Hire The Most Professional Industrial Cleaning Services In Canberra


    A clean office promotes employees’ motivation, health and performance. Therefore, tidiness is essential. At Australian Construction, we have an experienced cleaning staff. Our staff handles industrial cleaning in Canberra. These services include various cleaning tasks customised to your needs.

    We clean bathrooms, computers and telephones. Moreover, our cleaning services extend to ceilings, kitchens and floors.  In other words we undertake general office equipment cleaning. We tailor our services for your unique needs. Because of this, you can focus on running your business successfully. 

    Furthermore, you know that our professional and trustworthy cleaners are handling your office. When you have a clean office, it ensures a healthier workplace. Moreover, your staff productivity increases. Australian Construction guarantees you knowledge, capability and experience. For this reason, we provide top quality office cleaning to your premises. 

    Our services

    Australian Construction provides cleaning for the following office and commercial sectors:

    • Childcare
    • Offices
    • Embassies
    • Churches
    • Banks
    • Hospitals
    • Dental & medical clinics
    • Shopping centres
    • Nursing homes

    You would not enjoy shopping in a filthy mall. Neither would you be comfortable working in the dirty surrounding. In other words, no one wants to work in an unclean area. Because of this, whether you have a commercial building or office, it is essential to provide a healthy and hygienic surrounding for your employees and staff. 

    Hence, we provide industrial cleaning in Canberra to give you an efficient cleaning solution. As a result, you maintain a clean surrounding at your workplace. Additionally, you keep other commercial buildings clean. At Australian Construction, we are a committed industrial cleaning company. Given this, we offer tailored office and commercial cleaning services. Besides, we manage the cleanliness of your workplace and nearby areas. Moreover, we do not disturb your routine plan.

    Superior commercial cleaning

    Our company aims to relieve you of the hassle of maintaining a clean environment in your office. We have the newest technology. For this reason, we carry out sanitisation processes. Given this, we efficiently manage to sustain a clean surrounding in small and big premises.

    Our team is sufficiently skilled to undertake your work. Also, we consider your work preferences and routine. Due to this, your business is not affected. That is to say, you enjoy stress-free cleaning of your offices and other structures. More importantly, you do not have to take part in this process. 

    Commercial & office cleaning services

    The Australian Construction team endeavours to give you a healthy and clean environment. We offer outstanding expert cleaning services. Because of this, we have handled all aspects of commercial cleaning. So we give you our best. We offer the following commercial cleaning services:

    1.  Office cleaning

    When your staff is healthy and happy, they become more productive. Therefore your business grows. For this reason, we are available to help you realise this objective. We are proud to offer comprehensive cleaning packages. Similarly, our work quality is superior. From furniture to floors, we ensure a fully hygienic and sanitised surrounding. In effect, we create a working area you will love.

    2.  Commercial cleaning

    Our company does not only provide cleaning services to individual offices but also the commercial sector. In other words, we offer specialised business cleaning services. Here we include commercial sector management. Our efficient on-site management staff visits your premises. They avail themselves at the scheduled time. Moreover, they undertake on-site cleaning without disrupting the peak hours. Our industrial cleaning in Canberra allows your business to thrive in a clean environment.


    You manage complex machinery and a huge staff at your workplace. Due to this, it is hard to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at an industrial level. Moreover, it would help if you handled a huge set-up without disrupting the work routine. However, Australian Construction is here to help. 

    We manage your industrial cleaning processes in a stress-free manner. Our trained and skilled staff visits your site and cleans your whole set-up. As a result, it looks like a newly constructed building!

    So call us now for all your industrial cleaning services!