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Melbourne Home Renovations Contractor: Tips To Keep You Costs Down

    If you are planning to hire a home renovations contractor in Melbourne, hold your horses first! Home renovation can really cut deep in your pockets, and it is always a wise decision to carefully consider what you need before forging on.

    Today, we at Australian Construction will provide you with some tips on how you can keep your home renovation costs down. We have seen many families bury themselves in debt, so we do not want this to happen to you!

    1. Renovate for efficiency, not the size

    Many homeowners contact us to make their houses bigger. They have spare land on their property, so they decide to put up extension rooms.

    This, of course, entails a new construction—from the foundations up. If space is your primary issue, you may want to consider renovating without adding a new structure. Instead, you have to take a long hard look at your stuff and the architectural design of your house interior.

    It is highly possible that you can maximize your space. Our home renovations contractor in Melbourne can do this by adding cabinets, removing unused portions of the house, or remove cabinets that are built too big. While cabinets may cost you thousands of dollars, the amount of money is still low compared to putting up an additional building to your house.

    On average, you may spend about $90,000 for adding a new room. But if you only renovate your current kitchen, bathroom, or other spaces, you may not even spend more than $30,000. As you can see, this is a huge saving. Your house will look better and more organized, but you do not have to borrow a lot of money to get it done.

    2. Recycle if you can

    Let us say that you are willing to give away many storage facilities in your house. If these things are made of wood, you can recycle them and turn them into shelves.

    If you cannot recycle some of the parts, you can go to recycling centres in your area. You can buy a lot of things for a really low price—most of which are salvaged from other homes that were renovated.

    The one thing you should be worried about is that some contractors do not want to work with recycled items. These items are not easy to process. The construction will not be the same with brand new materials, and the construction time will also take some time.

    Another reason is a liability. If the recycled item is old, especially if it will bear a load, it can cause accidents later. Naturally, the contractor does not want to assume liability for it. What you can do is to recycle things that do not pose any danger to you or your family. For example, you can recycle the doors. But you cannot recycle beams that support your home’s structure.  

    3. Set a budget and stick to it

    The one thing that drives the cost of construction is emotion. Once the homeowner and contractor have agreed on the price, the homeowner is going to begin to think of many other things to make the house look better.

    Like what? Like expensive doorknobs, wooden doors, additional windows, and so much more. If you want to keep your costs down, you have to make a final decision and stick to it.

    Always remember that even if you stick to the original plan, you have to add about 20% to the original cost. There are unforeseen events like price increases, so you have to take this into consideration, too.

     4. Tap your contactor’s knowledge and sources

    Contractors know where to buy materials at a lower cost. As such, they also know what brands are more affordable but can deliver the same quality.

    You have to ask your contractor how they can help you with this. If you want a door, do not shop for it yourself. Instead, ask your contractor if they know someone who can build the same door you want at a lesser cost.

    How should you choose a home renovations contractor in Melbourne?

    Now that you know how to save on the cost of home renovation, you have to choose the right contractor so you do not get burned. Read below for our tips.

    • License – only work with a contractor who has a license. The license is proof that you are dealing with someone that is duly recognized by the government. It also tells you that the contractor knows the building code of Australia.
    • Experience – work with contractors who have been doing this for years. This is important as it guarantees that the contractor has been exposed to all sorts of problems in the past and that they know how to solve these problems.
    • Reputation – this is one of the most important things you should look into. Only work with a contractor that has a positive reputation. Ask your friends or check online for the contractor’s reputation.

    Earlier, we mentioned that we are experts on all facets of construction. To elaborate, we know how to do the following:

    As you can see, you can save money with us because you no longer have to hire a different group of contractors for each individual job. With Australian Construction, we can provide everything that you need to renovate your home.

    Summary: Melbourne home renovations contractor

    Give us a call so we can discuss your project in detail. We have engineers, architects, and interior designers who will help you out. We can schedule an ocular visit so our team can see your property. From there, we can then proceed with drawing out plans and preparing the quote. Once the design and contract are final, our home renovations team in Melbourne can get started.

    Australian Construction has been in this business for 20 years. We do not just remodel homes. We are experts in all facets of construction. As a construction firm, we are fully licensed, and we are also bonded and insured. We have a positive reputation not just in Melbourne, but it many key cities in Australia.