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Steps That A Brisbane Floor Preparation Contractor Take

    Floor preparation is an extremely important step in every infrastructure build at hand. You need a Brisbane floor preparation contractor to do this.

    This is most especially applicable to Brisbane, the most populated city of Queensland, Australia. With a total area of 15, 826 kilometre-squared, there is no doubt about the vast space available for buildings and roads.

    With Australian Construction, we will assure that each part of the sub-floor will be prepared thoroughly for the future constructions to come.

    Today, I’m going to walk you through on what our service is all about, and what it can offer your projects. You can expect to learn more about floor preparation after reading.

    What is floor preparation?

    First, let us discuss what floor preparation is.

    The process of floor preparation involves making the flooring of a building all set for the installation of a new one. This is a significant step to ensure seamless floor construction. The issue, however, is that this is often overlooked because of its lengthy duration.

    The main purpose of the said process is to provide a strong bond between the existing and the new flooring. Without this, your infrastructure may require constant flooring changes which will consequently bring higher costs and more damages.

    Floor preparation is made possible by floor contractors. In Brisbane Floor Preparation, we are equipped with experienced contractors who are knowledgeable about the process, along with how it can be done more efficiently.

    Now, for the next sections, we will talk about the tasks of floor contractors.

    1. Planning

    The primary step, and probably the most important for the framework, involves floor planning. This will serve as the contractors’ guide in terms of the following concerns.

    • Client’s Wants and Needs

    With this task, the contractors will be able to have an overview of what the client wants to achieve, as well as what they may need throughout the process. Here, our team may also offer suggestions in case there is a flaw that needs to be resolved.

    This can help both parties be oriented on how the construction will turn out.

    • Flooring Requirements

    Both the contractors and the clients will also have a concrete plan about what the flooring, itself, requires. This refers to the resources, the sub-processes, and the resolution measures that it may need to be completed.

    • Budget Management

    Finally, making a plan will enable the parties to know the budget, along with how to follow it. This will avoid spending the least possible amount as this can lead to low flooring quality. Overspending will also be prevented because the last thing we want is unhappy clients.

    • Planning can be done through brainstorming and/or interviews. We recommend personal visits to the site rather than digital communication, if possible, to make it easier to discuss.

    2. Preparing the Sub-floor

    Once there is a well-executed plan, it is now time to go on to the actual preparation of the sub-floor or the existing flooring. This will involve the following sub-processes.

    • Old Floor Removal

    If the building or road to be built is still on the verge of construction, then there will be no need for removing the existing flooring. However, if we are talking about renovations or reconstructions, then this process will be necessary to give space to the future installation.

    This will take a long time especially if the area is built on existing material. The final product will totally be worth it though. Without this, your new flooring may look bulky and poorly-made. It can also make it almost impossible to install a new one especially if the flooring types don’t match.

    • Intensive Cleaning

    The process does not end with just an empty sub-floor. Whether we have removed the old flooring, or we are working on a plain canvas, it is part of our duty as contractors to perform intensive cleaning throughout the area.

    Here, our goal is to provide a clean and dirt-free sub-floor to make installation easier. Adhesives will stick better in this state.

    This will also involve eliminating all the remaining debris, old adhesives, flooring remains, and the likes.

    The sub-floor needs to be prepared first hand because this will be the key to a seamless floor construction. In our team, we strive to work on the cleanest sub-floor possible so you can expect a spotless slate.

    3. Floor Levelling

    The next thing that our team will do, after the initial clean up is complete, is to even out the flooring surface. Using our own resources and equipment, we will eliminate the following flaws in your sub-floor:

    • Gaps
    • Cracks
    • Holes
    • Unnecessary Elevations
    • Unnecessary Sinks

    We believe that by eliminating these, the final flooring will be safer, and will be free from potential health hazards even after a long time passes from the floor preparation. This will also prove a more efficient process of installation, along with a fuller sense of comfort within the infrastructure.

    4. Final Output Review

    The last step that we will take is to review the final output. We take pride in making sure that we missed nothing during the whole process of floor preparation. Running into complaints and construction failures are not included in our goals and mission as a contractor company.

    We assure that our Brisbane floor preparation crew, mistakes will be avoided as much as possible. We give utmost importance to the health and safety of our clients.

    In this task, we will double check each process that we finished to see if we have committed any error or fault which may hinder the installation.

    Summary: Brisbane Floor Preparation Contractor

    Floor preparation is one of the most vital parts of constructing any infrastructure. This will serve as the basis for its foundation and will greatly affect its quality as a whole. We believe that our team of contractors will be the best choice for this process.

    If you have any other questions and/or concerns, feel free to reach out to us through phone or private message. Our team will be more than happy to walk you through everything that you need to know. We assure you that we can guarantee a project that will fit both your time and your budget.