Port Macquarie Demolition Contractor Services By Australian Construction

    Port Macquarie is a busy place. It is worth visiting, and the changing landscape of tourism will prompt you to need a demolition contractor in Port Macquarie one day.

    But how should you hire a contractor? Today, we at Australian Construction will share with you some of the questions you need to ask before signing a deal.

    What is the contractor’s liability?

    This is an important question. You need to know the extent of the liability of the contractor. But what does liability mean?

    If an accident happens, who is liable? As you know, demolition is a really dangerous process. If someone gets hurt, or if the blast damages a neighbouring building, who is accountable?  

    This liability must be on paper. You have to look for a contractor who will take responsibility for his actions. As such, you must only work with a contractor that has a license to operate.

    Also, ask the contractor about insurance. It is always best to work with a contractor who has an insurance policy for his employees.

    Does the contractor have violations?

    If a contractor has a violation, you must understand what this violation is. If you know the history and what happened, you will make a better decision.

    However, this is easier said than done. You need experts in the industry to find out if a contractor has violated any building codes. You may need a third-party company to do this investigation.

    If the investigation route is not possible, you can rely on the internet. Look for company review websites, and you may chance upon reviews for the contractor you are planning to work with.

    The thing about violations is that they will not be on any list if the contractor has no license. You cannot rely on the government to have this record if the contractor is not even a legitimate operator.

    We are not saying that you should not work with a contractor who has a violation. For all it is worth, perhaps the violation is as simple as not wearing a hard hat.

    What equipment will be used? 

    Finally, ask the contractor what equipment they will use. More importantly, ask if they own the equipment.

    If you want to learn more about equipment and machinery for demolition, you can read one of our blog posts about it.

    This is an important aspect of the demolition. It tells you what kind of machines you are paying for. You will also have a rough idea of how fast they will work.

    If a contractor does not have the equipment, you have to reconsider. It is always better to work with a contractor who has a complete set of equipment, so your project does not get delayed.

    Summary: Demolition Contractor in Port Macquarie

    We are hoping that you got some important insights today. Before you hire a contractor, ask these things, and you should be able to make an informed decision.

    If you are looking for a demolition contractor, give us a call now. We at Australian Construction have been in business for over 20 years. We know all the facets of the construction industry, not just the demolition process.

    You can also ask us for a quote now. On our website, you will find a “request quote” form. Send us the details and we will respond to your promptly.

    Better yet, why don’t we schedule a call so we can visit your site? Once our engineers see the building, they will have a better idea of what we are dealing with. They will draw up a plan, a quote, and we will present it to you so you can decide.


      Speak To Your Local Demolition Contractor In Gladstone Today

        With a beautiful harbour and thriving fishing community, facilities in Gladstone may need some renovation some time. If you need a demolition contractor in Gladstone, you need to understand what tools and machines you are paying for.

        Today, we will share some of the most common machinery used in the demolition business. With this information, you will be to have a deeper understanding of what is happening during the demolition process.  


        These are heavy machines that have appendages. The good thing about these machines is that we can change the attachments.

        Excavators are great for digging. However, we can also use them for demolition. They have powerful arms that can demolish a small building, like an apartment.

        They work well with concrete but are more effective with wood. We also use excavators to gather waste and then load them to dump trucks.  

        Backhoe Loaders

        A backhoe loader is like an excavator, but the attachment is inverted. It is the machine of choice for digging holes. We use this tool if we also need to demolish the foundations of a building.  

        The thing with backhoe loaders is that they are best only for small projects. We use them to demolish small apartments, but they are not ideal for high-rise buildings.

        Wheel Loaders

        These are machines that we use to store and move debris. The demolition process will certainly produce scraps. It will also produce dust and mud, and we have to clean that up.

        Wheel loaders are always present. It is difficult to work in a crowded space, so we remove as much waste and scrap as we can before moving on.


        These are mean machines that push debris away. As the demolition process happens, the explosions will produce massive blocks of concrete.

        We use the bulldozer to gather these scraps, and then the bulldozer will also transfer the blocks to a dump truck. Bulldozers are strong. They are ideal for breaking down buildings, even if we do not use explosives.


        Cranes are machines that have these really long or tall arms. The crane is ideal for putting people up high, or for wrecking balls.

        Cranes are highly useful because we can change the accessory. We can use excavators and bulldozers with cranes, and this allows us to extend our reach. We can also use cranes to pick up debris from up high.

        For wrecking balls, we attach them to the crane, and then we use the crane as the source of power and momentum for the steel ball.  

        Summary: Demolition Contractor in Gladstone

        We at Australian Construction have been in business for over 20 years. We have a complete set of all the necessary tools and machinery that we need to do a demolition job.

        Only hire a contractor that has a complete set of equipment. If a contractor does not have this, he will be renting equipment and machinery from someone else. While this is a common practice, it always ends up with your project being delayed.

        Give us a call if you are thinking about a demolition project. If you want, you can also use our “request quote” form. We will study the details you provide and give you a reasonable price range for the project.

        Certainly, we will give your site an ocular visit at your most convenient time. Our engineers will be able to make a better assessment if they see the building that you want to break down. After the visit, we will draw a plan and present you with a better quote. Then, we can start the project from there.


        #1 Demolition Contractor In Hervey Bay – Australian Construction Services

          Do you need a demolition contractor in Hervey Bay? A stunning Australian town, Hervey Bay has so much to offer. As we see a booming tourism industry here, you may want to demolish an old building and replace it with a new one.

          But how should you hire a contractor? Today we will share with you some tips. In the end, you should know what things to investigate before hiring a contractor to do the demolition project.

          What is the contractor’s experience? 

          The first thing you need to check is the contractor’s tenure. Demolition is a dangerous thing. Just because someone has access to sledgehammers does not mean he should be demolishing buildings.

          What we recommend is that you work with contractors who have been in business for many years—at least five years.

          Why is this necessary?

          Demolition is a complicated process. A lot of planning has to go into it. If the contractor does not have enough experience, your project may very well be an experiment.

          How much will the project cost? 

          Contractors do not price the same for projects. Some charge more, and some charge less. The price is not the single deciding factor, but it is still something you need to look into.

          We are not saying that you should get the cheapest service. What you have to do is to ask for quotes from different providers. Get the average, and start discussing the project with contractors whose price is close to the average.

          Also, you have to consider what kind of machinery they will use. Ask for the timeline of the completion, and this will help you decide who to hire.

          What will the contractor do? 

          Ask the extent of service the contractor will provide. Make sure that the deliverables are clear. For example, will they only do the demolition? What about the disposal?

          You have to ask for details, such as the machines they will use and the permit application. Get a contractor who will cover as many tasks as you need. If you have to dig and remove the foundations, then ask the contractor if this is part of what you are paying for.

          What is the liability of the contractor? 

          The last thing you have to look for is a liability. You must only work with a contractor that has a license. Without this, the contractor might not be operating legitimately.

          If possible, work with a contractor that has insurance, or one that offers a bond. The insurance protects you from liabilities. The bond protects you from damages if the contractor did not meet his end of the bargain.

          Again, we cannot overemphasise that you must only work with someone who has a demolition license. A license is proof that the contractor is recognised by the government as a legitimate business. It means that they have a reputation to protect.  

          Summary: Demolition Contractor in Hervey Bay

          Give us a call at Australian Construction if you need more help. If you want, you can also use our “request quote” form here. Once we receive your request, we will process it and respond as soon as we can.

          We have been in the construction business for over 20 years. On top of demolition expertise, we are also proficient in all facets of the construction industry.

          What we will do is to visit your site. Our engineers will have a better perspective if we do this. As such, they can create a better plan for the demolition project. After that, we will give you a plan and a quote, and we can start our negotiations from there.  


          The Best Demolition Contractor In Geelong – By Australian Construction

            Because business is thriving here in Geelong, you have to keep up with the times. Before beginning any construction work most work-sites will need some kind of demolition work. The time may come where you will need a demolition contractor in Geelong

            You have to fully acquaint yourself with the demolition process before availing it. This is just like knowing what a product is for before buying it. You need to think twice about demolition because you can’t undo it.

            Once your building breaks, you cannot build it back up. To help you, we’ll discuss the things that you should know about demolition.

            1. Demolition takes time and money

            If you’re not willing to spend money or wait, then demolition isn’t for you. You have to be ready to cancel your building’s appointments for a long time. Although the duration and price can vary, you should prepare what you can. 

            We recommend that you look up the price range for demolition. You should include the contractors’ fees in your expenses. These will help you in setting a budget. As for the time, you should allow a week or so. This will depend on how big your property is.

            A good thing about this is this is a one-time payment. You don’t have to pay for maintenance.

            2. The process will affect many surrounding factors

            Unlike painting and earthworks, demolition will affect the area it’s in. The contractors will need to fully control the site to avoid damage. They have to manage each step. The environment will also be a part of the plan. 

            The demolition method to be used will play a significant role. For instance, if cranes are the major equipment, there should be a dump site. 

            Bombs need protective layers for the building. These will keep the debris from falling in various places. Considering its impact, you will be asked to have a demolition certificate. This will serve as your demolition permit.

            3. This will require manpower

            Demolition tears down a building. This does not mean that it’s simple, though. It still needs numerous tasks throughout. These are mostly physical labour.

            The next thing that you have to know is the extensive manpower that you need. Your contractor is the one who will provide you with this. 

            It will be a crucial issue if you don’t have a team. You can say that you can find workers yourself. This, however, doesn’t assure that you will be working with experts.

            Demolition is not something that you should do yourself. This is more than a craft. Having contractors is significant because they will be your helping hand. 

            3. It comes with a lot of safety risks and hazards

            Demolition is a dangerous task. This needs great care during completion. Using the machines can result in bad results. If worse comes to worst, injuries can even happen.

            Availing demolition means recognising the risks. You should take preventive measures even if it may cost a lot. The main goal here is to prevent damage.

            To prevent this, one should take appropriate measures. These are the safety guidelines that will be followed within the site. 

            Some examples include personal protective equipment and danger zones. This is more of an obligation rather than a regular detail. This is because it can directly affect lives.

            4. Demolition is not a one-method-fits-all.

            Demolition is a one-way of fulfilment. You can’t imitate another project’s demolition plan. This stays the same even if you are satisfied with their output. First, you have different buildings.

            Their size, requirements, and materials will vary. So, by using the same one, you are embracing faults.

            This is what contractors are for. They are field professionals. 

            This means that they will know how to execute the process better. They will be responsible for making a bespoke plan for you.

            Use The Best Demolition Contractor in Geelong

            Research is essential if your requiring a demolition contractor in Geelong. There are a lot of things that you should know about it. By doing so, you are ensuring the process’ success. This will also keep you away from mistakes and issues.

            If you have more questions about demolition, feel free to send us a message. We’ll walk you through the topic with our knowledge. You can also avail of the demolition service from us.


              Wollongong Demolition Contractor For Residential And Commercial

                Do you need a demolition contractor in Wollongong? Setting a standard is essential when looking for a contractor.

                This standard is what you will use during your contractor hunt. You shouldn’t settle for less because demolition requires a lot of skills. This is especially so in Wollongong, a thriving coastal area with boating and fishing facilities.

                1. Focus on Safety

                Demolition has a lot of risks. It’s difficult to remove all parts of a building safely even if there are experts. What you should do is to find the one who can get rid of the most risks.

                This brings us to the first quality on our list: the focus on safety. This means paying attention to the safety of everyone on the site.

                In addition, this can point towards the focus on the environment. If a contractor can guarantee safety, you can prevent accidents. This way, you can rest assured that the process will go smoothly.

                Asking a team about their safety measures can help you know more about them.

                2. Skills and Experiences

                Knowledge will mean nothing without action. This means that you have to look for skills and experiences instead of merely knowledge. Doing so can help you land on more capable contractors.

                To easily deduce a contractor’s skills, you can look at their past projects. These will reflect their way of doing things. You will also be able to know their forte from their outputs. To do this, you can browse their online platforms and physical offices.

                For more details, you can ask their past clients. You can include questions about the current condition of their project and their working experience. Usually, these are enough to know if a contractor is note-worthy.

                3. True to Offers

                A contractor may present you with all the good things in their service. Sugar-coating happens often in advertisements.

                You shouldn’t easily get swayed by a few good words, though. You have to make sure that they will give what they are offering. This is what being “true to offers” mean.

                Checking a team’s reputation is a good way to conclude their authenticity. You can check client reviews regarding their satisfaction.

                Be sure to be wary about paid reviews, however, so you land on real answers.

                This quality will help you get the most value out of your money. You can also set the right expectations through this.

                4. Machinery and Equipment

                The top reason why you should work with contractors is convenience. You don’t have to get the materials yourself. If a team happens to lack resources, it will be a hassle.

                Demolition requires extensive equipment. Most the time, you cannot just buy these machines. Taking this into account, you should be with a well-equipped contractor. This will be more efficient. A shorter turnaround time is also expected.

                You can determine this by simply asking a team about the resources that they will be able to provide. Again, you can look through their reviews to be sure.

                5. Legitimate

                Legitimacy refers to a contractor’s reliability. Without this quality, they are close to being frauds.

                In most cases, you can just ask for a license. In addition, you can ask for proof of transactions. These materials will be a big help in vouching for their legitimacy. Demolition-related training and seminars are a bonus.

                A license will instantly tell you if you can trust them. You should not work with teams that don’t have one.

                Summary: First Choice Demolition Contractor In Wollongong

                In conclusion, your standard will depend on your needs. The ones above, though, are some of the most significant. Note that the success of the process will depend on your contractors’ performance.

                If you’re looking for a team with the said qualities, then look into our service. Feel free to contact us for details.


                  Demolition Contractor Services In Hobart By Australian Construction

                    Before getting the services of a demolition contractor in Hobart, you should first be sure that it’s what you need. This will prevent you from making grave mistakes.

                    You can also avoid risking your building’s condition. For sure, you already know what demolition is. In this article, we’re going to focus on when you should consider it.

                    If You Want to Free Up Space

                    Hobart is the least populated major city in Australia, but it still thrives with tourism. The main benefit of demolition is that it can easily clear up space. This means that if you have the same goal, then the process will fit your needs.

                    This can happen if you have a property that doesn’t serve your purpose any more. It is not important if it’s commercial or residential. What matters is that you break it down.

                    For instance, if you own an old building, demolition can get rid of it. Afterwards, you can do whatever you want with the land. You can build another and make a profit from it. You can also sell it. Nevertheless, demolition is the top answer if you want to have more space.

                    If You Need to Eliminate Safety Hazards in Your Building

                    Sometimes, a building can be too dangerous even if they are still in use. This may be about health, environmental issues or physical dangers. Either way, if it comes to this point, you should remove it from the area. This will prevent more damage in the future.

                    Usually, this involves those areas that are hazardous. These may include hospitals, factories, and likes.

                    If you can still manage the filth, you can opt for selective demolition. This will allow you to keep the rooms. You can also maintain the structure. This way, you can still make money out of it. Unluckily, there is only one choice if the property is too harmful.

                    If You Are Looking Into Potential Renovations

                    More often than not, demolition goes alongside renovation. You need to demolish if your plan is to remodel.

                    Demolition will serve as the starting stage for the new design. This will prepare the building for future changes. This will provide a clean slate. You can complete the placement of new features later. However, total demolition is rare.

                    Note that this does not apply in simple changes. The focus is on overhaul interior projects. You can leave the exterior as is.

                    If You Want to Expand Your Building

                    Unlike the common misconception, demolition is not just about full breakage. This can also open doors to new opportunities. Because there are different methods for the process, there are also countless benefits.

                    To achieve this, you have to remove some parts of the building. Demolition is the way to do this. Afterwards, the extensions can be installed in the same place. You will need to avail a separate construction service for expansion. This is almost like renovation except that this focuses more on new parts.

                    If Building is Too Old for Other Construction Activities

                    No matter how much you want to keep a building, it can be hard if it’s too old. If it is too worn out, it won’t be able to handle the stress of other construction activities. These may include renovation, redesign and remodel, and likes.

                    In this case, you don’t have any other choice. You have to get rid of the building. Your desired construction activities can be done once a new one is built. This will take a lot of time and money but still a good investment.

                    Summary: Demolition Contractor in Hobart

                    If your goal involves breaking down your building, demolition is the answer. If you’re still not sure about it, a consultation can help.

                    Here, you can ask for advice. This will help clear more of your questions. We offer this at Australian Construction. We also provide demolition services if you choose to go through.


                      Find The Right Demolition Contractor On The Central Coast Today

                        Before you avail of the service of a demolition contractor on the Central Coast, you should first know what it is. Not doing so can result in a misunderstanding.

                        Today, we’ll discuss what demolition is, the things involved in it, and how it’s done. After reading, you can expect to be ready to start the demolition service.

                        What is demolition?

                        With expansive beaches on the Central Coast, a renovation in your facility is due soon. First, let us talk about demolition in general.

                        In simple words, this is a building’s deconstruction. This is the opposite of building infrastructure. Meaning, we will tear down the building. We do this if an owner wants to free up space or if they plan on replacing it.

                        Here are some things that you need to know about the process:

                        • It has a lot of risks.
                        • It needs a lot of attention.
                        • It can’t be done alone.
                        • It requires commitment.
                        • You will need to spend both time and money.

                        Even if the process is simple, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. One should still take precautionary measures to ensure safety.

                        Who are involved in the process of demolition?

                        In this section, we will focus on the parties involved in demolition. These refer to the people that will make the process possible.

                        In the following list, we will focus on two parties. These are the building owner/s and the contractors.

                        • Building Owner

                        The building owner is the one that initiates the process. Most of the time, they are also the project manager. The building that we will destroy is their property.

                        The role of this party is to set the goals and provide financial assistance. They are the ones that will experience the benefits of demolition.

                        • Contractors

                        The second on our list are the contractors. They are the experts that will help the owner in reaching the said goals. This can consist of one person or a whole team.

                        They will be responsible for providing manpower and equipment. They will also perform demolition tasks throughout the process.

                        These two are the most essential ones in the process. Together, they will create the plan for the project.

                        Without either one of them, you can’t expect the process to go smoothly.

                        They will act as the team during fulfilment. In a concrete example, you are the project owner, and we are the contractors. The relationship is also similar to being business partners.

                        How is demolition done?

                        Various goals require various methods. One can’t proceed to break down a building without knowing what the plan is. To form a clearer idea, below is an overview that you can refer to:

                        Building Size

                        The bigger the building, the larger equipment there is. This is what you need to remember. If it is a small building with few floors, then an excavator will do. High-rise ones, on the other hand, will require cranes and even dynamites.


                        Demolition is not limited to overhaul breaking. Your options are not restricted to total destruction. You can choose to remove specific parts and keep the others. This can come in interior or exterior demolition, too.

                        The one task that you need to do is to tell your contractors what you want. The method that will be used will depend on your goal.


                        The project’s environment is notable to consider. Explosives will not be ideal if other properties will be in danger. In addition, this will affect the safety policies that will be made.

                        The only same thing between the methods is the building’s breaking. The materials, equipment, and techniques will all differ.

                        Demolition Contractor Experts On The Central Coast:

                        To conclude, demolition is a simple process. This involves breaking a building to remove and/or replace it with a new one.

                        This needs the presence of both project owners, and contractors. They will work together to achieve the owner’s goals. Without one of the two, it’s unlikely for success to come.


                          Demolition Contractor On The Sunshine Coast With 15 Years Experience

                            If you plan on getting the service of a demolition contractor on the Sunshine Coast, you are in luck. As a bustling city, Sunshine Coast is subject to heavy tourism.

                            Today, we will share the things that you need to prepare. The goal of today’s article is to help project owners and managers in achieving demolition goals. To help you with this topic, below is a list of the essential requirements.

                            1. Budget

                            Demolition is not cheap, so you should be willing to spend money. Price rates will depend on the building’s needs, properties, and demolition method.

                            Because of this, the first thing that you need to prepare is your budget. Without this, you can’t expect the process to start, or be possible.

                            To know the right budget, it’s recommended to ask contractors about the price range. This will allow you to know more about the factors that you need to consider.

                            There will be better results if you set a fixed but reasonable budget before starting. This will prevent you from spending too much.

                            2. Plan

                            Having a plan is necessary to have better business negotiations. This should include details like your budget, goals, the building’s details, and the area. These will help your demolition contractors to be more oriented about what you want to achieve.

                            Having a professional by your side is not necessary, but it will help. If you don’t have the budget, then contractors can also help.

                            3. Safety and Risk Assessment

                            Demolition is a messy process. You can expect debris and other building parts to fall out most of the time.

                            This makes it subject to frequent accidents and other safety hazards. The risks are directed to the people present in and out of the demolition site. This further increases the hazards. At some point, this can also cause noise pollution.

                            As a solution, conducting a safety and risk assessment is a must. This will prevent casualties during demolition.

                            This should be done by the project owner as this is their obligation. Take note that you will be liable for any damages in the case.

                            To do this, you should observe the environment that your building is in. There will be fewer problems if it is in a secluded area. However, if it is in a busy street, you may need to take additional measures to avoid damages.

                            4. Contractors

                            The last requirement on our list is contractors. They will be your partner throughout the demolition. You must find the one that is suitable for your needs. Setting a standard can help you land on the best choice possible.

                            It is impossible to conduct demolition alone. There are a lot of needed tasks, all of which require extensive effort. It will also consume a lot of time. This is especially true if the project involves buildings of great sizes. You need to have a contractor. They will provide you with the resources, so you won’t go through the hassle.

                            There are numerous platforms where you can find contractors. These include local offices, the internet, and customer referrals. Each has its own pros and cons.

                            Summary: Demolition Contractor on the Sunshine Coast

                            Demolition is a complex process. Taking extra measures before, during, and after demolition is necessary. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to reach your goals. You should also fully commit to the process.

                            Of course, there are still a lot of things that you should prepare. Not knowing where to start, however, can be overwhelming. Thus, basing on the provided list can serve as your starting point.

                            For demolition services, our team is willing to help you. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our profile. We assure a quick response. We are also available for consultation services.


                              Contact Your Local Demolition Contractor In Coffs Harbour Today

                                If you need a demolition contractor in Coffs Harbour, you must know that there are processes involved. Known for the banana plantations, Coffs Harbour is a busy coastal town. Its climate is best for fishing, and it is not unusual for establishments here to need some kind of renovation.

                                Let us talk about the three major processes involved in demolition. In the end, you will be able to speak with engineers and understand what kind of things they will do during the demolition. You will be able to discuss and understand their plans, too.


                                This stage is the planning phase. Here, the contractor needs to know the size of the building, the materials, and what kind of demolition is best for the situation.

                                It is also in this phase where we need to draw a step-by-step process. We will present this to the government officials so we can secure a permit.

                                After this, we will remove many parts of the building. For one, it has to be emptied out. We need to remove all furniture. Part of this phase is to also dismantle all windows and doors. We have to remove anything that can fly off.

                                We will leave the building bare-bones, so to speak. Once the building is ready, we can move to the second phase.

                                Demolition Proper

                                This is the second phase of the project—the execution. By now, we already know where to drill holes if we will use explosives.

                                If implosion is necessary, we will plant the explosives and blast them. If not, then we will opt for a manual or semi-manual demolition process. For the latter, we will use excavators, wrecking balls, and many other types of machinery.

                                For manual labour, our contractors will use sledgehammers and jack hammers. We will use this option if the building is too close to other buildings. This is by far the best method to prevent injuries.

                                Also, we will definitely use dust machines. These are machines that spray mist over the building. Their main purpose is to turn dust into mud.


                                The last phase is to clean up the building. It is at this stage where we will use dump trucks. If there is a lot of debris, then a bulldozer may come in handy.

                                Depending on the demolition, we may even excavate the area to remove the foundations. This is crucial if you will put up another building.

                                By the way, a contractor must also take care of the disposal of the debris. There are laws surrounding this, so make sure you hire a contractor that has a license. What you want is a contractor that knows the building code of Australia.

                                If what you need is more than just demolition, we are the perfect company for you. We are experts not just in the demolition process, but in all facets of construction. With us, you can rest assured that all aspects of your project will be at par with your expectations.

                                Demolition Contractor In Coffs Harbour

                                Do not be afraid to get details from your contractor. As a client, you are well within your right to ask what they will do, and how long. This should help you make an informed decision.

                                If you need more help, do not hesitate to ask questions. Give us a call now so we can help you. Our experts will be on the line to give you answers.

                                You can also use our “request form” if you want. You can find this form on our website. Once we have the details, we will work on a plan and send you feedback right away.


                                  Choose The Right Demolition Contractor In Bunbury By Calling Us Today

                                    Bunbury is a nature-oriented city. It does offer metropolitan experiences, too. Tourists come here all the time. The crowd carries an abnormal rate of wear and tear, and this is why you may need a demolition contractor in Bunbury.

                                    Today, we’d like to talk to you about some of the things you have to look for in a contractor. In the end, we hope that this serves as a guide if you ever hire one.


                                    The first thing you have to look for is professionalism. From the phone call to the kind of treatment you got in the office, you have to ask yourself several questions.

                                    Was the person at the end of the line polite? Did you get an answer to all your questions?

                                    As you can see, a company that treats its clients well is a trustworthy company. You deserve it because you are the one paying the bills. If you see warning signs or red flags, you have to walk away.

                                    For example, if the people do not seem to be interested, then it is a red flag. If they sound like they do not know what they are talking about, it is also a red flag.


                                    Ask the contractor what kind of resources they have. Do they have the right equipment to facilitate the job?

                                    Here are some examples of machinery:

                                    All of these are necessary components of the demolition process. If a contractor has to borrow, it may delay your project. You should also ask the contractor how many people will work on your project. The more people they assign, the faster the demolition process is going to be.


                                    Third on our list is quality. This is a tad difficult to ask for, as all contractors will tell you that they will offer the best job.

                                    What we recommend is that you go to review websites. There are websites out there dedicated to reviewing the performance of companies. These reviews are from the customers that the companies served.

                                    For more data, you can also check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. Read the comments of the people, and then factor that in your decision.


                                    Lastly, you have to look at is pricing. Some contractors will charge you an arm and a leg. Do not be the victim of overpricing.

                                    What you can do is ask for quotes from several contractors. Ask from six contractors. After this, get the average.

                                    Next, get the names of the contractors whose price is closest to the average. From there, you can start looking for a better deal. You can start negotiating from here. You can also ask the contractor for more details. An example is the length of the project.

                                    Hire The Best Demolition Contractor in Bunbury

                                    Do not rush hiring a contractor. There are many contractors out there, as a matter of fact. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are hiring the right team. At the very least, you should only consider working with a licensed contractor.

                                    Make sure you speak with several of them, and then you decide later on based on the things we mentioned here. Again, we cannot overemphasise that you must not rush the process.

                                    Give us a call now to get started. We at Australian Construction have been in business for over 20 years. One of our experts will speak with you and talk about your project. Certainly, we will schedule an inspection on-site.

                                    From there, our engineers will draw a plan. We will determine the best method of demolition for you. Lastly, we will give you a quote from which we can start our negotiations.


                                      Expert Local Demolition Contractor In Rockhampton By Aus Construction

                                        Rockhampton is a place worth visiting. It is rich in culture, and this is what drives tourists here. As such, you may need a demolition contractor in Rockhampton for new construction and building purposes.

                                        But what should you look for from a contractor? Today, we will give you our inputs so we can guide you. After all, demolition is not the same as other common construction jobs.

                                        It is far more dangerous than just smashing some bricks. At the end of this article, we are hoping that you will use our list as a guideline when hiring a contractor.

                                        Demolition License

                                        The first thing you have to look for is a license. It is true that contractor work is something that we can pass on. Apprentices can do the job. However, the government requires contractors to have a license.

                                        Why? Because a license is proof that the contractor has had the right education. If a contractor has a license, it means that he has credibility. It also means that he passed the requirements of the government.

                                        A contractor with a license has a reputation to protect, along with his permit to operate. He cannot just do a botched job and run away. What this means is that you have legal protection. You can find him and demand justice.


                                        The next thing you have to look for is expertise. You can check this out through the tenure of the contractor in the industry. Do not work with a contractor who is just starting out.

                                        Demolition is dangerous. If the contractor is new, it just means he has not yet seen everything. We at Australian Construction have been around for 20 years. As such, we have enough exposure to all sorts of problems that can happen.

                                        Based on our experience, we can anticipate problems that are bound to happen. Instead of waiting for them to occur, we mitigate them. We do what we can to prevent these issues from happening.

                                        Another thing related to this is flexibility. You are better off working with a contractor who can also do other construction work. This way, the demolition team can prepare the area for the next steps.


                                        The thing that you have to check is the reputation of the contractor. While this may seem difficult at first, it really is not.

                                        Start by asking your friends and relatives if they know someone in the demolition business. You can also do your research online. There are many websites where you can see the ratings of a company. An example of this is Trust Pilot.

                                        With Trust Pilot, consumers can rate companies. It is a third-party website, so you can rest assured that the ratings are not manipulated. 

                                        You can also check the company’s Facebook account. If they do not have one, try Instagram. Here, you will be able to see their past projects, and then you can speak to the project owners. You can also read through the comments on their social media feeds.

                                        Summary: Demolition Contractor in Rockhampton

                                        Take your time when choosing a contractor. The last thing that you want is to have a botched job. Demolition is dangerous, and it can be a serious threat to people around you.

                                        Give us a call if you need help. We are here to give our insight. If you are looking for a quote, you can use our “request quote” form. You can easily find this on our website.

                                        We will give you a call to discuss your needs. If possible, we will also schedule a meeting or an ocular inspection. This will give our engineers a better perspective about the job.


                                          Canberra Demolition Contractor Services By Australian Construction

                                            If you are looking for a demolition contractor in Canberra, look no further. But before that, allow us to show you the different types of demolition.

                                            Canberra is a thriving city. And it is not unusual that you may need this service one day. Before you hire a contractor, hear what we have to say. There are different types of demolition services that you can choose from.

                                            1. Total Demolition

                                            Total Demolition is probably the most common one. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “demolition”.

                                            In this method, we will break down the building’s overall structure. Everything must go. This is great if the project’s goal involves clearing up the land. It is best if you are building a new one afterwards. This is an ideal method if the landowner wants to keep the land as it is.

                                            This demolition type may have the shortest turnaround time. Total demolition is much easier than selective ones.

                                            2. Selective Demolition

                                            The second method on our list is Selective Demolition. Most people are not aware that this exists. People think that demolition needs to include every part of the building.

                                            Selective Demolition is about breaking certain parts of a building. This is a common approach. Most of the time, we do this if a building owner wants to remove a specific room only. Sometimes, the owner may still want to keep the original style of their building.

                                            Still, you can expect a reasonable duration from the process. This is because the only requirement for this is to eliminate a room or two. However, it needs a great amount of care and accuracy. This is especially so if the target room is connected with several other parts.

                                            3. Interior Demolition

                                            If you want to completely remodel, then Interior Demolition is the option. This process or method can provide your project with greater efficiency and convenience.

                                            For this project, we will remove the internal structure of your building. It includes walls of existing rooms and other built-in parts. What makes this different is simple: instead of breaking down the external structure, we will maintain it.

                                            4. Deconstruction

                                            Deconstruction is a little complex. As you may have known, demolition is the process of breaking a building.

                                            Deconstruction is almost the same with the others. Here, we will remove the resources from the building, and then use them again. We use the parts for recycling and refurbishing. On some occasions, we use them for the same process in the future.

                                            5. Explosive Demolition

                                            For high-rise buildings, manual labour is impossible. As such, Explosive Demolition is the best option. This makes use of explosives to break down a building.

                                            This is ideal only if you want to clear the entire building.

                                            This method’s requirements revolve mostly around establishing safety policies towards the project’s team. It is also for the safety of the workers, building owners, and the surrounding area. Explosive demolition is a very risky if you do not do it right.

                                            Summary: Demolition Contractor in Canberra

                                            It is important to be specific when communicating with a contractor. This makes it easier for the contractor to choose the right method.

                                            If you are looking for a team, we recommend our service at Australian Construction. Feel free to contact us if you have inquiries about our services.


                                              Melton Demolition Contractor For Residential & Commercial Demolition

                                                A demolition contractor in Melton has several ways to do the job. Melton is a flourishing city, and demolition is a service you may need one of these days. Before you hire someone, you have to know what methods are on the table, as it will help you justify the cost of the project.

                                                Today, we will discuss the two main types of demolition, and also share some insights on the preparation that goes on. This should give you an idea of what goes behind any demolition project, and you will be armed with knowledge as you speak with different contractors.

                                                1. Manual Demolition

                                                The first and most common type of demolition is manual. The contractors use jack-hammers and sledgehammers to get the job done. Typically, we do manual demolition for small projects. An example is a small one-storey apartment.

                                                Part of this demolition task is to remove all parts of the house or small building. Examples of these are walls and windows. Glass panels must also go, along with doors. Once the building is clear, we will proceed with hammering.

                                                This demolition process takes a while. As you know, manual labour is no match against machines. However, this is necessary if the building is in a really populated area. We also need to do this process if there is no space where we could park heavy machinery.

                                                Of course, we will take care of disabling the power lines and other lines that can cause any kind of hazard.

                                                2. Implosive Demolition

                                                The second most common type of demolition, which you typically see in a movie or in documentaries, uses explosives. Examples of these are dynamites.

                                                This poses a real threat and danger to the surroundings, so only qualified engineers must do this. Never sign a contract with a contractor who does not have the necessary credentials to do this job.

                                                The difference between explosion and implosion is that implosion is a blast that collapses the building. In an explosion, the trajectory of the debris is outward. This is dangerous, and debris can fly many feet away from the building.

                                                An implosion is a heavily controlled explosion. The dynamites are carefully and strategically placed. Once they blow, debris will not come flying out. Instead, the building will collapse on itself.

                                                3. Demolition Preparation

                                                The last thing we want you to understand is that demolition requires a lot of planning. The government also has to be involved. After all, this process is so dangerous and can cause severe injuries to people.

                                                Earlier, we mentioned something about clearing the building. We do the same even if we use explosives. The only thing that we should be blowing up is those that have something to do with structural integrity.

                                                Part of planning is to determine where to drill holes. These are holes where we will place the bombs. Once this is final, we have to present this to the city engineer, or any local official who has the authority to approve it.

                                                From there, we will proceed carefully according to our plan. We will also need to speak with the locals to ensure that they are aware. Roadblocks will be in place, too, if necessary.

                                                Demolition Contractor Experts in Melton

                                                Speak to an engineer before you sign a demolition contract. The engineer must be able to explain to you why he is choosing a specific process. Note that the demolition type will also have an impact on how long the project is going to take.

                                                Give us a call at Australian Construction Services if you need help. Our experts will provide you with advice. If you need a quote now, use the “request quote” form on our website, and we will reach out to you.


                                                  Demolition Contractor In Bundaberg And Surrounds – Aus Construction

                                                    There are some things you have to specifically look for if you need a demolition contractor in Bundaberg. It is a big city that is thriving with residential areas, and real estate is a booming industry here.

                                                    Today, we will show you some of the things you have to look for from a contractor. This list is not exhaustive, but they are the most important. If you apply what you learned today, you will save yourself a lot of headaches if you have a demolition project.

                                                    Hire A Contractor With Experience 

                                                    One year of experience in the demolition process is not enough. You must hire someone or a group that has at least five years of experience. We have over 20 years.

                                                    Why is this important? Because demolition is a dangerous thing. It is not only dangerous for the contractors, but also for your neighbours.

                                                    The last thing you want is an accident or a botched job. It is a liability. Demolition may also require the use of explosives. As such, you have to be sure that the contractor knows what he is doing.

                                                    Hire A Contractor With A Demolition License

                                                    A license is a document that comes from the government. It is essentially a permit. A contractor with a license is operating legitimately.

                                                    If the contractor does not have a license, it means that he did not pass the expectations of the government. As you know, anything that has something to do with construction is a controlled process. At the very least, you must have the right educational background to offer contractor services.

                                                    A contractor with a license has a reputation at stake. If they fail again and again, the government can revoke that license. As you can see, a contractor with a license has so much to lose. As such, you can expect that they will work at higher standards.

                                                    Hire a Contractor That is Flexible

                                                    Do not hire a contractor just because they said that they can do the demolition job. The construction industry is a complex one. It is better if you hire a contractor who has experience in everything.

                                                    For example, you must hire a contractor who also understands plumbing. This way, they will not just blast the building. They will also think about the impact of the blast to the pipes underneath.

                                                    On top of demolition, we offer many other services, which you can browse on our website. Here are some examples:  

                                                    • Earthworks – we assess the soil and do the digging the right way
                                                    • Plumbing – we know how sewage works and we will use this knowledge not to damage other parts of your property
                                                    • Construction – we build facilities and not just demolish them; if you need a construction service, we are the team that you are looking for

                                                    We at Australian Construction have been around for 20 years. Our team has exposure to all types of construction jobs. As such, we know what impact our actions have.

                                                    Summary: Demolition Contractor in Bundaberg

                                                    Hire a group that has extensive experience. On top of that, you must hire a contractor that not only does demolition, but one that understands the different facets of the construction industry.

                                                    Call us now at Australian Construction if you have questions. We will be glad to answer them for you. If you need a demolition contractor, we will provide this service for you. Overall, we can provide you everything you need in the construction business.

                                                    We encourage you to use our form on our site. You can request a quote, and we will provide you with an estimate of how much the project will cost. 


                                                      Demolition Contractor In Wagga Wagga – Australian Construction Services

                                                        Known as the City of Good Sports, a demolition contractor in Wagga Wagga will realise that this profession is in demand. You may need a contractor if you are operating a commercial space, or if you bought a property that needs renovation.

                                                        But what equipment should you look for? Today, we will discuss with you some of the most important machinery that we use in the demolition business. Before you hire a contractor, ask them if they have these things. If they do, then you know that they can do the job.

                                                        1. Hydraulic Excavators

                                                        A hydraulic excavator is a big machine that has attachments. They are the most common equipment you see in a demolition project.

                                                        As an excavator, its main job is to dig the soil and also to pick up rubble. A big machine like this is typical for demolishing structures that are two storeys high. At Australian Construction, we have a 1-tonne or a 100-tonne excavator. Our choice depends on the size of the project.  

                                                        With an excavator, demolishing a building is easier. It is far more efficient than using sledgehammers or jack-hammers. We can even change the attachment with shears if we want to.

                                                        2. Dust Machines

                                                        The demolition process will produce dust and debris. People from neighbouring buildings will not be happy. As such, a demolition contractor in Wagga Wagga has to do something about it.

                                                        To reduce dust, we use a dust boss machine. It is a big machine that suppresses dust. This machine sprays water, turning dust into mud.

                                                        Well, this is a problem, but nothing that water cannot solve. We will use excavators to gather the muddy debris, and then hose the rest of it. Take note that a dust machine only sprays mist, not water like the one you see from a fireman’s hose.  

                                                        3. Concrete Crushers

                                                        Demolition usually entails explosions. Because of this, there are large pieces of concrete after the blast. We need to move the concrete to another location, and we need big machines to transport them.

                                                        The problem is that some pieces are so big that it is a big challenge to move them around. This is where we need concrete crushers. These are big machines where we put in big chunks of concrete. The machine crushes the concrete into manageable sizes.

                                                        From there, we can easily transport the concrete to its final destination.

                                                        4. Wheeled Tippers

                                                        The last machine you need to look for is a wheeled tipper. This is basically a dump truck. This truck receives the load of concrete and debris, and a driver transports them to the disposing area.

                                                        The truck is called a wheeled tipper because its carrier can tip. Instead of having people get the debris piece by piece, the loading dock just tips and the panel opens, thus disposing of the debris.

                                                        Wheeled tippers are essential in a demolition project, as they make debris and collection faster and more efficient.

                                                        Summary: The Best Demolition Contractor In Wagga Wagga

                                                        Give us a call at Australian Construction if you need more advice. One of our experts will speak with you and discuss the importance of these machines.

                                                        You can also use our “request quote” form on our site if you have a demolition job. We will assess your needs and present you with a price. Better yet, we can schedule a visit to your site so we can assess it carefully.

                                                        From there, our engineers will create a plan. We will meet again and then discuss with you the tools we will use. From there, we can negotiate the timeline, price, and start on the project.


                                                        Ballarat Demolition Contractor | Commercial | Residential | Industrial

                                                          If you are planning to hire a demolition contractor in Ballarat, there are some things that you need to know. This applies to all demolition jobs, and it is best that you are aware of what to expect.

                                                          Today, we will provide you with an overview of what goes on from start to finish. Our list of processes should give you an overview of what happens for any demolition job. Use it to your advantage, and make sure the contractor will do this for you.

                                                          Analysing the Building

                                                          The first step in a demolition job is to analyse the building. Here, we need to see the original blueprint. It will help us understand where the foundations are. We will also know the best approach to take to do the demolition.

                                                          As you know by now, demolition is a dangerous thing. We can use explosives or merely opt for machines and jack-hammers. All of these have something to do with the type of building that we are demolishing.

                                                          As contractors, it is our obligation to find out what is best for the project. We do not want anybody to get hurt. The building analysis will come from our team of engineers who specialise in demolition.

                                                          If necessary, we will even run a mock demolition through our computers. This is especially so if we will blast the building. We need to make sure that the implosion is perfect.  

                                                          Planning the Demolition

                                                          The second thing you need to expect is a plan. Even after we are confident with the analysis, it does not end there. We need to know where to position the explosives or the machines.

                                                          Part of the planning process is labour. We also need to determine how long the demolition will take. This includes the time we will spend clearing the building before demolishing it.

                                                          The plan also includes the kind of machines we will use. Should we use a wrecking ball? What about an excavator? How do we clean up the debris? All of these will be on the table, and you will be aware of what the plan is.

                                                          Executing the Plan

                                                          The last step is to do the demolition itself. But before we can do this, we need to secure permits from the government. You cannot just demolish a building. You need approval from the city officers.

                                                          Once we have the permit, we need to speak with building owners near you. We have to ensure that they are aware, so they can also protect themselves. After that, we need to prepare a perimeter, so people will not walk around the building.

                                                          Then, we will bring the machinery and equipment. We will clear the building of all things like furniture. Part of this process is to also remove windows and doors.

                                                          Finally, we can last the building. Then, we will use cranes and wrecking balls. Our experts may also need jack-hammers and sledgehammers for some manual work.

                                                          Summary: Demolition Contractor in Ballarat

                                                          If you need more guidance, do not hesitate to give us a call at Australian Construction. You can also use the “request quote” form on our website.

                                                          What happens next is that we will schedule an ocular inspection. A meeting is just apt for a project of this magnitude. Once the inspection is complete, we will create a plan and then send it over to you.

                                                          From there, we can start the negotiations. We can also make some changes to the plan. If all is well, we will start securing the necessary permits from the government, and then start with the demolition project.


                                                            The Best Demolition Contractor In Toowoomba – Residential & Commercial

                                                              As the largest inland city in Queensland, a demolition contractor in Toowoomba is mostly important for repairs. Toowoomba is a bustling city for commerce and education, and those who operate a commercial establishment will need demolition services from time to time.

                                                              But why do you need to do demolition? Today, we will share with you some of the benefits of getting the services of a demolition contractor in Toowoomba.

                                                              Remove Hazards

                                                              Some buildings are really old. Demolition is the only way to go because they are hazardous. An attempt to renovate can prove to be really dangerous.

                                                              If you have a property that is old, you have to give us a call. Sooner or later, the local government will determine that the building has to go. It is better that you take action now than wait for the government to act.

                                                              Worst, some people will get hurt if you do not demolish the building now. If this happens, you will be liable for damages.

                                                              Great for Recycling

                                                              Some buildings have parts that we can recycle. For example, ceramic tiles can still be useful for other projects. The same thing goes for wood.

                                                              On some occasions, a building may have rocks that are special. Another example is metal that can be turned into something else. If the building no longer has a purpose, or if it is safer to build a new one instead of renovating, then demolition is the way to go.

                                                              But instead of throwing some construction materials away, we can make use of them and give them a better purpose.

                                                              Develops the Community

                                                              The next benefit of demolition is to make the community better. If a building is old and no longer appeals to the trend, an owner can opt for demolition instead of renovation.

                                                              Sometimes, there is also a thing that governments do. We refer to it as reclamation. It is a process where the government takes land or turns a body of water into a land.

                                                              If this thing happens, the government may also take the properties around that body of water. The purpose of the demolition is to give way to something new. Society can benefit from it. However, some sacrifices are necessary.

                                                              Makes Facilities More Aesthetic

                                                              The last benefit is that demolition can make your facility look better. Not all demolition projects destroy the whole building. Sometimes, you only need to demolish a part of it.

                                                              For example, some demolition services are only for bathrooms. As contractors, we can demolish some rooms in a building without damaging the rest. We do this if the owner is experiencing some functionality problems, like toilets that do not flush.

                                                              Of course, there is a need to construct a new facility after the demolition process. We can also take care of this. We are not just experts in demolition as we have been in the construction business for a long time.

                                                              Summary: Demolition Contractor in Toowoomba

                                                              If you need more information, give us a call. We at Australian Construction are here to help. As experts in demolition services, we can answer your questions to give you clarity about the process.

                                                              If you think you need demolition services, one of our experts will schedule a meeting with you. We will try to understand your specific needs, and also give you guidance. Certainly, we will give your site a visit. This will give our experts a real feel of the task at hand.

                                                              From there, we can start planning how to go about the demolition process. We will determine if we need to use bombs or explosives. If not, then machinery should suffice. You will receive a price quote from us in no time soon.


                                                                Your Local Demolition Contractor In Cairns By Australian Construction

                                                                  If you are looking for a demolition contractor in Cairns, do not be surprised if you see a lot of options. What matters more, however, is how you should choose one. There are several aspects that you have to check before hiring, as this ensures that you are working with the right group.

                                                                  Today, we will share with you some tips on how to hire a contractor for your demolition project. In the end, we are hoping that we have provided you with adequate guidance.

                                                                  Check The Track Record

                                                                  The first thing that you have to do is to check for the contractor’s track record. What this means is that you need to investigate whether or not the company has a positive reputation.

                                                                  To do this, you can ask your family members, friends, or anyone in the construction industry. Surely, there is someone who knows whether the contractor you will be dealing with is trustworthy or not.

                                                                  Why is this important? It is important because the last thing you want is to get burned. There are contractors who do not complete their tasks as specified. It is sad to say that if you do not have a contract, you will not be able to go after them.

                                                                  You can also go online and see what people have to say. There are websites out there like Trust Pilot where you can read reviews about companies.

                                                                  Ask For Pricing Estimates

                                                                  The second thing you have to do is to ask for an estimate of the project. How much will it cost you? After you get a price quote, do not sign a deal yet. What you have to do is to get several contractors to submit a bid to you.

                                                                  Once you have enough bidders, then you can check the average price for the task you want to do. Once you have the average, then you have an idea how much you should be really paying for. From there, speak with the contractors who have similar bids and make your decision.  

                                                                  Check For A License To Operate

                                                                  The last item on our list is the license. Before you sign a contract, check if the contractor has a license to operate. The license must come from the government, and it is proof that the contractor is a legitimate operator.

                                                                  With a license, you have a guarantee that the contractor has the education that is required to do the demolition. You know that they have the right credentials. If the contractor has a license, then he has a reputation to take care of.

                                                                  Also, contractors who have a license passed all the expectations of the government. They know the building code of Australia, and they are likely to have insurance and a bond. Both of these are important financial documents and agreements that will keep you safe.

                                                                  If the contractor does not have a license, do not even think about hiring them.

                                                                  Summary: What To Look For From A Demolition Contractor In Cairns

                                                                  When consulting with a contractor, check for these things all the time. If you are unsure, you can always rely on us to give you more guidance.

                                                                  Give us a call now if you need more help. One of our representatives will speak with you and understand your demolition needs. We can schedule a visit to your site, as this will give us a better view of the task that you want us to complete. From there, we can make a demolition plan, give you a quote, and then we can start with the project.


                                                                    Launceston Demolition Contractor By Australian Construction Services

                                                                      You may need a demolition contractor in Launceston if you have a business establishment here. The city is a popular spot for tourists—people walk up the gorge to the lake, and they want to see the breeding process of sea horses and sea dragons.

                                                                      Today, we want to discuss with you the different types of demolition processes. This should help prepare you should the time comes when you need a demolition contractor.

                                                                      1. Implosion

                                                                      This is one of the most popular types of demolition, and this is the process that we often see on television. In an implosion, a demolition contractor in Launceston has to use bombs. These bombs must be in strategically selected areas in the building.  

                                                                      In an implosion, the bombs will blow, but the building will collapse on itself. There are no projectiles that will shoot, and damage to the property of other people is not a major concern. Take note that this is different from explosion. In an explosion, there are projectiles that will shoot all over the place.

                                                                      2. Excavators

                                                                      An excavator is a huge machine. It has claws and a powerful engine. The operator will move this claw to destroy the building. Excavators are typical for small apartments in an urban location.

                                                                      The excavator has a crane, and the crane is like a hand that the operator guides. Excavators sit on the soil or road, so they are not ideal for demolition processes of tall buildings.

                                                                      We are sure you have seen an excavator before. They are the staple construction projects, and they also work great for gathering debris.

                                                                      3. Wrecking Ball

                                                                      This is another machine that has no other purpose but to destroy a structure. In this machine, a big ball hangs on a crane. The operator controls a powerful engine that swings that ball. Once that ball hits, it does serious damage to the building.

                                                                      The wrecking ball was really popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They are flexible machines, and you can use them in demolition projects for tall buildings.

                                                                      The balls are made from forged steel. Some may weigh at least 1,000 pounds, but there are wrecking balls that weigh up to 12,000 pounds.

                                                                      4. Selective Demolition

                                                                      The last type of demolition is a manual one. Here, many contractors will do the job. In selective demolition, you are only demolishing specific areas of a building.

                                                                      Since the work is manual, you can expect the labourers to use jack-hammers, sledgehammers, and many other tools. This is a dangerous type of demolition, as debris can fall, and the workers can get hurt.

                                                                      Typically, we only do selective demolition for small areas of a building. For example, if you need bathroom renovations, there is no need to get a wrecking ball or a crane. A few people can use sledgehammers to break down the wall, and also use jack-hammers to breakdown the concrete floor.

                                                                      Summary: Demolition Contractor in Launceston

                                                                      It is not really up to the client to choose which type of demolition process is best. However, you do have a say. The thing is that the engineer you work with knows best.

                                                                      Give us a call at Australian Construction to understand this process better. If you are looking forward to demolishing your building, or even just a part of it, one of our experts will speak with you about it.

                                                                      You can also fill out the “request quote” form on our website. We will give you a call and talk about your concern. Certainly, we will also pay a visit to your site so we can assess it better.


                                                                        Local Demolition Contractor In Bendigo For All Residential & Commercial

                                                                          Bendigo is a thriving city known historically for the gold rush that happened in the 19th century. Because it is flourishing, it is not unusual to see demolition work in the city, and this is why a demolition contractor in Bendigo has a demand.

                                                                          If you need this service, there are some things you need to know before you hire a contractor. Today, we at Australian Construction will discuss the process involved in demolishing buildings. This should help prepare you for what to expect if you ever get this service.

                                                                          1. Project Planning

                                                                          The first step in the demolition is to plan the whole project. This planning stage involves looking for the best type of demolition.

                                                                          Here, we will decide if we need to use big machines, explosion, or implosion. There are many ways to dismantle an entire building. We will also determine if we can demolish some parts of the building in a manual way.

                                                                          This planning process will allow us to see how long the project will take, or how many labour hours we need. As such, we can determine the cost of the project. Once the plan is okay, we will present the plan to government officials for approval.

                                                                          2. Removing building parts

                                                                          The second step is to remove all things found inside the building. We will also remove the windows, doors, and other things that are inside, like built-in cabinets and sinks.

                                                                          This is an important part of the process to prevent accidents. Whether we do the demolition with dynamites or manually, accidents can happen if we do not remove certain parts of the building.

                                                                          This can take a while, but our demolition team will try to do this as fast as they can. After this clean-up, we will start setting up the machines.

                                                                          3. Demolition evaluation 

                                                                          Now, the next step is to assess how to go about the demolition. The most common process involves implosion. It is a type of demolition where the experts use explosives.

                                                                          Implosion, however, is different from an explosion. In implosion, the building will collapse on itself. This takes a lot of engineering expertise. The dynamites need to be in the right places to make them work.

                                                                          This is where the experts come in. We at Australian Construction have engineers who specialise in this area, so give us a call so we can discuss it further.

                                                                          4. Actual demolition

                                                                          The last step of the process is to demolish the building. By this time, all the explosives are in place, and we are ready to implode the building.

                                                                          Once the implosion is complete, manual work will ensue. We will have contractors clean up the rubble and transport them to specific areas for disposal. There may also be some areas that did not blow up, so we will demolish them manually. This part may involve manual labour or machines.

                                                                          By the time this process is done, you can now start the construction process of your new building. The engineer you hire will speak with the demolition contractor in Bendigo to understand what happened. This way, the engineer can plan the construction better.  

                                                                          Your Local Demolition Contractor In Bendigo

                                                                          Demolition is a difficult task. You need professionals to get this job done. Before you hire, ask the contractor what processes they will employ, as this will help you understand the entire activity.

                                                                          You can also give us a call at Australian Construction Services to discuss your needs. We have been in business for over 20 years, and we are experts in all facets of the construction industry. If you give us a call, one of our experts will schedule a meeting with you, and we will definitely visit your site so we can better plan the process.


                                                                            Your Local And Experienced Licensed Demolition Contractor In Townsville

                                                                            Townsville Demolition Contractor 101:
                                                                            Things Every Engineer Must Know

                                                                              If you are looking for a way to remove a certain construction from your area to simply free up some space, or replace it with something, you most definitely need to take advantage of Townsville Demolition Contractor service. We don’t mean a do-it-yourself demolition, though, rather a thorough process led by an expert team.

                                                                              Our team at Australian Construction aims to provide landowners with the ability to experience a seamless demolition process over their construction projects.

                                                                              Today, we’re going to discuss all the said processes. We will also help you come up to a decision when it comes to choosing your contractors.

                                                                              What is a demolition service?

                                                                              You can consider demolition as the opposing process of building constructions. This involves the dismantling of all or chosen parts of an infrastructure to make room for future constructions and redevelopments.

                                                                              Although the process is generally destructive, it does not have to be damaging to everyone and everything in the construction site. Contrary to common misconception, this is not something that should be avoided. This can bring forth a lot of advantages. Here are some:

                                                                              Eliminates Source/s of Health Hazards

                                                                              Some abandoned buildings, mostly factories and laboratories, can be detrimental to the health of every living thing surrounding it. This is especially true if the said abandoned constructions are not even taken care of.

                                                                              What makes these a health hazard is the possibility of chemical contamination from its old resources. Through demolition, landowners will have the chance to remove these, or at least get it redesigned.

                                                                              An instrument for Community Development

                                                                              As more non-functional infrastructures are removed, there will be more space for new, more useful ones. These can be the key to increasing the community’s economy and social status. These may even increase the tourism level of the area.

                                                                              Results to Efficient Recycling Process

                                                                              In our team, we try our best to recycle as many resources as we can find after the demolition process. This is to avoid contributing more to the overflowing waste in the city of Townsville. Note that we value the environment just as much as we value our clients and the process.

                                                                              The process of demolition involves both destruction and preservation; destruction for the subject of the project, and preservation for reusable construction materials.

                                                                              Although this is a lengthy process, there is no doubt about it being a significant part in the purpose of eliminating and/or reconstructing the project’s infrastructures.

                                                                              What are the requirements to complete demolition?

                                                                              Now, in this section, we are going to discuss the requirements to efficiently achieve the success of a demolition process.

                                                                              Building Analysis

                                                                              First and foremost, the subject/s of the demolition should be reviewed and evaluated. To be specific, the contractors need to know its current condition, that is if it is in a good state or if it’s close to the wreckage.

                                                                              Other factors that need to be determined are the building’s height and width, the equipment used to build it, its internal structure, and its history regarding past breakage. 

                                                                              All of these will help the demolition team form a plan on how the whole process will go through. These will be gathered through personal observations, site visits, and documents from the client’s files.

                                                                              Demolition Plan

                                                                              Of course, one of the most important things that the project needs to be equipped with is the demolition plan. This is a complete list or walkthrough regarding the steps that the team will take from start to finish.

                                                                              Here, the contractors will be able to know what demolition method to go by, what the needed resources are, how much the budget is, and when the clients expect the results.

                                                                              Materials, types of equipment, and types of machinery

                                                                              The last things that contractors need to prepare are the materials, types of equipment, and pieces of machinery that will be needed in the actual demolition. The types of said resources will all depend on what is written on the plan.

                                                                              Without this, no activity can even be started, nor completed at that.

                                                                              Note that the stated requirements above will be gathered through the efforts of both the contractors and the clients. As a client, however, you can expect that after you contribute to the needed data, all the work will be done by our team.

                                                                              What should you find in a demolition contractor?

                                                                              So, what kind of demolition contractors should you work with? Surely, you should not just settle for whichever you see first. Below are some of our suggestions:

                                                                              1 Experts

                                                                              A team should have members that are experts in the field. You shouldn’t continue looking for contractors that are all experts, of course, because that is a small possibility. Instead, opt for those who are equipped with knowledgeable and skilled contractors who have concrete ideas on how demolition should be done.

                                                                              This quality is very important especially if it will be your first time commencing a demolition service.

                                                                              2. Professional

                                                                              Contractors should also be able to work under all the requirements that you have. These requirements are not limited to just the final output. These should include your budget capabilities, your given schedule and time frame, and other trivial requests like the demolition method that you prefer.

                                                                              3. Has the same values as you

                                                                              It can be hard to work with someone that does not have the same priorities and values as you. Taking this into account, you should make sure that the team that you will be negotiating with understands your values and are willing to abide by them.

                                                                              For example, if avoiding environmental consequences is important to you, they should have the ability to know how to do the least damage to the environment as possible. Same goes with safety, security, and the quality of service.

                                                                              Of course, your standards should still be all up to you as we will be talking about your project. We would, however, want you to know that all the traits above are possessed by our team and its members. Although not limited to the given, we take pride in the quality of our company.

                                                                              Summary: Townsville Demolition Contractor

                                                                              Demolition is a lengthy and risky process that greatly requires an intensive amount of planning and attention. This process should be left up to those who are experienced enough to ensure its success and safety, and this is exactly what Australian Construction offers.

                                                                              If you have any other questions and concerns, our inbox and telephone line is always open for you. We also offer site visits if you want clearer communication about your proposed project.


                                                                                Industry Leading Demolition Contractor In Sydney – Request Quote Online

                                                                                Sydney Demolition Contractor Equipment by Australian Construction

                                                                                  If you need a Sydney demolition contractor, we are the premier choice in Australia. Why? Because we have the right tools to get the job done. Today, we will show you the major heavy machinery that we use.

                                                                                  To the average Joe, all machines and heavy equipment look the same. They are yellow. The thing is that they are not the same—each equipment has its own special function. At Australian Construction, we have a complete array of big machines to do demolition jobs.

                                                                                  1. Hydraulic Excavators

                                                                                  These are the most common machines that you see in demolition activities. They are typically used for what is called low-level demolitions. Particularly, we use this for the demolition of buildings two storeys high. In cases like this, the activities are straightforward where the impact of the excavator destroys the building.

                                                                                  We at Australian Construction have different hydraulic excavators for our Sydney demolition contractor jobs. We do have 1 tonne and 100-tonne excavators. While low-level demolitions can be done by hand, we still prefer to use this machine because they save so much time.

                                                                                  The best part is that we also have different attachments to these machines. We have attachments for different purposes such as pulverisers, shears, and impact breakers.  

                                                                                  2. Dust Boss Machines

                                                                                  Demolition projects produce a lot of debris and dust. If you let humans do the cleaning, it is going to be inefficient and ineffective. The solution to this is dust machines. What they do is they suppress the dust while we do the demolition.

                                                                                  With dust machines, will be able to minimise the dust pollution. This is critical so as not to have an adverse impact on the environment and people around you. What happens during this process is that the machine sprays water to suppress the dust. The water is only a mist, and it is not sprayed in huge volumes.

                                                                                  3. Concrete Crushers

                                                                                  Once a building or flooring is demolished, you get a lot of slabs of concrete. These things have to be crushed so they could be transported to another place and recycled.

                                                                                  We could only do this with concrete crushers. These are heavy machines that look like tanks. We do not just crush concrete, but we also crush rocks. Once the rock or concrete gets out, it is now dust or small pebbles.

                                                                                  4. Wheeled Tippers

                                                                                  These are machines that we use to remove the debris. Whether we are moving crushed or uncrushed concrete, rock, and masonry, this is the machine that allows us to collect the demolished parts of what used to be a building.

                                                                                  A wheeled tipper is basically a dump truck. If you see any truck where the back container can tip backwards, then that is a wheeled tipper. These trucks are not only used to collect rocks and stones, but they are also used to collect all sorts of garbage. Apart from that, they are also used to deliver sand, gravel and other materials to a construction site.

                                                                                  5. Explosive Equipment

                                                                                  On some occasions, we also use explosives to blast large structures. Examples of these are bridges and tall chimneys that are used in manufacturing industries.

                                                                                  Explosives are efficient and effective, but they are dangerous. If we ever use explosives, we ensure that we only work with qualified engineers and that we have permission from the government.

                                                                                  The main thing that we do with explosives is that we determine the support structure of the building. We detonate the explosives on these support systems, and then the rest of the building will crumble.

                                                                                  Why should you choose Australian Construction? 

                                                                                  Apart from the equipment, there are some things you have to consider when choosing a Sydney demolition contractor.

                                                                                  Here are some tips:

                                                                                  • Experience – no amount of academia will prepare a person for on-the-job experience. We at Australian Construction have been in the business for over 20 years. Our employees have a cumulative experience of more than 100 years. We have serviced hundreds of clients, and we have learned a lot from all these experiences combined. This experience allows us to assess and decide what the best approach is for demolition jobs.
                                                                                  • License – we are licensed by the government of Australia to do demolition projects. This is why we can also operate in other areas like Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, and others. All our engineers are degree holders, and they all passed the board to get their respective licenses. In summation, we are a team of highly trained professionals.
                                                                                  • Service – we offer not just demolition but also clean up. We ensure that once we are done with the project, you will do nothing but start digging and constructing. Speaking of that, we do not just offer demolition contractor services, we also do the following:
                                                                                  • Industrial painting – we do the preparation of the wall, the application of the primer, and the painting and finishing. We do this for large-scale projects – mostly industrial in nature.
                                                                                  • Excavation and earthworks – we do excavation jobs for foundations. We also do trench, which is an important factor for construction projects that involve irrigation systems, sewage, pipe-laying, or systems for cables.
                                                                                  • Floor preparation – we also do the grinding of concrete floors. We will level the floor, make it ready to accept the finishing, and we will also apply the finish or coating that you desire.

                                                                                  As you can see, we at Australian Construction are more than prepared to handle your project. We have the right equipment, reputation, experience, and government license to operate.

                                                                                  Summary: Sydney Demolition Contractor

                                                                                  Do not hire a Sydney demolition contractor that does not have the right tools. You will end up paying more because they have to rent their equipment. They will also take a while to get the job done.

                                                                                  Give us a call at Australian Construction, and then give us a chance to discuss your demolition project. We will visit your site, and then we will do a thorough inspection. After that, we will be giving you an estimate of how much the project will cost, along with all the expectations and liability clauses.


                                                                                    Professional & Licensed Demolition Contractor In Perth – Request A Quote

                                                                                    Perth Demolition Contractor: Things We Do At Australian Construction

                                                                                      If you need a Perth demolition contractor, you can give us a call. But what does a demolition contractor really do? Is it just about explosives?

                                                                                      While it may sound sad, demolition is sometimes a necessity. A structure is like a phoenix—you have to bring it down so it can give way to a better facility. This is what we do at Australian Construction, and it is called demolition.

                                                                                      Today, we will show you the things that we specialise in, by the end of this article, you should know what we are capable of, and also consider us to do large-scale demolition projects that you have.  

                                                                                      What is a demolition?

                                                                                      Demolition is a science. Sometimes called razing, it is not just about blasting things or pummelling concrete until they turn to small rocks. You need engineers to do the thinking as we do at Australian Construction.

                                                                                      Demolition requires that you have a plan. This plan will allow the workers to execute not only a safe demolition activity but also an efficient and effective one.

                                                                                      Demolition is done in many places, but the most common is demolishing a house or a structure. Some parts of the demolition debris are recycled, and most are given back to quarries.

                                                                                      Now, some demolition projects are small. One example is a two-storey house. This can be done manually, but it can take time. Some projects are huge, like demolishing a building, a tall chimney, or road infrastructure.

                                                                                      We at Australian Construction can do all of these. On top of this, we also assure you that we are on top of things. If there is new machinery or technology, we are always in the loop and we use them to do our demolishing jobs.

                                                                                      Manual Demolition

                                                                                      Before anything else, there are many manual types of demolition that we need to do. If you are going to demolish a building, an excavator or hydraulic machinery is not the first thing that you will see at the job site.

                                                                                      For example, the first important step is to remove the walls like plyboards and asbestos. There could be hazardous materials in the environment, and we need to take these away by hand. The same goes with regulated materials.

                                                                                      On top of that, we need to ensure that we have already cut off the power lines, cables, and water supply. We need to know where the plumbing is located. This way, we will not destroy the water lines and waste this precious resource.

                                                                                      Manual demolition involves the use of hydraulic machinery. These are huge trucks like backhoes and excavators. These are the machines that will pound on the remaining carcass of the building, and then we will use loaders to get the debris out of the area.

                                                                                      Implosion Demolition

                                                                                      Another type of demolition that we do is implosion. What this means is that we will use explosive devices to blast the structure. In an implosion, the building will collapse on itself.

                                                                                      This is a scientific process. Our engineers will figure out where the foundations are. The explosives must be carefully placed in the right places. This is a difficult thing to do, and you should only work with professionals like us to get this done.

                                                                                      Controlled implosion is a spectacular sight to behold. Our engineers are the ones responsible for making it happen. In an implosion, you will not damage any neighbouring structure. Our expertise can save you from this sort of liability.

                                                                                      Preparation and Deconstruction 

                                                                                      Before we do the demolition activity, we need to prepare the building. Depending on the size, this can take either weeks or months. This is especially so for implosions.

                                                                                      So, what happens in the implosion?

                                                                                      We need to ensure that all valuables have been removed. All items such as glass, wiring, and insulation must be stripped off. Partitions that do not bear loads must also be removed.

                                                                                      During the preparation, we will drill holes where we can insert the explosive materials. It is important that during this period, no one else must be allowed to get inside the building. It is also mandatory that we put up a perimeter to ensure that no structure beside you or near you shall be damaged.

                                                                                      Why hire us for Perth demolition contractor service

                                                                                      This is an equally important question. Now that you know what we do, why choose us?

                                                                                      There are three things that you should consider:

                                                                                      • License – we are 100% legitimate. We are licensed to operate in Australia, and Perth is not the only city we service. We have a presence in other cities like Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and many more.
                                                                                      • Expertise – we are experts in what we do. We have over 20 years of experience not just in the demolition business, but in the construction industry in general. We also do floor preparation, earthworks, excavation, and so much more. If put together, our roster of employees has more than 100 years of expertise in the business.
                                                                                      • Reputation – we have an unparalleled reputation in the industry. Since we service almost every major city in the country, we can give you a list of the clients that we have already serviced. You can give them a call and ask them how their experience was with us. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

                                                                                      As you can see, we at Australian Construction are the best candidates for a demolition job. We know what we are doing, and we can back up our claims by testimonies from our satisfied clients.  

                                                                                      Summary: Perth Demolition Contractor

                                                                                      If you ever need a Perth demolition contractor, we at Australian Construction are always on standby. We strongly encourage you to give us a call. What happens next is we will discuss your specific project.

                                                                                      Of course, we will do a visual inspection. One of our engineers will come and see the place. This is critical because the engineer has to assess the area to be demolished.

                                                                                      Not only will he take a look at the concrete and the foundations, but he will also think how we can best execute the job efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, as safe as possible for everybody.


                                                                                        Our Demolition Contractor In Newcastle Is Dynamite! – Aus Construction

                                                                                        Choose The Best Demolition Contractor In Newcastle

                                                                                          Demolition should be effective and safe. This is our goal as a Newcastle demolition contractor. Today, we’re going to discuss the process and what our team can offer you.

                                                                                          Demolition is one of the most needed, and at the same time, most unsafe processes in the field of construction. More often than not, this is required to be performed whenever the project involves old infrastructures and filled spaces.

                                                                                          Taking its significance and risks into account, it’s evident that you should have an experienced team by your side throughout the process. This is not something that you can do by yourself.

                                                                                          What is a demolition service?

                                                                                          To simply put it, demolition is a process that involves breaking down buildings, infrastructures, or any construction, in order to remove it from the current work site.

                                                                                          This may be done to increase an area’s space, to make building replacement more efficient, or to simply redesign a part of an infrastructure.

                                                                                          Generally, the process of demolition comes in 3 succeeding stages:

                                                                                          Stage 1: Pre-Demolition Stage

                                                                                          The pre-demolition stage is the preparatory stage of demolition. Here, the contractors will analyse the needs of the building, its current condition, the requirements of the clients, the budget, being mindful of the client’s deadline. 

                                                                                          The information that they will get from these will help them build a concrete plan of how the actual demolition process will take place. This will also determine the methods and resources that will be used thereon.

                                                                                          Stage 2: Demolition Process

                                                                                          The second stage on our list is the demolition process. This is where all the breaking and physical activities will happen. The things that will be performed here will depend solely on the plan made in the pre-demolition stage.

                                                                                          It is important that this will go according to what is planned to assure the clients that they will yield their desired results. This is also to make sure that the clients’ expectations will be met.

                                                                                          Stage 3: Post-Demolition Stage

                                                                                          Finally, the last step that the contractors will take is the post-demolition stage. Here, all the mess done in the previous process will be taken care of. In this step, the progress will also be reviewed to ensure that no parts are missed, nor are there any flaws left from the demolition contractor in Newcastle.

                                                                                          This process is usually applied to medium to large-sized constructions that are not within the limits of manual labour. This is organised completed by a team of contractors and demolishers who work together to achieve the said purpose.

                                                                                          What is the major equipment used in demolition?

                                                                                          Now that you already have an idea about how demolition is done, let us now go on to the equipment commonly used in the process.

                                                                                          1. Excavators

                                                                                          Excavators are used if the demolition is agreed to be done through an excavation method. This is large vehicular type equipment that is designed to dig, lift waste, and/or break buildings depending on the type of excavator used. In demolition, the usual one used is a hydraulic excavator.

                                                                                          2. Backhoe Loaders

                                                                                          Backhoe loaders are specifically designed for the demolition of small buildings. This is almost similar to an excavator, except that this is limited to light transportation and shallower hole digging.

                                                                                          3. Skid Steer Loaders

                                                                                          For the third equipment, we have the skid steer loaders. This is flexible equipment which can be used in different construction tasks such as excavation, debris removal, and demolition. This is also for small-sized demolition projects.

                                                                                          4. Wheel Loaders

                                                                                          Moving on, wheel loaders are used for the purpose of storing and moving building scraps and debris from one place to another. This will help make the demolition process neater and more efficient.

                                                                                          5. Crawler Loaders

                                                                                          Crawler loaders have two main purposes. It can be used to transfer certain materials, resources, and even the waste from the building. Another purpose of this is to help break down chunks of infrastructures.

                                                                                          6. Bulldozers

                                                                                          The next thing on our list is the bulldozer. This is another popular name in the construction industry. This is used for both waste transportation and building deconstruction. Most of the time, however, this is used for breaking down buildings because of its durability and strength.

                                                                                          7. Cranes

                                                                                          Cranes are mostly an accessory to vehicular equipment. This is installed to excavators, bulldozers, and likes in order to extend their reach when it comes to picking up debris. In some cases, steel balls are attached to cranes for greater damage to buildings.

                                                                                          8. Material Handlers

                                                                                          Lastly, we have material handlers. This will serve as the storage for all the needed resources and pieces of equipment. Using this will increase the mobility and productivity of the workers at the site.

                                                                                          Note that the needed resources will still depend on the demolition method chosen by both the clients and the contractors. In some cases, certain bomb types can also be used.

                                                                                          Why should you choose our service?

                                                                                          Now, why should you choose our service at Australian Construction?

                                                                                          Here are the things that we can offer you:

                                                                                          Professional Contractors

                                                                                          You can expect that if you work with us, you will be equipped with a team of professional contractors. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the process of demolition, along with how to prevent the hazards and risks that come with it.

                                                                                          On top of this, we also know how to work under time pressure. Feel free to tell us your budget and we can assure you that it will be followed.

                                                                                          Complete Machinery and pieces of equipment

                                                                                          Our team has a full set of pieces of machinery and types of equipment on the go. This way, you don’t have to worry about having to provide us with additional resources. We are all for giving our clients the most convenient process possible.

                                                                                          Guarantees Satisfaction

                                                                                          Australian Construction assures that all of your wants and requirements will be met. We strive to achieve our clients’ satisfaction in all the aspects of the demolition process and we do our very best to eliminate wasteful spending and avoid costly mistakes.

                                                                                          The benefits above are just some of the things that you can expect from us. We prioritise our clients and the project above everything so you can rest assured that the process will be nothing short of a success.

                                                                                          Summary: Newcastle Demolition Contractor

                                                                                          For more questions, feel free to send us a message or give us a call on 1800 155 881. You can also ask us for consultations if you are not yet sure on whether you need to avail a demolition service or not. Our team at Australian Construction is looking forward to working with your project.


                                                                                            Licensed Industrial Demolition Contractor In Melbourne – Aus Construction

                                                                                            Melbourne Demolition Contractor: Things To Ask A Demolition Contractor

                                                                                              Demolition work is not like sweeping the floor. There is a lot that goes into it, plus you have liability if things go wrong. If you are looking for a Melbourne demolition contractor, you have to ask the right questions.

                                                                                              And this is what we at Australian Construction are going to teach you today. By the end of this tutorial, you should be armed not just with knowledge but also with the right questions to ask if you are shopping for a demolition contractor.

                                                                                              What is their experience?

                                                                                              How long has the contractor been doing this? If we were to choose, we want a contractor who has at least two years of demolition experience. Why? Because there are many types of demolition projects. The length of years of experience of a demolition contractor is an indicator of how much of an expert they are.

                                                                                              If not in years, you should ask them how many projects they have completed. This is critical because you do not want your building to be their “practice piece.” You want a contractor who has been around for a while and who knows what they are doing.

                                                                                              We at Australian Construction have been in this business for over 20 years. We have one everything—and we know the ins and outs of the demolition business.

                                                                                              How much will the project cost?

                                                                                              The next question you need to ask from a Melbourne demolition contractor is the cost of the project. This is not an exact financial statement, but rather an estimate.

                                                                                              There is no standard cost to assess whether the price is worth it or not. You have to do your own shopping for a demolition contractor, and then compare the prices between different groups.

                                                                                              We at Australian Construction always give quotes that have all the elements of the project. The quote stipulates what kinds of service you will get, and you will know exactly what you are paying for.

                                                                                              What is the coverage of the project?

                                                                                              Another question you need to ask is the scope. For example, will the contractor also clean the debris? What about the preliminary activities of the demolition?

                                                                                              In a demolition job, the first step is not to destroy the structure, but to remove some elements. For example, the contractor has to remove the glass, windows, doors, and others. After the demolition, they also have to clean up the rubble.

                                                                                              Ask your contractor if they will do all these. The last thing you want is to work with a contractor who will tell you that these tasks are not inclusive in the deal.

                                                                                              At Australian Construction, we offer a complete package. In our price quote, we include the cleanup and the coverage of the preliminary demolition process. You will not have headaches when you deal with us. All you have to do is sit, watch, and wait until we finish the demolition task.  

                                                                                              What is the contractor’s liability?

                                                                                              Demolition is a dangerous job. It is possible that the contractor may damage a nearby building. Demolition also produces a lot of dust.

                                                                                              In this regard, you need to know the scope of liability of the contractor. After all, it is not you who is doing the demolition. In most cases, the contractor must have sole liability.

                                                                                              We at Australian Construction offer a guarantee in our work. We understand that you deserve a demolition job where you will not be liable for lawsuits for damages. As such, we only employ licensed engineers who know how to execute a demolition with little to no possibility of damage.

                                                                                              We also use equipment that will protect everyone from too much dust. We have mist sprayers that spray water as we do their demolition job.  

                                                                                              Does the contractor have violations?

                                                                                              You have to be frank and ask the contractor about this, and you have to verify it with your local government. Look for a contractor who has no citations or violations.

                                                                                              If the contractor you are dealing with has a citation, make sure you ask for the back story. Do your part investigating what happened. The last thing you want is to be the next person filing a complaint against your contractor.   

                                                                                              At Australian Construction, we pride ourselves for having the best reputation in Australia. We have no violations, and our commitment to quality and the law is what made us expand our business. Today, we are servicing not only Melbourne but also other cities. Examples of these are Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Gold Coast. 

                                                                                              What equipment will be used? 

                                                                                              Even if you will not do the demolition yourself, you need to know how the contractor plans to go about the demolition job.

                                                                                              A good contractor will tell you what equipment they use to do the job. Whether it is manual or with machinery, you should know. If explosives will be used this is important to know.

                                                                                              At Australian Construction, we do have a lot of heavy machinery used in demolition jobs. We have excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, loaders, and so much more. We do not rent these types of equipment, so you can have a guarantee that we will complete the job as per the agreed project completion.

                                                                                              Summary: Things to Ask from a Melbourne Demolition Contractor

                                                                                              Now that you know the right questions to ask, it is time that you put this into practice. Do not hesitate to ask. It is your money you are spending, and it is your building that is being demolished so you have the right to know.

                                                                                              If you have questions, just give us a call at Australian Construction, and we will help you. We can show you the projects we have completed, and we understand that timeliness in delivery is crucial so you can start your new construction.

                                                                                              We also strongly encourage you to contact us now if you have a demolition project. One of our licensed engineers will discuss the scope of the project with you, and we will schedule a visual inspection.

                                                                                              Once we have seen the site and we have assessed what needs to be done, we could give you a quote, and then we can start discussing the timelines of the project execution and completion.


                                                                                                Our Demolition Contractor On The Gold Coast Will Smash All Expectations

                                                                                                Gold Coast Demolition Contractor: What Do We Do At
                                                                                                Australian Construction?

                                                                                                  Today, we are going to talk about what demolition is, along with what you can expect from our team if you hire us for your Gold Coast demolition contractor jobs.

                                                                                                  Once in a while, improvements in construction must be made to keep the facility up and running. Some modifications, however, require the removal of existing infrastructures in order to be completed.

                                                                                                  In these cases, demolition is needed. This is exactly what we can offer you at Australian Construction.

                                                                                                  Unlike common belief, demolition involves a lot more than breaking a building to pieces. Despite being destructive, it still follows a thorough process that will need the expertise of professionals.

                                                                                                  What does demolition mean?

                                                                                                  Demolition, from the root word “demolish”, involves the process of deconstructing an infrastructure, usually buildings, in order to accomplish a specific purpose. The reason may be pure extinguishment, a requirement of additional space, or an accessory to future modifications.

                                                                                                  Either way, the subject of the project will be broken down.

                                                                                                  But why exactly is this needed? Below is an overview of some of the benefits of demolition:

                                                                                                  1. Provides Safer Environment

                                                                                                  Other buildings have health hazards innate in their structure. Some examples of this include factory, chemical-consuming buildings, infrastructures full of inflammable resources, etc.

                                                                                                  Once these are not needed anymore, its removal should be assured in order to avoid possible harm in the future. The demolition of these buildings will benefit both the people in the area and the environment as well.

                                                                                                  2. Eliminates Unnecessary Buildings

                                                                                                  Another advantage of the said process is that it enables landowners to get rid of non-functional buildings and replace them with useful ones. This eliminates wasted space from the equation and adds the essence of functionality at the same time.

                                                                                                  A good example of unnecessary infrastructures may refer to abandoned buildings, wrecked establishments, etc.

                                                                                                  3. Higher Chances for Development

                                                                                                  Because the demolition will bring more useful space, the community that is in will have more chances to build infrastructures that will boost their development. Depending on what they build, they can boost their economy, environmental status, or their appeal as a whole.

                                                                                                  The said process is dependent on a lot of factors like the weather, current structure state, the total mass of the project, and others relating to the possible needs of the chosen demolition method.

                                                                                                  What does a demolition contractor do?

                                                                                                  Moving on, let us now discuss the activities included in the responsibilities of a demolition contractor. There are three main stages included in the process.

                                                                                                  These are:

                                                                                                  1. Pre-Demolition Process

                                                                                                  The pre-demolition process refers to the preparation stage done before moving on to the actual demolition. Here, a detailed plan needs to be drafted for the efficient execution of the demolition process.

                                                                                                  Here are the things needed in this stage:

                                                                                                  Building Analysis

                                                                                                  The first thing that the contractors will need to look at is the building. Its structure, condition, possible hindrances, and others, will be taken into account. This is needed in order to arrive at the necessary resources and the best method for completion.

                                                                                                  This can be done through a thorough observation of the project, and in-depth interviews of the client for more accurate information.

                                                                                                  Removal of Hazardous Resources

                                                                                                  The next sub-process would be the removal of the hazardous resources left inside the building. These include chemicals and waste. Of course, the other materials, like the furniture and fixtures, should also be eliminated in order to avoid hindrances in the process.

                                                                                                  Safety Evaluation

                                                                                                  As demolition is a risky process itself, the method of its execution should also be planned out carefully.

                                                                                                  Here, the contractors should determine all the needs and risks of the project to prevent endangering the environment and other living things in the process.

                                                                                                  2. Demolition Stage

                                                                                                  This next process is where the actual demolition comes in. This is where the execution of the plan made in the preparation stage will be applied. Demolition, however, is not limited to just one method.

                                                                                                  Depending on the completed plan, any one of the following can be used:


                                                                                                  This method requires the use of explosives. Basically, explosives, the type will vary according to the building’s needs, will be installed and loaded within the infrastructure. This can be controlled through electricity, and can be set off either manually, or using a timer. This is best for large buildings that have multiple rooms in need.


                                                                                                  The Excavator method, on the other hand, evidently needs the use of excavators. These are machines that have a claw-like function which can be used in breaking down the building.

                                                                                                  The most important factor to complete this greatly lies on the height and weight of the project. This is limited to up to 300 ft only.

                                                                                                  Wrecking Ball

                                                                                                  The third procedure at hand is the Wrecking Ball. Here, a steel ball controlled by a crane is used to destroy the building. This is an efficient and inexpensive way if you are working under a budget.

                                                                                                  Selective Demolition

                                                                                                  The last on our list refers to Selective Demolition. This uses physical labour and ordinary construction tools in order to demolish the said building. 

                                                                                                  This should be considered if the total removal of the infrastructure is not required. To be specific, this will be required in renovations and remodels.

                                                                                                  It is important to choose the right process in order to yield the desired results. Not doing so can lead to inconvenience and failure of the project.

                                                                                                  3. Post-Demolition Process

                                                                                                  The last stage to deem the demolition project a success is the post-demolition. This is where all the previous activities will be closed and taken care of. This may include activities like clean-up, waste segregation, debris removal, and the likes.

                                                                                                  Our team at Australian Construction assures that each of the steps stated above will be done with utmost care and effort in order to gain the satisfaction of the client.

                                                                                                  Summary: Gold Coast Demolition Contractor

                                                                                                  Demolition is a must if your purpose revolves around the elimination of a specific construction. This will pave the way for new developments and improvements for the infrastructure itself and the community it belongs to.

                                                                                                  The process is a risky one. It requires a lot of resources and expertise, and thus, you need to work with an experienced team in order to guarantee both success and safety. This is what we at Australian Construction promise.

                                                                                                  For other concerns, feel free to contact us by sending a message or giving us a call on 1800 155 881. We will be more than happy to walk you through on what our service is all about and make negotiations if you desire.


                                                                                                    Raise The Roof With The Best Qualified Demolition Contractor In Darwin!

                                                                                                    Darwin Demolition Contractor: The Safe Process For Demolition

                                                                                                      Today, we are going to discuss the demolition process that a Darwin demolition contractor has to follow. We will also talk about why our team at Australian Construction will be the perfect match for your project.

                                                                                                      Often, before you can start with the construction process, owners will need to remove certain infrastructures from the land. This can only be made possible by demolition, alongside a team of expert contractors.

                                                                                                      The problem, however, is that even if the majority are familiar with the process, not everyone is acquainted with how it should be performed, thus resulting in unsafe methods. This is exactly what we want to avoid at Australian Construction.

                                                                                                      What is a demolition service?

                                                                                                      In a nutshell, demolition refers to the deconstruction of an infrastructure. This is the complete opposite of the construction process as this involves breaking down a facility to complete a purpose.

                                                                                                       This is either to make room for new ones, modify the existing project, or completely remove the structure.

                                                                                                      There are three sub-processes needed in demolition:

                                                                                                      A. Pre-Demolition Stage

                                                                                                      The pre-demolition stage refers to the preparation activities done before starting a project. Here, our contractors will determine the resources, materials, and the project’s needs, in general, to put together a concrete plan. This will serve as the foundation and the basis of the contractors throughout the whole demolition process.

                                                                                                      B. Demolition Process

                                                                                                      This is the stage wherein the actual demolition will take place. The activities that will be performed here will depend greatly on the plan from the pre-demolition stage.

                                                                                                      C. Post-Demolition

                                                                                                      Finally, the post-demolition process will involve the cleaning up of the unnecessary mess brought upon by the demolition. This needs to be done to assure the seamlessness of the said process.

                                                                                                      This also involves a review of the final output to avoid potential problems.

                                                                                                      The process is known for its risky methods. As projects usually entail medium to large infrastructures, it will require a thorough and intensive preparation to ensure both safety and success.

                                                                                                      How is demolition done?

                                                                                                      The process of demolition is not limited to only one method. There are a lot of ways to do this, all depending on the plan both the contractors and the clients have come up. Below are some:

                                                                                                      1. Implosion

                                                                                                      This method requires the use of bombs. The bombs are installed within the structures of the building.

                                                                                                      Bombs can be controlled manually or digitally, and once it is set off, the construction implodes. By implode, it means that all the pieces are pulled to the centre instead of being scattered in all sorts of directions.

                                                                                                      Implosion is the best way to go if you are working on large and/or wide infrastructures, specifically those that are almost impossible to demolish manually.

                                                                                                      2. Excavator

                                                                                                      The second demolition method that you can do is the excavator. This is done by the use of excavator machines, which is a vehicular machine with a large crane installed. The crane will be the one responsible for breaking down the building into pieces.

                                                                                                      This is best for buildings not exceeding the height of 30 feet because that is the highest limit for the excavator machine.

                                                                                                      3. Wrecking Ball

                                                                                                      The wrecking ball method is one of the most common methods of demolition. This is probably the first that comes to a person’s mind when the word “demolition” is said. Here, the building at hand is destroyed using a wrecking ball installed in an excavator-like machine.

                                                                                                      This is usually chosen by those working under a budget because although inexpensive, its efficiency is still assured. 

                                                                                                      4. Selective Demolition

                                                                                                      The last method will be perfect for projects that don’t require everything in the building to be destroyed. In particular, this is done for renovations and remodelling. This is completed through the help of physical labour and manual work.

                                                                                                      Although the above methods are some of the most known, the choices for the project are not limited to these. A lot of factors still need to be evaluated to arrive at the right demolition process.

                                                                                                      What are the things that you need to look for your demolition contractor?

                                                                                                      Moving on, let us now talk about what you need to look for in your future demolition contractor. This is to assure your project that you are working with a right team, and thus you can expect a successful demolition.

                                                                                                      1. Professional

                                                                                                      We believe that professionalism is very important in the field of work, especially in demolition. As this involves a lot of risks, the knowledge and expertise to avoid the said hazards are significant. 

                                                                                                      You should also ensure that the team that you will work with has enough skills to give both your requirements and your wants for the project.

                                                                                                      2. Complete Resources

                                                                                                      When you work with demolition contractors, keep in mind that you don’t have to provide all the resources yourself. It is the company’s responsibility to prepare everything that you and your project will need to achieve completion

                                                                                                      This stated you should look for someone that has complete equipment, both in machinery and materials.

                                                                                                      3. Detail-Oriented

                                                                                                      Your contractor team should also be detail-oriented. This means that they can observe and analyse even the smallest things about your project to come up with a flawless plan. This can help you avoid problems regarding missed spots and/or misinformation.

                                                                                                      4. Ability to Work Under Budget and Time Pressure

                                                                                                      If you don’t have that much money to release, and you are working with a deadline as well, you should make sure that your demolition contractors value these as much as you do. There is no worse inconvenience than delayed projects and still having to pay fees that are higher than what you agreed on.

                                                                                                      5. Prioritises Safety

                                                                                                      Demolition does not necessarily have to be destructive to everyone in the site. You should also find a team that will prioritise not just the project’s safety, but also everyone present on the site as well. This includes their workers, you and your team, the people in the community, and the environment.

                                                                                                      Our team at Australian Construction guarantees that through working with us, you will get access to the qualities above, and more. We strive to be one of the best when it comes to Darwin contractor demolition services so you can expect that we are continuously improving.

                                                                                                      Summary: Darwin Demolition Contractor

                                                                                                      Demolition is one of the construction processes that need utmost attention throughout its execution. It is not just the mere breaking of infrastructures as it comes with a lot of health and safety hazards.

                                                                                                      It is evident that you need to have a good team by your side to yield your desired results. In our case, we believe that our company, Australian Construction, will be the best choice.

                                                                                                      For more questions, feel free to contact us through messages and/or call us on 1800 155 881. We assure you that we will answer each of your inquiry and provide you with additional information that you may need. You can also ask us to conduct site visits for the project.


                                                                                                        Bring Down The Building With Our Ace Demolition Contractor In Brisbane!

                                                                                                        Brisbane Demolition Contractor: How to Choose a Contractor

                                                                                                          If you have a property that needs demolishing, how should you choose a Brisbane demolition contractor? Today, we will show you several tips to do this—the last thing you want is a building that is demolished without compliance with the national safety guidelines.

                                                                                                          Watching demolition shows is fun—we get to see high-rise buildings fall apart, and they are a sight to behold. The thing is that a lot of precautions are taken to make this happen, and we at Australian Contractors are one of the groups behind every demolition in the country.

                                                                                                          1. Company Track Record

                                                                                                          The first thing you need to look at is the company’s track record. Is the company a reliable one? How will you even find out?

                                                                                                          If you want to demolish something, the first thing you have to do is to research online. We are lucky to live in this age because we already have the internet. Most companies have Facebook pages, and consumers can also review businesses in sites like Trust Pilot.

                                                                                                          Check if the company you are dealing with has had demolition projects before. While many construction businesses or contractors also offer demolition, very few have actually done this work. Demolition is much tougher than building. It requires a different understanding of how materials have to be removed.

                                                                                                          We at Australian Construction have done several demolition projects before, with each being a successful one. If you choose us, we can guarantee and prove our track record on demolition projects in the last 20 years.

                                                                                                          2. Pricing and Estimates

                                                                                                          It is true that price is a factor to consider when choosing a demolition expert. But this does not mean that you will choose a company that offers the lowest price.

                                                                                                          What we are saying is that you should choose based on the value that you get for your money. Will the demolition contractor take care of getting rid of the debris? Some contractors will give you a low price for the demolition job, but they will leave it up to you to clean up, without you knowing it.  

                                                                                                          We do not do this to our customers at Australian Construction. When we make our written offer, we stipulate the coverage of the contract, so you know what you are paying for. If you need us to dispose of the debris, just let us know and we will give you a fair price.

                                                                                                          It must be clear that the estimate is merely an estimate. It is not a guaranteed price since all kinds of contractor jobs can result in many unforeseen events.

                                                                                                          3. License and Expertise

                                                                                                          We are a licensed company, and we have over 20 years of experience in the field of demolition. On top of that, we also cover other facets of construction like excavation, floor preparation, industrial painting, and so much more.

                                                                                                          When choosing a Brisbane demolition contractor, choose one that has a license and one that has an adequate number of years of experience. The last thing you want is to give the job to amateurs or professionals who have never done such a project.

                                                                                                          Our license is national. We also have a team of engineers, all of whom are licensed. As such, we operate not just in Brisbane, but in other parts of Australia such as Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, and many other cities.

                                                                                                          4. Liability Clauses

                                                                                                          Demolition projects are dangerous. While we are professionals who know how to get it done safely, there is a slight possibility of a mishap.

                                                                                                          In this case, you have to ensure that the liability does not fall on you. After all, it is not you who demolished the building, but the demolition contractor.

                                                                                                          What does this mean? If the demolition activities damage someone else’s property, you should not be held liable. It has to be the contractor that is liable.

                                                                                                          We at Australian Construction can help you with this. We are insured and we are not afraid to take on liabilities. In our contract, we do have liability clauses that will protect you.  

                                                                                                          This is important because the last thing that you want is to be litigated in court. We at Australian Construction also do not want that to happen. But in case it does, we take accountability.

                                                                                                          5. Equipment and Machinery

                                                                                                          What kind of equipment and machines does the contractor use? Is this even important?

                                                                                                          Yes, this is important. Manual labour is going to take the demolition job forever. We at Australian Construction have big machines and equipment to get the job done promptly. We have excavators, bulldozers, backhoes—you name it, we have it.

                                                                                                          If a contractor does not have big machines, they will either rent machines from others or they will use small equipment and rely on muscular strength. This is not good, even for small houses that need to be demolished.

                                                                                                          In large-scale demolition projects, you need big machinery like tractors, loaders, and those machines that have wrecking balls. Without this, the demolition activity will cost you more money. Labour cost is more expensive than the machine cost. It is also unsafe to rely on humans to do the demolition job.

                                                                                                          Why? Because when people dismantle concrete and metal, things fall. It is always best to have one human operating a machine and let the machine do the dirty work. We at Australian Construction can do this, and we know how to use them—we will get the project done in no time, and we will ensure the safety of everyone in our team.

                                                                                                          Summary: Brisbane Demolition Contractor

                                                                                                          Take these tips into serious consideration when choosing a Brisbane demolition contractor. Make sure that the contractor understands the complexity and the dangers of the job. Pick one who will guide you or walk you through the entire process—pick a company that cares, like us.

                                                                                                          Give us a call now at Australian Construction if you have a demolition project. We will schedule an inspection to see the building or the structure. Our engineers will determine the best course of action to get the job done safely, and we will get it done according to the planned time-lines.


                                                                                                            Hire The Best Demolition Contractor In Adelaide – Request A Quote Online

                                                                                                            Adelaide Demolition Contractor: What Services Do We Offer?

                                                                                                              Demolition is a much-needed process, especially when it comes to building abolishment or replacement, remodelling, and renovations. As infrastructures need to be broken down, there is no doubt about this being a lengthy and risky procedure. You need an Adelaide demolition contractor you can depend on.

                                                                                                              This being stated, it is evident that you need a professional team to work with if you are to need this service. This is where our company, Australian Construction, comes in.

                                                                                                              In this article, we’re going to talk about what demolition is all about, the services that we can offer you, and some suggestions on when you need to opt for demolition.

                                                                                                              What is a demolition?

                                                                                                              In a nutshell, demolition involves the deconstruction of buildings. This may be done for the purpose of removing infrastructures, creating a new empty space, or conducting redesigns of specific parts of a building. No matter the reason, the project will be required to be broken down.

                                                                                                              Below are the main advantages that demolition brings:

                                                                                                              1. Tool for Advancement

                                                                                                              The demolishment of buildings provides new canvases for new and more functional infrastructures. 

                                                                                                              Depending on the community, they can use this as an opportunity to create more tourist spots, medical establishments, agricultural land, and the likes, all of which can boost their economy and social status.

                                                                                                              2. Helps the Environment

                                                                                                              The process also helps eliminate hazardous and pollution-causing waste that most abandoned infrastructures have. This prevents the risk of encountering safety issues like being exposed to harmful chemicals.

                                                                                                              Demolition, like what is said earlier, is a lengthy process. This involves a lot of processes and requires a lot of effort in order to achieve completion. In the next sections, we are going to talk about the included procedures and how our contractors will achieve them.

                                                                                                              Pre-Demolition Process

                                                                                                              The pre-demolition process refers to the preparatory stage of demolition. This is where all the needed resources, including the plan, will be crafted to assure the seamlessness of the process.

                                                                                                              Here are the things needed during pre-demolition:

                                                                                                              1. Project Overview

                                                                                                              The first thing that our contractors will do is to form an overview of the project. This means that the state of the building will be analysed, specifically, its condition and current state, its size, height, and the resources that will be needed along the way.

                                                                                                              This can be completed through site visits or client interviews. Usually, both are preferred to gather more information.

                                                                                                              2. Removal of Building Accessories

                                                                                                              Next, we will go on to the removal of the things inside of the building. We are not referring to everything that you see inside, of course. In particular, we will eliminate chemicals, hazardous waste, and fixtures that may cause harm when broke, glass for example.

                                                                                                              3. Process Evaluation

                                                                                                              Lastly, we will make it our duty to evaluate the safety of the whole process in order to take advanced preventive measures. This is for the sake of the clients, the company’s team, the environment, and basically everyone in the area.

                                                                                                              An intensive preparation process will be done in order to guarantee the process’ completion. This is important because this will also serve as the foundation of the succeeding processes.

                                                                                                              4. Demolition Stage

                                                                                                              Moving on, we have the demolition stage. This is where the actual demolition process happens. This, however, is not a one-go process. Depending on the plan and the project’s evaluated needs, demolition may take place in either of the following methods:


                                                                                                              The method of implosion requires the installation and use of bombs. This is not to be confused with an explosion as the former is more of a “peaceful” type. Here, when bombs are ticked off, all the pieces of the building will be pulled towards the centre instead of it being shattered all over the place. This is ideal for large infrastructures.


                                                                                                              The excavator, on the other hand, is made possible by a machine, that is the excavator. This has a crane-like function which will be used in breaking down the parts of the building. This is, however, limited to buildings with 300 feet in height because of the machine’s capability.

                                                                                                              Wrecking Ball

                                                                                                              The third method, and is probably the most common, involves the use of wrecking balls. This uses a similar machine as the excavator but with a steel ball attached to its crane. The wrecking ball method is best for projects with a tight budget.

                                                                                                              Selective Demolition

                                                                                                              The last on our list is selective demolition. This is done if only a specific part of construction needs to be demolished. Taking this into account, this method is limited to physical labour and manual demolishment.

                                                                                                              This is used in renovation and remodelling. The type of demolition method to be used depends on factors like the building’s status, its needs, and the budget if it is given.

                                                                                                              Post-Demolition Process

                                                                                                              The third and last stage of demolition is the post-demolition process. This refers to the activities required to officially close the process.

                                                                                                              Here are some activities that this may include:


                                                                                                              After de-constructing the building, our contractors will clean the project area and assure that no debris will be left. This will make it convenient for the next construction process.


                                                                                                              The evaluation will also be done in order to assure that no damage is done to the community. This will also help our team ensure the client’s satisfaction with the service.

                                                                                                              This last process is as important as the first two. If this is skipped, it is likely that we will leave nothing but a mess in the construction area.

                                                                                                              Is our service for you?

                                                                                                              Our services are open to the commercial sector and general public. These include:

                                                                                                              • Building extinguishment
                                                                                                              • Large scale renovations and redesigns
                                                                                                              • Construction replacements
                                                                                                              • Area clearing

                                                                                                              Of course, the need for demolition is not limited to the situations above. For a clearer opinion, you can contact us and ask for suggestions as to whether the process will fit your project or it will be unnecessary.

                                                                                                              Summary: Adelaide Demolition Contractor

                                                                                                              Demolition is one of the most useful processes in the field of construction. It comes with a lot of advantages and is also the key to numerous community opportunities.

                                                                                                              If you’re looking for a professional team to work with, we guarantee that our Adelaide demolition contractor at Australian Construction will be the perfect match for your project. Feel free to send us a message or give us a call in case of inquiries or project negotiations.