stage is the planning phase. Here, the contractor needs to know the size of the building, the materials, and what kind of demolition is best for the situation.

    It is also in this phase where we need to draw a step-by-step process. We will present this to the government officials so we can secure a permit.

    After this, we will remove many parts of the building. For one, it has to be emptied out. We need to remove all furniture. Part of this phase is to also dismantle all windows and doors. We have to remove anything that can fly off.

    We will leave the building bare-bones, so to speak. Once the building is ready, we can move to the second phase.

    Demolition Proper

    This is the second phase of the project—the execution. By now, we already know where to drill holes if we will use explosives.

    If implosion is necessary, we will plant the explosives and blast them. If not, then we will opt for a manual or semi-manual demolition process. For the latter, we will use excavators, wrecking balls, and many other types of machinery.

    For manual labour, our contractors will use sledgehammers and jack hammers. We will use this option if the building is too close to other buildings. This is by far the best method to prevent injuries.

    Also, we will definitely use dust machines. These are machines that spray mist over the building. Their main purpose is to turn dust into mud.


    The last phase is to clean up the building. It is at this stage where we will use dump trucks. If there is a lot of debris, then a bulldozer may come in handy.

    Depending on the demolition, we may even excavate the area to remove the foundations. This is crucial if you will put up another building.

    By the way, a contractor must also take care of the disposal of the debris. There are laws surrounding this, so make sure you hire a contractor that has a license. What you want is a contractor that knows the building code of Australia.

    If what you need is more than just demolition, we are the perfect company for you. We are experts not just in the demolition process, but in all facets of construction. With us, you can rest assured that all aspects of your project will be at par with your expectations.

    Demolition Contractor In Coffs Harbour

    Do not be afraid to get details from your contractor. As a client, you are well within your right to ask what they will do, and how long. This should help you make an informed decision.

    If you need more help, do not hesitate to ask questions. Give us a call now so we can help you. Our experts will be on the line to give you answers.

    You can also use our “request form” if you want. You can find this form on our website. Once we have the details, we will work on a plan and send you feedback right away.