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Sydney Demolition Contractor Equipment by Australian Construction

    If you need a Sydney demolition contractor, we are the premier choice in Australia. Why? Because we have the right tools to get the job done. Today, we will show you the major heavy machinery that we use.

    To the average Joe, all machines and heavy equipment look the same. They are yellow. The thing is that they are not the same—each equipment has its own special function. At Australian Construction, we have a complete array of big machines to do demolition jobs.

    1. Hydraulic Excavators

    These are the most common machines that you see in demolition activities. They are typically used for what is called low-level demolitions. Particularly, we use this for the demolition of buildings two storeys high. In cases like this, the activities are straightforward where the impact of the excavator destroys the building.

    We at Australian Construction have different hydraulic excavators for our Sydney demolition contractor jobs. We do have 1 tonne and 100-tonne excavators. While low-level demolitions can be done by hand, we still prefer to use this machine because they save so much time.

    The best part is that we also have different attachments to these machines. We have attachments for different purposes such as pulverisers, shears, and impact breakers.  

    2. Dust Boss Machines

    Demolition projects produce a lot of debris and dust. If you let humans do the cleaning, it is going to be inefficient and ineffective. The solution to this is dust machines. What they do is they suppress the dust while we do the demolition.

    With dust machines, will be able to minimise the dust pollution. This is critical so as not to have an adverse impact on the environment and people around you. What happens during this process is that the machine sprays water to suppress the dust. The water is only a mist, and it is not sprayed in huge volumes.

    3. Concrete Crushers

    Once a building or flooring is demolished, you get a lot of slabs of concrete. These things have to be crushed so they could be transported to another place and recycled.

    We could only do this with concrete crushers. These are heavy machines that look like tanks. We do not just crush concrete, but we also crush rocks. Once the rock or concrete gets out, it is now dust or small pebbles.

    4. Wheeled Tippers

    These are machines that we use to remove the debris. Whether we are moving crushed or uncrushed concrete, rock, and masonry, this is the machine that allows us to collect the demolished parts of what used to be a building.

    A wheeled tipper is basically a dump truck. If you see any truck where the back container can tip backwards, then that is a wheeled tipper. These trucks are not only used to collect rocks and stones, but they are also used to collect all sorts of garbage. Apart from that, they are also used to deliver sand, gravel and other materials to a construction site.

    5. Explosive Equipment

    On some occasions, we also use explosives to blast large structures. Examples of these are bridges and tall chimneys that are used in manufacturing industries.

    Explosives are efficient and effective, but they are dangerous. If we ever use explosives, we ensure that we only work with qualified engineers and that we have permission from the government.

    The main thing that we do with explosives is that we determine the support structure of the building. We detonate the explosives on these support systems, and then the rest of the building will crumble.

    Why should you choose Australian Construction? 

    Apart from the equipment, there are some things you have to consider when choosing a Sydney demolition contractor.

    Here are some tips:

    • Experience – no amount of academia will prepare a person for on-the-job experience. We at Australian Construction have been in the business for over 20 years. Our employees have a cumulative experience of more than 100 years. We have serviced hundreds of clients, and we have learned a lot from all these experiences combined. This experience allows us to assess and decide what the best approach is for demolition jobs.
    • License – we are licensed by the government of Australia to do demolition projects. This is why we can also operate in other areas like Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, and others. All our engineers are degree holders, and they all passed the board to get their respective licenses. In summation, we are a team of highly trained professionals.
    • Service – we offer not just demolition but also clean up. We ensure that once we are done with the project, you will do nothing but start digging and constructing. Speaking of that, we do not just offer demolition contractor services, we also do the following:
    • Industrial painting – we do the preparation of the wall, the application of the primer, and the painting and finishing. We do this for large-scale projects – mostly industrial in nature.
    • Excavation and earthworks – we do excavation jobs for foundations. We also do trench, which is an important factor for construction projects that involve irrigation systems, sewage, pipe-laying, or systems for cables.
    • Floor preparation – we also do the grinding of concrete floors. We will level the floor, make it ready to accept the finishing, and we will also apply the finish or coating that you desire.

    As you can see, we at Australian Construction are more than prepared to handle your project. We have the right equipment, reputation, experience, and government license to operate.

    Summary: Sydney Demolition Contractor

    Do not hire a Sydney demolition contractor that does not have the right tools. You will end up paying more because they have to rent their equipment. They will also take a while to get the job done.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction, and then give us a chance to discuss your demolition project. We will visit your site, and then we will do a thorough inspection. After that, we will be giving you an estimate of how much the project will cost, along with all the expectations and liability clauses.