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Newcastle Floor Preparation Contractor: Do You Need One?

    Newcastle floor preparation contractor is often taken for granted because some builders want to cut short in their budget. This is especially so for large-scale projects like malls. This is where most problems arise.

    This stated, we at Australian Construction are extending our services to Newcastle. We have taken a great interest in this location because we believe that its infrastructures should be maintained and taken care of, especially the flooring.

    Today, we’re going to discuss what our service is all about, and why you should consider our team. If you are not familiar with floor preparation, you can expect to be knowledgeable about it after reading this article.

    What is floor preparation and why is it important?

    First, let us first give you a background about floor preparation.

    From the name itself, floor preparation is the process of taking all the necessary steps to make your existing floor surface ready for new modifications. This provides a way for a stronger bond between the flooring and the new one that is to be installed.

    This involves the following processes:


    If the client’s facility has existing flooring, for instance, tiles, linoleum, wood, and the likes, they have to be removed in order to give space to the future flooring type. This won’t be necessary, however, if the team will work on an empty canvas, that is plain cement from newly-built homes.


    Once the old floor resources are out of the equation, the next step would be cleaning and eliminating all the dust, dirt, debris, adhesives, and all other remains left from the previous flooring. This will provide a more workable slate and will improve the quality of the process.


    Apart from the above tasks, floor preparation also involves eliminating all the gaps and cracks that may hinder the installation of the new resources. This will result in an even surface which will make it easier to stick the flooring type you chose and will also make it more comfortable for the home-owners to use.


    The installation is not necessarily part of the floor preparation, rather a fruit of the process. This is when the new flooring type will be integrated with the current flooring state. This is also the step that most home-owners skip ahead to, thinking that this is a simple task.

    Floor preparation is important because this pays attention to the base of the facility. This may be time-consuming, but this will strengthen the foundation of the area and will be the key to having a fully-functional facility. Not going over this will bring nothing but risks and hazards over time.

    What to expect from our service?

    Now that you know what floor preparation is all about, I am now going to tell you the reasons why you should choose us to provide the service. 

    Here are the benefits that you will be signing up with once you decide to work with our team:

    Experienced Contractors

    One common problem that clients run into is encountering inexperienced workers who are not that dedicated to providing a well-prepared floor.

    Our team is equipped with knowledgeable contractors who have enough experience in all the processes and sub-processes of floor preparation. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a qualified team at hand.

    Quality Service

    High-quality service is also guaranteed. All the tasks that are discussed in the previous section are offered by our team. We also ensure that we will do much more than what is described.

    We greatly believe that floor preparation is one of the most significant steps in home modifications because it affects not only the appearance of the infrastructure but also the safety of each person.

    Goal-Oriented Team

    Our company performs according to our goals. These goals are based on our client’s wants and needs, as well as what we believe you need. We will stand by this in order to efficiently cater to the client’s needs and give them utmost satisfaction.


    Assurance is also one of our top priorities. In every step, we guarantee that we will check twice, even thrice, to make sure that nothing is overlooked, and no issues are left unresolved. In this way, we can prevent problems and re-dos after the installation itself.

    Approachable Contractors

    You do not have to purchase our service just to talk to us. Our team members are all approachable so you can call us for even the smallest concerns and enquiries about our service. We will be more than glad to tell you all the necessary details that you need to know before opting for floor preparation.

    As you can see, we are not just a company who offers floor preparation. We also offer satisfaction, our one-of-a-kind workers, and an outstanding finished output above all.

    How to know if you should avail our service?

    Not everyone knows that they need floor preparation. Taking this into account, below are some situations as reference:

    For unfurnished houses

    Newly built houses do not come automatically with the flooring you have in mind. Sometimes, they don’t even come with flooring at all. If this is your concern, it is most likely that you need to opt for floor preparation.

    Broken flooring

    When floor surfaces get broken, you can’t instantly know it. There are fewer issues if you can see which is broken, and which needs to be fixed. However, often, it is barely visible on the outside so you can just feel like there is something wrong.

    Renovations and remodelling

    If you have a fully-furnished structure, and you are just seeking for something new, then you can also start with a floor plan, primarily, the floor preparation.

    There are a lot more situations that can indirectly speak to you through your needs, but the examples above are some of the most common.

    Summary: Newcastle Floor Preparation Contractor

    Floor preparation is a significant part of building a stable structure, may it be a house or a workplace. Our company takes pride in floor preparations, so we assure quality service.

    If you still have questions, feel free to contact us and send us a message, and we will be glad to walk you through on the basics. We can also conduct visitations so we can discuss more about the necessary solutions that the project may require.