Quality Industrial Cleaning Services In Gladstone | 15 Years Experience

    Australian Construction offers all kinds of commercial cleaning. For example, we provide industrial cleaning in Gladstone. Moreover, we offer school, common area as well as office cleaning services. Our staff can customise a commercial cleaning specification plan that suits your particular requirements.

    Additionally, we carry out monthly cleaning inspections all over Gladstone. As a result, we ensure our staff maintains top quality. We choose our suppliers and staff carefully. Because our team undergoes continuous training, they ensure they fulfil clients’ needs. We aim always to give you value for money. More importantly, we offer services that will make you happy.

    Specialised cleaning services

    Not only do we mainly specialise in commercial cleaning but also offer various specialised industrial cleaning services. We understand not all our clients have offices that need continuous care. At times clients need a one-off clean to maintain a property’s condition.

    In particular, Australian Construction is proud to offer various flooring services. We have a highly professional team. For this reason, we can restore your hard flooring to life. Furthermore, we offer floor stripping and sealing services. We also provide hard floor scrubbing services. Do you have a carpet? In that case, we offer carpet steam cleaning. It leaves your carpets smelling and looking fresh.

    We offer the following specialised services in Gladstone:

    • Hard floor scrubbing
    • Floor stripping & sealing
    • High dusting
    • Carpet steam cleaning
    • Urinal deep clean
    • Testing and tagging
    • Pressure cleaning
    • Builders clean
    • Car park sweeping
    • Testing & tagging
    • Internal & external window cleaning
    • Graffiti removal
    • Recycling
    • Emergency services

    Property owners dread experiencing damage because of an emergency.  This damage can result from fire, floods and plumbing problems. In light of this, we have vast experience in all aspects of the emergency clean-up. You can rely on us to restore your property. Besides, we give you sound advice and the appropriate resources.

    For years we have been popular in Gladstone as an emergency property restoration service. Because of this, we have earned the reputation of being reliable and professional. More importantly, our team is considerate during this stressful period. An emergency ranges from natural disasters to issues with hazardous materials. It entails transport incidents also.

    Water & Fire damage restoration procedure

    When you call us and explain your needs, we prioritise your job. We then assess its urgency and arrange a time for inspecting the work.  Our team then project manages your job. We work to restore your fire & water damage, covering all aspects.

    Under these circumstances, we use the right people and equipment. More importantly, we have the appropriate skills to revive your business operations. After we complete the job, we arrange a programmed maintenance plan. Consequently, your property remains protected and safe from more damage. Our staff accords you with skill, professionalism, and courtesy from start to finish all through this procedure.

    Gutter cleaning

    Australian Construction has a qualified team for gutter cleaning, installation and repairs. We are famous for our quality of service and work ethic. Our objective is for your down spouts and gutters to work efficiently and correctly. When rainwater accumulates in guttering, it can cause severe damage. Standing water seeps into siding, foundations and roofs. As a result, mould develops, and there is water damage. However, we can protect your property with frequent cleaning and inspections.

    Our process involves removing twigs, dirt and animal nests. We also remove leaves and other types of debris. Our team flushes the whole system. It ensures smooth flowing through the system for maximum performance.


    Our company has the equipment and skills to service industrial and commercial buildings. Moreover, we are available 24/7 and have vast experience in all aspects of the emergency clean-up. Therefore, you can rely on Australian Construction for your property restorations. After all, we give you seasoned advice, the right resources and expertise to restore conditions.

    Call us today for the most efficient industrial cleaning in Gladstone! 


      Your Local Industrial Cleaning Service In Wollongong By Aus Construction

        At Australian Construction our staff is specially trained for your facilities. Moreover, we note the areas that need cleaning. Additionally, we check specialist furniture and appliances. We have customised industrial cleaning services in Wollongong. As a result, we ensure we provide you and your staff with a safe, healthy and clean environment.

        Our superior quality cleaning service is not only reliable but also flexible. We carry out a comprehensive audit such as bacteria monitoring. Additionally, we undertake swab testing and air health checks. Due to this, we determine the exact needs for your facilities. It enables our commercial cleaner to concentrate on ignored sections of your premises—for example, an area like carpet cleaning.

        We have top quality commercial cleaning services.  Additionally, we customise our services to any industry category you should meet. As a result, you can get ready for any planned or unplanned audits (that is, in the food sector).

        Kinds of commercial cleaning

        At Australian Construction we clean factories and hospitals. Additionally we clean schools, restaurants and a lot more. Furthermore, we customise schedules to suit our customers. We do not provide a standardised service or product. Instead, we listen to you and examine your premises. We then set up a cleaning program suitable for your schedule, budget and facilities.

        Our company handles all body and scheduling corporate needs. Moreover, we are glad to work according to your business time constraints. Because of this, we ensure minimal effect on everyday operations. We provide industrial cleaning services in Wollongong for:

        • Office areas and commercial premises
        • Retail spaces
        • Storage facilities
        • Government facilities
        • Bars and restaurants
        • Share spaces
        • School facilities
        • Commercial kitchens
        • Food manufacturing plants
        • Industrial cleaning
        • Medical facilities

        No project is too small.

        Despite the size of your premises our cleaning firm is equipped to handle it. We offer a committed cleaning team sized depending on your schedule and premises needs. Furthermore, this team is equipped with all the necessities. As a result, they keep your facilities clean, for instance:

        • Carpet cleaning steamers
        • High-pressure cleaners
        • Window cleaning equipment
        • Re-sealing and buffing equipment for vinyl surfaces
        • Deep cleaning sanitary chemicals and equipment

        Our expert cleaning service utilises non-toxic chemicals. Moreover, the chemicals are ozone-friendly. Consequently, it ensures your staff remains healthy.  The Australian Construction staff checks the air quality frequently. So your work area remains healthy for people living with asthma. In other words, it reduces possible disease outbreaks.

        Responsible cleaning

        We use our tailored CMS system for managing our customer’s cleaning schedules. In addition, we have a user-controlled audit system. It facilitates customised automated check lists as well as detailed inspection reports. Because of this, manual auditing is unnecessary.

        Our professional team records the rooms and equipment they have cleaned on your premises during a regular cleaning appointment. Also, they take detailed photos and notes. After this, they update your delegated staff of any concerns. They also note any batch numbers and cleaning products. For this reason, we ensure quality and inform you when we clean your facilities.

        Moreover, it enables better maintenance planning. In case of unplanned business changes, you can contact us at any time. We work within the Wollongong area for standard commercial areas. Therefore we always have someone available at all times for emergency cleaning services.

        Cleaning commercial industries

        Our cleaning staff has experience in specialised companies. Coupled with this, they are equipped to handle any particular cleaning issues that your facilities experience. Apart from retail spaces, office spaces, and commercial businesses, we have specialist-cleaning experience in particular commercial industries. 

        For example, we offer cleaning services to medical facilities, construction and building and food facilities. Also, we provide cleaning services for high access areas like billboards and high-rises.


        Australian Construction is proud to train and hire expert cleaners. Additionally our cleaners are committed to the industry. We have built our business culture around top cleaning standards. More importantly our training techniques ensure consistent and reliable services.

        So call us today for quality industrial cleaning services in Wollongong!


          Hire The Most Effective Industrial Cleaning Service In Ballarat Today

            At Australian Construction, we are a committed cleaning business. We focus on our clients’ needs and are passionate about our industrial cleaning in Ballarat. Because of this, we ensure we give you a customised and friendly service to keep your premises clean. 

            Our staff is thoroughly trained and educated. As a result, we ensure we give our customers certified and qualified cleaners. Moreover, if needed, we offer audit and inspection services to our clients. Our supervisor checks all client premises regularly. Therefore they ensure our company delivers quality cleaning. In general, our supervisor relays any special requests or faults to our cleaning staff. Hence it facilitates fast follow-up.

            Cleaning services

            Australian Construction undertakes commercial cleaning. We handle industrial cleaning services in Ballarat. Furthermore, we are specialists in cleaning factories, schools and supermarkets. Also, we clean sporting clubs, dental and medical clinics and department stores.

            We can arrange a comprehensive cleaning service. It includes waste removal and maintenance. Likewise, we handle your cleaning needs regardless of the size. Our skilled team specialises in window cleaning and floor polishing. Besides, we have essential equipment like buffers, auto scrubbers, power sweepers and high-speed burnishers.

            Because we are flexible, we customise packages to suit different sites. For this reason, we deliver site-specific services. Our company also cleans solar panels. For this process, we use a boom lift, scissor lift or scaffolding contractor

            Industrial cleaning

            Industrial cleaning in Ballarat is necessary for extreme situations. For example, you may experience toxic chemical spills, a sewerage leak or severe hoarding damage. Under these circumstances, you should consider environmental codes and health risks. Leave these risky jobs to experts like Australian Construction.

            Our expert team in Ballarat provides cleaning solutions for industrial accidents. We have vast experience in restoring damaged furniture and deodorising smells. Moreover, we remove contaminated rubbish. Some jobs are tricky and unpleasant. So it would be best if you hired a firm like ours because we understand the essential cleaning standards.

            Our industrial cleaning in Ballarat includes:

            • Abrasive cleaning
            • High-pressure cleaning
            • Waste removal
            • Hoarding clean up
            • Bio-hazard site cleaning
            • Vacuum cleaning
            • Emergency response (water, wind and fire cleaning)
            • Working at heights clean-ups
            • All kinds of heavy-duty specialised cleaning

            Sweeping & scrubbing

            At times a broom is not enough. Because of this, for commercial sweeping and scrubbing, you need experts like us. Furthermore, we have significant experience in different facilities. For instance, we have handled factories and car parks. We have served warehouses and construction sites as well. 

            Our professional sweeping and scrubbing services leave a lasting impact. More importantly, our equipment is high quality, and this range of machinery includes vacuum sweepers and pressure washers. Furthermore, we have ride-on road sweepers. Coupled with this, they are fully insured and OHS-certified. Also, we provide a 24-hour emergency service. 

            It is challenging to scrub car parks and clean factory spills. Additionally, the pressure-blasting warehouse is a difficult task. However, working with us takes the stress from you.  We also offer affordable services.

            Our commercial sweeping services involve:

            • Industrial & workshop sweeping
            • Hazard and spill solutions
            • De-greasing and pressure washing
            • Scrubbing loading bays, warehouses & factories.
            • External & internal hard-stand areas
            • Construction site cleaning


            At Australian Construction, we work hard to offer and maintain a safe, secure and clean surrounding. Also, we facilitate functional surroundings and support the operational requirements of communities, government and businesses. We customise our solutions to meet your particular needs. Because of this, we are unique.

            Also, our team is supportive, caring and organised. They handle your project and surpass your expectations. For this reason, you have a stress free experience. Choosing us means you get compliance, quality and efficiency.

            Talk to us today and enjoy ideal industrial cleaning in Ballarat!


              Industrial Cleaning Experts In Bendigo | Request A Quote Online Today

                Australian Construction is experienced in providing cleaning services. We offer industrial cleaning services in Bendigo for various areas. Because of this, we comprehend the office designs and functions for the employees’ health. Effective office cleaning processes impact the staff positively.

                Therefore, work becomes a healthy and inspiring area. Not only are happy staff members more productive, but they also experience more job satisfaction. As a result, sick days reduce, and the staff avoids burnout. More importantly, they become more loyal to their employer. Because of this, we do not underestimate the role of a clean, hygienic and safe facility. 

                Our services

                For years we have provided complete industrial and office cleaning services. We work with you to find out the specifics of your cleaning needs. After this, we create a program with procedures showing the details of your cleaning needs. Also, we draw up a schedule with techniques that facilitate high standards of hygiene and cleanliness surrounding. 

                Industrial cleaning

                Australian Construction has vast experience in numerous industrial cleaning applications. Moreover, we have a highly trained team. Consequently, they are familiar with our comprehensive services. So they deliver to your particular requirements. 

                More importantly, we have unique triple certification. For this reason, our team is proficient in all aspects of WH&S. We endeavour to facilitate safety for you and your staff. In addition, we make sure your company is compliant. Our expert team consults with you to find out your exact needs.

                Our industrial cleaning services in Bendigo include:

                • Manufacturing cleaning
                • Soft industrial cleaning
                • Hard industrial cleaning
                • Factory cleaning
                • Moreover, we offer various specialised cleaning solutions.

                Our unique services

                We utilise effective and safe cleaning products. Our products are also human and environmentally friendly. Given this, we emphasise responsible cleaning processes. These processes meet environmental and occupational health standards. 

                We customise our services to suit our clients’ needs and requirements. Because of this, you pay only for the services you require for your specific facility. Our company provides different ancillary specialist cleaning services. For example, we offer upholstery and window cleaning.

                Our cleaning times are flexible. Therefore we follow your schedule.  Because of our Integrated Management System, our clients can monitor the activity at their business site remotely.  Because of this, regulatory compliance reporting is possible. All our cleaners are thoroughly trained in WH&S & Quality Management methods.

                Office cleaning

                We offer the ideal corporate and commercial cleaning services in Bendigo. Talk to our friendly staff for professional and reliable office cleaning solutions.  Your office cleanliness is our top priority. We appreciate that as an employer, you want to ensure you have clean and fresh premises. It enables your clients and employees to be comfortable.

                Our professional staff is proud of their work. We guarantee a spotless appearance in your office area. Moreover, they work without disrupting your sensitive equipment or documents. We understand that managing an office is demanding. Also, hygiene and cleanliness is vital. 

                Your office represents your business functionality. Lack of a suitable cleaning program makes your clients note the untidiness. It, therefore, affects your business image. However, if the office is well cleaned, the customers will notice as well.  It results in your staff being comfortable and hence more productive. 

                Cleaning surfaces and furniture regularly prevents bacteria and dust accumulation. The cleaning products we use are not only safe but also effective. Additionally, using these products leaves no toxic residue.


                Do you want reliable industrial cleaning in Bendigo? In that case, Australian Construction is available—we clean factories and offices in Bendigo cost-effectively. Furthermore, we aim to give you superior services customised to meet your needs.

                At all times, we ensure your facilities remain in ideal condition. Because of this your customers and visitors have a good impression of your premises.

                Call us today for optimal cleanliness in your premises!


                  Speak To The Most Professional Industrial Cleaning Service In Launceston

                    For years Australian Construction has provided professional industrial cleaning in Launceston. We specialise in all aspects of industrial and office cleaning. It includes school and shopping centres cleaning. Not only are we expert cleaners but we also have the essential insurance and certifications. Our skilled team is proud to offer customised services.

                    Furthermore, we work hard to give you exceptional services. We have a diverse group of specialists, and we are leaders in the sector. When you allow us to undertake your cleaning project, you have peace of mind. For this reason, you can concentrate on operating your business.

                    Warehouse & factories cleaning

                    At an industrial site, dirt and debris accumulate if not cleaned frequently. Also, there are some adverse effects if you do not clean your factory regularly. For example, not following the national standards leads to severe threats to staff. It is also dangerous for everyday functions and also production.

                    Comparatively, food manufacturing facilities have unique needs than other standard commercial sites. As a result, these facilities need specialised, comprehensive and advanced cleaning processes. Due to this, they meet frequent auditing and health inspection needs.

                    Our Australian Construction cleaning services give you the chance to benefit from quality facility cleaning. Because of this, your food manufacturing plant remains germ-free. Moreover, your food is safe from germs also. For this reason, your food does not get contaminated. Hence it is entirely secure. Ineffective cleaning of the plants leads to dirt and soiling. Consequently, it affects your production procedure.

                    Under these circumstances, pick an expert cleaning service like us. We give you a suitable solution. Hence we ensure your factory surrounding does not experience spreading germs that can destroy other products. We offer specialised industrial cleaning in Launceston for food manufacturing facilities. Our team is fully efficient and cleans the area before the storage. So it helps you in maintaining plant hygiene.

                    We handle large and small food manufacturing facilities. Moreover, we implement expertise and significant industrial experience. Our company adheres to the federal and state government health and safety standards. Also, we offer you the best food manufacturing premises cleaning. Our cleaners are proficiency tested and have the proper knowledge and attitude. Therefore, you are guaranteed quality cleaning of your food manufacturing premises.

                    After builders & construction cleaning

                    Office renovations are exciting, but the aftermath can be worrying. The reason is it is challenging to dispose of the mess. In addition, it is difficult to clean up all the dirt and debris after the completion of construction. It may involve renovation also or work at your construction site. So work with the experts to get the correct solution. You can then fix your commercial property, restore its shine and make it ready for use.

                    For after construction builders cleaning, we are your best option.  In Launceston, we are the leading post-construction cleaning firm. We offer exceptional cleaning solutions. These services are ideal for building and renovating at the construction site. We are specialists in this area. Additionally, we have the essential products, knowledge and equipment. Because of this, we work in a specific manner leaving our clients satisfied.

                    We carry out post-construction cleaning perfectly and efficiently. More importantly, we save you time, and you can enjoy your office renovations. We customise clean surfaces for construction companies. Hence we handle various cleaning elements.


                    At Australian Construction, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. Doing this enables us to attain strategic cleaning needs founded on industry standards. We also have a unique and collaborative method. It facilitates our cleaning approaches and techniques. As a result, we ensure complete satisfaction.

                    Because we are a strict cleaning service, we guarantee a healthy surrounding.  We appreciate that healthy hygiene practices are essential. For this reason, our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Also, we use risk-free chemicals.

                    Call us today for the best industrial cleaning in Launceston!


                      Industrial Cleaning Services On The Central Coast By Cleaning Experts

                        When your office or other business area is clean, it gives you peace of mind. Having clean carpets, windows, and generally clean premises gives you a positive and healthier working surrounding. Because of this, Australian Construction cleans your working area professionally. Furthermore, we offer industrial cleaning on the Central Coast.

                        Our team professionally cleans commercial buildings for our customers. As a result, your employees enjoy a healthy work area. Moreover, health signifies more profits. It is because you will start to experience enhanced business productivity. We protect your workers against allergens, infections and pathogens. Consequently, they regain their energy, work harder and ensure your business grows.

                        Commercial Cleaning

                        Most company management or business owners do not pay much attention to cleanliness in the workplace. They hire one or two cleaning staff. They do it believing it is enough to maintain cleanliness in their commercial building. Under these circumstances, your cleaning staff can dust and vacuum.

                        Also, they can empty the garbage bins. However, this level of cleaning is insufficient. The reason is they do not deal with more essential elements like removing dust and pathogens. Moreover, they do not handle the fixed dirt concealed in the furniture and blinds.

                        It can lead to many sick days because of an unhealthy working surrounding. Also, before you find out the cause of the sicknesses among your staff, your firm will have made losses in time and money. In addition, your clients and other people who visit your premises may view your services or products differently. So avoid this situation by hiring professional industrial cleaning on the Central Coast.

                        Reliable commercial cleaning

                        At Australian Construction Services, we are the ideal commercial cleaners. Therefore you do not need to be concerned about dust or allergens and their negative impacts. When your employees have a healthy work area, the business productivity improves. Having a healthy environment motivates your staff to work harder. Consequently, your business grows.

                        We provide different commercial cleaning services like:

                        • Janitorial services to help you in maintaining a spectacular image. Also, we offer you a safe, healthy and clean working area. 
                        • In addition, we create a convenient plan for you. Therefore your work schedule and our commercial cleaning services are aligned.
                        • We provide commercial cleaning services for projects anywhere and any time.

                        Because we specialise in commercial cleaning, we handle different cleaning tasks. For example, we undertake air duct cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Besides, we wash windows and clean grout and tile. Furthermore, we handle post-construction cleaning and more.

                        Our vast experience has enabled us to form very effective methods. Similarly, we are familiar with products for servicing all kinds of industries. Not only are we skilled commercial cleaners but also efficient in solving issues. Because of this, despite the type of commercial cleaning you need, we can deliver!

                        Pressure cleaning

                        Our pressure cleaning entails using low or high pressure to clean areas. For example, we use this method for siding, concrete and driveways. Moreover, we utilise this technique for fences, roofs and other outdoor surfaces. This type of cleaning service has endured the test of time. More importantly, it has proven superior in removing stains, dirt and grime. 

                        The most significant advantage of pressure washing is its capability of giving your property a shine. Mainly this is possible as it facilitates access to difficult to reach areas. For this reason, most companies and home-owners prefer pressure washing.


                        Australian Construction is famous for providing ideal cleaning services for commercial buildings and homes. We offer top-quality pressure washing. Additionally, our expert team uses attention to detail techniques. Because we appreciate time is important to you we deliver fast. 

                        Call us today for the most efficient industrial cleaning services on the Central Coast!


                          The Best Industrial Cleaning In Mackay With Over 15 Years Experience

                            If an industrial site is dirty, it reduces productivity. Do you work with specific chemicals or heavy machinery? In that case, your site needs sanitising and cleaning. It is essential for your employees’ health. Moreover, it is also crucial for your business well-being. It allows Australian Construction to help in protecting your employees. Given this, we offer ideal industrial cleaning in Mackay.

                            We have industrial and commercial, and office clients in Mackay. Our company appreciates that these clients have different requirements. Hence the quality and kind of services we provide reflect this. We have an experienced team. As a result, they offer specialised cleans like high-pressure cleaning. Moreover, they offer deep cleans for manufacturing facilities. Because of this, you can move in, move out or proceed with the job.

                            Industrial cleaning

                            Do you want to have a sparkling workplace? In that case, we offer a full range of industrial cleaning services to many industries. Our staff has training in confined areas. Moreover, they are skilled at working at heights. Consequently, no cleaning task is too much for us. You might have a small workshop. Or perhaps you have a significant commercial vacate clean requirement. Under these circumstances, we can provide expert services from beginning to end.

                            Commercial cleaning

                            Working in a clean and cheerful environment is excellent. Due to this, we provide top quality cleaning solutions for commercial and business premises in Mackay. We offer industrial cleaning in Mackay for any kinds of companies. Scope size, location or industry type does not matter, and we clean to superior standards.

                            Our services make an impact, and you will be happy with the results. The commercial cleaning services we offer include different essential solutions. We service small and extensive services. Moreover, our office and commercial cleaners work to provide optimal cleansing and sanitation. More importantly, we ensure minimal disruption to your everyday operations.

                            Commercial cleaning for all areas

                            In business locations, grime and dirt accumulate fast. Different factors result in dust, dirt and allergens in your working facilities. For example, it can result from:

                            • Significant foot traffic
                            • The high population of employees
                            • Visits from clients

                            In addition, they bring mould and bacteria. These factors also cause other health hazards. With this in mind, we give you and your clients and peace of mind. The reason is we offer you expert, deep office cleaning services. Likewise, we provide various other standard industrial cleaning services. Also, we give you services not available in other office cleaning companies. For example, we clean interior and exterior windows even on multi-storey structures.

                            Australian Construction handles cobwebs and dust in hard to access areas. Our expert commercial cleaning company also offers building and car park exterior cleaning. Because of this, we ensure your site always gives your clients the best impression.

                            Our firm specialises in customised maintenance programs. You and your firm have particular needs, expectations and goals. Therefore, allow our commercial and industrial cleaners to create a custom schedule of services. It ensures we meet your exact requirements.

                            Hygiene solutions and consumables

                            We have environmentally friendly and affordable solutions. Furthermore, we customise them specifically for your budgets and needs. So they suit all kinds of organisations and wash rooms, large and small.


                            Australian Construction is a multi-purpose firm. So we offer services across different fields. All properties need cleaning. We appreciate this and aim to give you a unique service for all your hygiene requirements. Our commercial cleaners offer excellent outcomes in your Mackay premises. Because of our team’s attention to detail we are popular. Our customer service team offer the best services in this area.

                            So call us today, and we will be happy to discuss your cleaning requirements.


                              Toowoomba Industrial Cleaning Services For Hire – Australian Construction

                                At Australian Construction, we understand it is vital to maintain impeccable cleanliness standards in your office structure. Therefore we offer exceptional industrial cleaning in Toowoomba. Furthermore you need trustworthy services for your office cleaning needs. 

                                Today it is a mandatory requirement for all commercial businesses to maintain a clean and sanitary office surrounding. When your office is clean, it provides a healthy and safe surrounding for your visitors, colleagues and clients.

                                In light of this, our well-trained cleaners scrub everything clean. You might be working in a multi-level office. Or perhaps you recently set up a new shop. Regardless we clean your interior and exterior. Therefore we give you premises to make you proud.

                                Commercial carpet cleaning

                                Australian Construction provides superior quality carpet cleaning. We offer these services to your commercial business or premises. Moreover, we only use ideal cleaning products for our industrial cleaning in Toowoomba. For this reason, we give your carpets an excellent clean. 

                                These services are best for schools, hotels and malls. We also undertake carpet cleaning for restaurants. Our personalised and quality cleaning services suit all sized businesses. Additionally, we utilise the most effective, latest equipment and products. As a result, your carpets remain fresh, clean and hygienic.

                                Regular cleaning services

                                Australian Construction Services tailors our cleaning programmes to your precise needs. Likewise, we carry out our work at your convenience. Because of this, we can work after hours, for instance late or early in the evening. Also, we work over the weekend and public holidays as well.

                                Commitment to quality

                                Australian Construction is committed to top standards. Furthermore, we are ISO certified. We have established inspection, monitoring and assessment systems. It includes health & safety methods, thereby giving you a practical, professional and safe service.

                                Industrial cleaning & maintenance

                                Regardless of your kind of factory, we clean your whole facility. Therefore it passes any inspection. Our competent team maintains your industrial and commercial premises effectively. We also handle the dirty work allowing you and your staff to focus on your work. Australian Construction customises our cleaning programmes according to your exact requirements. 

                                Hard floors cleaning

                                Australian Construction cleans all your floors at once. Given this, you do not need to hire several contractors. Hence you save time and money. Not only do we clean carpets but also offer cleaning services on hard floor timber. For example, we clean vinyl, tiles and timber. Comparatively, the team removes more grime and dirt than regular mopping. 

                                As a result, your floor looks refreshed and extremely clean. Our technicians utilise superior products. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly. Our company offers all work with a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore do not postpone cleaning your floors any more!

                                Industrial vacuum services

                                Australian Construction provides effective, safe, quick and reliable solutions for industrial waste cleaning. Moreover, we recover partly processed material spillages. We carry out this procedure in industries like metals smelting, refining and mineral processing.

                                Our firm has various heavy-duty vacuum systems. Because of this, we undertake heavy mining and industrial applications. The vacuum units are appropriate for discharging, suctioning and transporting liquids and dangerous substances, for example, substances like fats, sludge, liquids, oils, fuels, industrial products and chemicals.

                                ​The Australian Construction top-notch vacuum units handle different industrial products like cement, alumina, clay, dust etc. We also handle mill scale, ore, oil spills, slurries and metal chips.


                                Our industrial cleaning services in Toowoomba are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. We have highly trained and friendly staff. So they can cater to all your cleaning requirements. The technology we use is advanced and hence improves our services.

                                Our quality services are available for all sized businesses. For this reason, building and property owners prefer us. Additionally, we are popular among management firms and various commercial enterprises.

                                Talk to us today about all your industrial cleaning needs.


                                  Expert Industrial Cleaning Services In Bundaberg By Aus Construction

                                    Australian Construction undertakes industrial cleaning in Bundaberg. We have highly skilled industrial cleaning staff. Our services are available to various industry sectors. For example, we work with public facilities and amenities. Also our services are available to government/commercial offices. Furthermore, we are specialists in at-height and high-risk cleaning. It includes exterior and interior window cleaning.

                                    We only use superior cleaning products. Because of this, we work safely and effectively. More importantly, we create a safe and clean surrounding for our clients, their staff, and the whole community. Our company uses non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning products. We have a hands-on management team. Moreover, we understand that every client has unique cleaning needs. Therefore, we customise our services to suit our clients’ needs.

                                    Industrial and commercial cleaning

                                    Australian Construction is famous for our specialised, high-quality services. Our cleaning staff is very proficient. Because of this, we ensure we meet quality standards. Therefore, our clients have peace of mind. Our customised industrial cleaning services provide a high level of cleanliness. Moreover, we use safe and effective chemicals. These chemicals are certified for hospital use. Also, they consist of a higher testing level compared to the regular EPA tests.

                                    Coupled with our cleaning techniques and safety and health, we have become a market leader. We are conscious of the environment and understand that waste can result from cleaning. Our company has vast experience in this sector. As a result, we have established unique solutions. For example, we use biodegradable products and recycled water. It ensures our products are recyclable. Consequently, it reduces our carbon footprint.

                                    For years we have supplied vast municipal waste services. Also, we provide recycling services to local councils in Bundaberg. We consider various factors regarding municipal waste solutions:

                                    • Your municipalities’ existing and future growth possibilities
                                    • Disposal habits
                                    • Public waste education
                                    • Recognition of likely new waste streams to enhance diversion.

                                    Our industrial cleaning in Bundaberg involves collecting and processing general waste. In addition, we recycle it on behalf of councils. We also offer industrial services for municipal and road asset maintenance. So when you require environmental clean-up, we are your ideal solution. We provide different councils’ industrial services. For example, we offer:

                                    • Sewer & drain clean-up
                                    • Pipe & tube cleaning
                                    • Root cutting
                                    • Culvert surveying
                                    • Culverts and tanks jetting
                                    • Well surveys
                                    • Trunk cleaning
                                    • Tank & vessel surveying, etc.
                                    • Emergency spills service (24-hour)

                                    Australian Construction handles the entire response procedure for non-hazardous and hazardous spills. Besides, we undertake minor fuel leaks and major environmental emergencies in a waterway or land.

                                    Our skilled team handles collection, clean-up, processing as well as disposal. We have in-house experience and skills. More importantly, we have access to various emergency response equipment, plants, and vehicles.

                                    Our expert team responds quickly to spills. Because of this, we reduce the adverse effect on the surroundings and community. Also, your business reputation does not suffer. Our services adhere to applicable environmental obligations. It involves clean-up, waste transport, and eventual disposal.

                                    Water blasting

                                    Australian Construction offers high-pressure cleaning. Similarly, we provide water blasting solutions across numerous industrial and commercial sectors. We use the newest equipment accessible on the market. Due to this, we maintain top-level cleaning standards. Additionally, we give our clients affordable services. Our skilled staff is qualified to work on different surroundings and facility cleaning contract. It includes:

                                    • Parks
                                    • Train stations (all surfaces)
                                    • Ferry terminals
                                    • Footpaths & walkways
                                    • Car parks
                                    • Building wash-downs
                                    • Pontoons & boat ramps
                                    • Shelters and bus stations

                                    We work with different types of chemicals. For this reason, we meet regulatory needs or exceed them. This is especially for sensitive surroundings like ferry terminals.


                                    Australian Company staff goes the extra mile to exceed clients’ expectations. Our cleaning staff is cross-trained in the different services we provide. Therefore, we are unique from other cleaning companies. It ensures a higher level of service delivery flexibility.

                                    So talk to us today about your industrial cleaning in Bundaberg!


                                      Hire Industrial Cleaning Experts In Cairns For All Commercial Cleaning

                                        At Australian Construction, we have exceptional standards. Moreover, we are committed to providing superior industrial cleaning services in Cairns. We customise our services to suit your needs. We offer our services to commercial offices and medical facilities. Additionally, we clean sport & leisure centres, etc.

                                        Our top priorities are your restoration needs after property damage. Given this, we work hard to make sure we deliver uncompromising services.  These services are available 24/7, and our professional cleaning team makes your area shine. 

                                        Medical centre cleaning

                                        Australian Construction specialises in medical centre cleaning. We understand a hygienic and clean surrounding is important. More importantly, your healthcare team, staff and patients benefit. We go beyond surface appearance and pay attention to detail. Also, we provide quality processes and products to avoid cross-contamination.

                                        We have cleaned various medical centres like dental, clinics, surgeries and general practitioners. Our expert team has also serviced pharmacies and warehouses. Besides, our team is fully insured and compliant with all essential Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

                                        Water damage restoration solutions

                                        Mainly water damage occurs due to flood damage, storms, bathrooms, sinks, etc. This damage is devastating as it spoils your facility’s interior and building structure. Therefore if you experience any flood or water damage, contact a professional company like Australian Construction Services. We offer water damage restoration and flood damage restoration services.

                                        Our company has provided superior water damage restoration and flood restoration for years. Our team is experienced and uses the latest equipment and technology.  Because of this, we quickly restore your property to its pre-damaged state. 

                                        Our team drains out the water, dries the property, sanitises and cleans mould. The sophisticated equipment we use includes high-tech pumps, dehumidifiers and speed fans. In addition, we have vacuum machines for drying flooded floors or carpets. 

                                        Because of our reliable method, we ensure fast restoration of your property. Similarly, our team inspects water damage closely. Consequently, we identify its main cause, for example, leaking ceilings. So we give you a long-term solution to your issues. Our industrial cleaning in Cairns also includes mould-cleaning services.

                                        Fire damage restoration

                                        We have vast experience in fire damage restoration services. Our clients include commercial and industrial. Also, our technicians are highly qualified and use unique methods. As a result, they eliminate smoke residue and soot. Additionally, they get rid of persistent odours from buildings and contents affected by the fire.

                                        Industrial and commercial properties experience fire and smoke damage. As a result, your business is interrupted and you lose income. In general, your life is disrupted. We understand the effects of fire on businesses and lives. Because of this, we know it is urgent to renovate your property to its pre-loss state. Likewise, it would help if you got your business running again.

                                        Australian Construction’s assessment managers prepare and manage the whole project. As a result, they ensure they complete all restoration and cleaning procedures for building and contents to a superior standard.

                                        Inspection, testing and assessment

                                        Fires lead to great damage to buildings and contents. Because of this, we carry out a comprehensive inspection, testing as well as assessment. We establish the restorability of the building and its contents. Despite the magnitude of the loss, our qualified industrial cleaners and assessment managers restore fire-damaged property.


                                        Do you need commercial or industrial cleaning in Cairns? In that case, you need professionals like Australian Construction to do the job. We are dedicated to giving your premises a fresh and clean look and handle all sized jobs. Our company responds quickly to meet our clients’ needs.

                                        We will be pleased to handle your major commercial properties, so call us today.


                                          Industrial Cleaning In Rockhampton | Hire The Most Reliable Service

                                            Australian Construction specialises in ensuring your industrial site runs efficiently. Do you need after-hours cleaning or day cleaning? Or do you require both? In that case, you need a committed cleaning company for your industrial cleaning in Rockhampton.

                                            Moreover, the company should understand how to adhere to quality, safety and environmental standards. Our company meets these standards. Furthermore, our cleaning team is motivated and efficient. Because of this, they work safely and can recognise the risk. Additionally, they work hard to ensure they follow all the quality and safety requirements while working at your site.

                                            Our team has the expertise and equipment to provide various flexible industrial cleaning services in Rockhampton. Moreover, they suit your site demands. We have skilled commercial cleaners. Because of this, they give you a fully compliant and certified industrial cleaning service. Consequently, it gives you top quality outcomes each day.

                                            Our specialised industrial cleaning solutions

                                            Australian Construction has cleaned supply chain warehouses, medical laboratories and transport hubs. Likewise, we have cleaned global food distribution plants. Given this, we provide various industrial cleaning services like:

                                            • Degreasing
                                            • Waste and rubbish removal
                                            • Benches, tubs, sinks
                                            • Hard surface polishing and scrubbing
                                            • Grout cleaning
                                            • High-pressure cleaning of car parks, concrete floors and buildings and more

                                            We appreciate that each business and site has unique requirements. For this reason, our cleaners undergo rigorous training. So if your site has particular compliance, cultural or operational needs, we have you covered. Our team pays attention to detail and are safety compliant. Also, they use the newest technology and have a strong collaboration culture. More importantly, we keep your site clean.

                                            Full-time cleaning

                                            Maybe you want a full-time onsite cleaner. However, you want to avoid the stress of hiring someone else. In that case, do not worry. We can organise for our cleaner to work full time with you. So do not be concerned about payroll or worker’s compensation. In addition, when your cleaner takes days off, we will quickly offer a replacement. Our cleaners are professional and expertly trained. Since they learn about your business intimately, they become part of your team.

                                            Commercial cleaning

                                            Your working area is shared. Because of this, your office requires regular and top-level cleaning. As a result, it ensures a healthy working surrounding. Mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic, your office needs regular, efficient and effective cleaning. It stops the spread of dangerous micro-organisms. If possible, have thorough cleaning each week.

                                            Australian Construction maintains a new look in your office. Additionally, we reduce some of the likely health and safety hazards for your staff. We have vast experience in industrial cleaning in Rockhampton. Because of this, we offer meticulous services all the time.

                                            Maximising workplace productivity

                                            When your office is clean and organised, it enhances employee morale. More importantly, it increases your workplace productivity. Mess, dirt and unnecessary clutter lead to distractions. Moreover, it gives visiting clients a negative impression. For this reason, our commercial office cleaners assist in the smooth running of your office, enabling you to resume operations.

                                            We have professional materials, equipment and tools. As a result, we provide top quality cleaning jobs. An excellent working area reassures your employees of how much you care. Additionally, it gives you peace of mind. We work according to schedule to match a busy office environment. Therefore, we set up a cleaning routine that we customise to your business timetable and needs. Despite your industry and office size, our team delivers a spotless clean. We also handle challenging floor plans.


                                            At Australian Construction, we are successful in the cleaning industry. The reason is that we regard our clients as people, not as jobs or numbers. So when you work with us, we take time to understand your unique needs.

                                            Contact us now and learn why we rank # 1 for industrial cleaning in Rockhampton!


                                              Industrial Cleaning On The Sunshine Coast By Australian Construction

                                                Australian Construction offers cleaning for all kinds of commercial establishments. Because of this, we are dedicated to giving you and your business the ideal commercial building cleaning services. We also provide excellent customer service. Therefore if you need perfect industrial cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, we are there for you.

                                                Some expert cleaning companies provide daily cleaning services choices. However, we understand you may not require us to clean your building daily. For this reason, we provide flexible cleaning schedules. As a result, you can pick the cleaning options that suit your needs.

                                                Industrial cleaning services

                                                You may be operating an industrial or commercial business. Therefore you appreciate the importance of working with an expert industrial cleaning service like Australian Construction. Our cleaners not only have the essential expertise to complete the work but also are also knowledgeable about the relevant state regulation applicable to your business. 

                                                In addition, we offer other benefits when you work with us. The chemicals we use are either industrial-strength or all-purpose. They are different, and our cleaners comprehend these differences. Besides, they understand it is crucial to follow environmental protection standards. 

                                                Some numerous regulations and rules govern the kinds of products we use and likely side effects. Because of this, you need to hire a company like ours.  Moreover, we understand the potential dangers linked to some chemicals.

                                                Our services

                                                You can use planned shut-downs to offer routine clean-ups and preventative maintenance. We work throughout the year. Also, our cleaners are experienced in cleaning different commercial areas. In other words, we offer services like carpet cleaning and pressure cleaning. Additionally, we provide equipment cleaning and window cleaning.

                                                Pressure cleaning

                                                Pressure cleaning is a famous industrial cleaning service. Australian Construction’s pressure cleaning services are popular among the Sunshine Coast business owners. Pressure cleaning effectively cleans grout in building and tile exteriors. 

                                                Furthermore, it removes mildew and mould successfully. Mildew and mould is not only ugly but also dangerous to workers’ health. Using our industrial cleaning on the Sunshine Coast ensures your business is free from mildew and mould. Consequently, it creates a safe surrounding for all customers and workers.

                                                Sustaining a healthy working environment

                                                We keep your area looking wonderful. Similarly, we help in increasing efficiency and productivity. Airborne-related sicknesses can affect the business negatively. Given this, your business operations decline if your staff is sick.  In light of this, our cleaning services ensure your staff retains optimal health. We also ensure their working area is safe.

                                                Healthy employees mean a decrease in sick days. Also, workers’ compensation cases reduce. Preventing the spread of illness helps businesses to increase their work quality and overall profits. For a clean, healthy and safe business environment, we are your best option.

                                                Improve your business

                                                Australian Construction boosts your business vastly. Our cleaners utilise unique methods and top-notch techniques. More importantly, they make sure your business is sanitised and clean. We ensure we meet your maintenance, sanitisation and cleaning services. 

                                                In light of this, you can concentrate on your business development, growth and productivity. Hence, leave the maintenance and cleaning to the experts!


                                                At Australian Construction, we know business hours vary for different businesses. For this reason, we tailor our cleaning schedule. Therefore it suits your operations. Your work should not come to a standstill while we clean your businesses. 

                                                Due to this, we not only avoid interfering with your work but also you work better. You do not need to be concerned about getting rid of the rubbish or worry about the carpet. Our staff completes each task with care.  So we guarantee you the best outcomes. The services we provide enable you to work safely in a sanitised surrounding each day.

                                                Get in touch today and enjoy the ideal industrial cleaning on the Sunshine Coast!


                                                  Wagga Wagga Industrial Cleaning Services By Australian Construction

                                                    For many years Australian Construction has helped businesses with comprehensive commercial cleaning. We offer premium industrial cleaning in Wagga Wagga. Our industry experience is proven, and our portfolio is full of happy clients! We have a team of skilled, professional and committed people.

                                                    Therefore, you have peace of mind.  Our work is essential to your commercial kitchen’s safety, health and compliance. Moreover, our cleaning services are broad and reliable. We provide restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning services. It includes filter cleaning services and cleaning exchanges. Also, our company handles your cool rooms, exhaust, ducts, canopy maintenance or cleaning.

                                                    Commercial kitchen cleaning

                                                    We are a top commercial kitchen cleaning firm. Because of this, we have many satisfied clients in the corporate and hospitality sector. When we clean and maintain your business, it helps you prevent damage and expensive repairs. Moreover, it avoids costly business disruptions and ensures compliance with us. Additionally, we offer routine and planning services to help you flourish.  Our industrial cleaning in Wagga Wagga includes:

                                                    • Buying and replacing kitchen filters
                                                    • Deep cleaning all surface areas
                                                    • Cleaning canopy range hoods, ducts and kitchen exhaust systems
                                                    • Polishing your cool rooms
                                                    • Cleaning kitchen surfaces located more than 2 metres high.

                                                    Our team of experts also cleans canopy range hood as part of our maintenance work. They clean it outside and inside, ensuring that they eliminate hidden fat and grease. As professionals, not only do we value appealing looks but also thorough cleaning.

                                                    We also clean and maintain your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system.  The procedure is vital for your kitchen’s maximum performance. Moreover, it helps you in avoiding health and safety issues. When your commercial kitchen is compliant, you avoid contaminants like debris, dust and other pollutants.

                                                    It is vital for your kitchen’s optimal performance. Furthermore, it helps you prevent hygiene and safety problems. We offer superior duct cleaning services. Because of this, you avoid exposing your clients and staff to danger.

                                                    Your staff can handle standard cleaning and your business daily needs. However, deep cleaning your business’s kitchen needs experts like Australian Construction Services. Given this, we ensure we clean your shelves, door and appliances thoroughly. Additionally, we help with hard to reach surfaces and high cleaning requirements. Our team also ensures your cool room is in a good state. This section is mainly ignored. However, cleanliness is as vital here as for other areas of your commercial kitchen.

                                                    Our professional team is experienced and provides the highest standards. In light of this, we offer a polished and practical commercial kitchen. More importantly, we maintain safety. So you can relax knowing you have a compliant business and safeguards in place to avoid fire incidents.

                                                    Chemical cleaning

                                                    Australian Construction offers quality specific cleaning services. We remove ion build-ups, toxic residues and scales. In addition, we eliminate scales from vessels, heat exchangers, pipes and reservoirs. Our chemical washing solutions are safe and customised. Moreover, we work according to schedule. For chemical waste disposal or boiler cleaning services, we are available to help.

                                                    We provide chemical cleaning that entails cleaning up your equipment. As a result, it prevents corrosion. Our expert team carries out line drying, sanitisation and degreasing. In addition, they perform acid collection, fluid rinsing, water flushing. We carry out chemical cleaning and use the correct equipment.


                                                    At Australian Construction, we appreciate the importance of top-quality industrial cleaning in Wagga Wagga. However, it may be challenging to maintain your premises and environment. For this reason, we use a comprehensive method to deliver standard top cleaning. We use ideal disinfectants and cleaners, and cleaning methods.

                                                    Call us today for the best industrial cleaning services in Wagga Wagga!


                                                      Competent Industrial Cleaning Professionals In Bunbury For Hire

                                                        Australian Construction offers a complete industrial cleaning service. Our services suit any workplace and budget. Moreover, we provide industrial cleaning in Bunbury to small distribution warehouses. We also serve large production plants. We have vast experience in providing industrial cleaning services. Because of this, we comprehend the importance of maintaining a safe working surrounding. Therefore, your inventory management and staff remain safe.

                                                        We have skilled staff, management systems and equipment. As a result, we carry out quality control of your cleaning needs. It ensures your work area continues operating at peak production. More importantly, the downtime is reduced. We are a specialised industrial cleaning firm. Therefore, we keep your warehouse safe and organised. Call us now for exceptional industrial cleaning services. We will give you an obligation free quote.

                                                        Safety during industrial site cleaning

                                                        There are many risks in industrial work sites. For this reason, we mainly focus on the safety of your employees and clients. Also, we keep suppliers, clients and our staff protected. Our industrial cleaners are highly trained. Because of this, they pro-actively recognise hazards.

                                                        Additionally, they follow particular safety measures on your site. Likewise, they ensure they clean your working surrounding thoroughly. Because of this, they reduce any possible dangers. Australian Construction has a specialist industrial cleaning staff.

                                                        We work closely with your team and ensure they comprehend all aspects of your working surrounding. Because of this, we attain an optimal outcome. Additionally, we utilise pH neutral cleaning chemicals. It depends on your work surrounding. Do you want to eliminate concerns about stock levels? In that case, you can include cleaning and bathroom consumables.

                                                        We work harmoniously with your work area.

                                                        Our team adapts to your business requirements. Consequently, they can set up a service schedule that suits your operation hours. For example, we can work during off-peak periods. Moreover, to reduce disruption, we match your employees. We appreciate that sites are different. Because of this, we customise industrial cleaning packages to suit your needs.

                                                        The Australian Construction tailored packages ensure we handle your industrial cleaning requirements. Therefore, you can concentrate on running your firm. Our services include:

                                                        • Waste management
                                                        • Inspection cleans
                                                        • Creating site clean-ups
                                                        • Machinery cleaning, etc.

                                                        You can have peace of mind because our expert team completes your cleaning. This skilled team takes time to comprehend your unique workplace needs. We use a standard range of cleaning products.

                                                        Our services

                                                        We provide various customised services tailored to your business and industry needs. Our company has proven experience and specialised equipment. Furthermore, we have highly qualified technical staff who deliver the right job.

                                                        Vacuum loading

                                                        Our compliant fleet consists of high powered industrial vacuum equipment. So we efficiently collect and dispose of non-hazardous and hazardous waste. Mainly we use it in heavy industrial applications and mining. We have fully licensed operators with extensive training. Due to this, they handle liquid and solid waste safely.

                                                        High-pressure water blasting

                                                        During our industrial cleaning in Bunbury, we use high-pressure water pumps. We deliver quick, affordable and environmentally friendly outcomes in different applications. For example, we use it in applications like hydro-demolition, cold cutting and concrete cutting. We are specialists in designing and developing tailored tooling for cleaning automation.

                                                        Shutdown services

                                                        The Australian Construction’s shut-down pre-cleaning service presents an essential aspect of expert water blasting services. We use regulated water pressure. Furthermore, our skilled team uses it to provide a deep superior clean.


                                                        Australian Construction is an expert industrial cleaning specialist. We offer unique and exclusive industrial cleaning in Bunbury. Our services are available to office and commercial premises, post-construction industries and buildings. We are a quality cleaning service provider in Bunbury. So we offer a full range of cleaning solutions. As a result, we help our clients to maintain a tidy and germ-free surrounding.

                                                        Talk to us today for the best industrial cleaning in Bunbury!


                                                          The Most Experienced Industrial Cleaning Service In Coffs Harbour

                                                            Australian Construction has broad experience in various industrial cleaning applications. We have a highly qualified team. Because of this, they can adjust our complete services to meet your particular needs. We provide industrial cleaning in Coffs Harbour. Also, our team are skilled in all aspects of WH&S.

                                                            Moreover, we work hard to ensure your safety. We also facilitate your employee’s safety and make sure your firm is compliant. Our team consults with you to find out when and how you want us to work.

                                                            Our industrial cleaning services include:

                                                            • Soft industrial cleaning
                                                            • Manufacturing cleaning
                                                            • Hard industrial cleaning
                                                            • Factory cleaning
                                                            • We also offer different specialised cleaning solutions.

                                                            Rental strata & building cleaning

                                                            Australian Construction handles cleaning strata premises. It entails undertaking different cleaning tasks. For example, we clean windows, car parks, ceilings and walls. We clean roofs, lawns and floors as well. It can be a challenge to get a firm that can handle all these tasks efficiently.

                                                            Our cleaners are police-checked, thus ensuring your security. They are also fully trained. Furthermore, we are fully insured, reliable and punctual. More importantly, we are affordable. Because of our size, we have attained an unsurpassed scale economy.

                                                            Your premises may be huge. Regardless we clean it cost-effectively. Additionally, our auditing staff regularly inspects the job quality our team carries out. As a result, we maintain high standards all the time.

                                                            Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

                                                            It is essential to keep your cooking exhaust systems and industrial kitchen sanitised and clean all through. Because of this, we have the necessary procedures and techniques. Also, we have experience and commercial grade equipment.  It ensures we provide maximum satisfaction for you and your clients.

                                                            Kitchen sanitising & cleaning

                                                            You may need a one-off service. Or perhaps you want regular services. Regardless, we can help with all your industrial kitchen sanitising and cleaning needs. Our competent team works on your grills, benches, filters, and walls. Also, we clean your walls, floors and exhausts. Moreover, we handle all sections of your kitchen.

                                                            Australian Construction has the expertise to maintain all your industrial kitchen sections in a clean, safe and sanitised state. Furthermore, we comply with Australian Standards and industry best practice.

                                                            Additionally, we help with testing and swabbing. Because of this, we ensure your kitchen is safe and hygienic all the time. We make sure your kitchen is free from grime and grease. As a result, you have a healthy, clean and safe kitchen. It reduces the possibility of accidents like fires.

                                                            Commercial & Industrial pressure cleaning solutions

                                                            Our team can pressure clean accumulated grime and dirt from any surface. We provide pressure cleaning services to:

                                                            • Cladding
                                                            • Roofs
                                                            • Walkways and paving
                                                            • Factories
                                                            • Industrial sites
                                                            • Walls and other surfaces
                                                            • Fire and smoke clean-up

                                                            We offer cleaning and restoration solutions for properties damaged by fire and smoke. Our team offers expert services. Therefore, they clean and decontaminate your property or workplace. Besides, we help with:

                                                            • Carpets restoration
                                                            • Cleaning up
                                                            • Insurance service
                                                            • Laundering of fabrics and curtains damaged by fire, etc.

                                                            In addition, we provide all laundry and industrial cleaning services. So your premises remain clean, and you resume operations.

                                                            Smoke damage, soot cleaning, or stains

                                                            Fire damage is a severe issue. Furthermore, dealing with smoke damage following a fire can be challenging. The reason is smoke can damage ceilings and walls. We clean all surfaces impacted by smoke. Also, we can suggest what assets we can restore in the damaged area and what is disposable.


                                                            At Australian Construction, we are proud to offer a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services. Despite the scope of your premises, whether commercial or industrial, we can help! Our main aim is to offer quality service and excellent client support.

                                                            Call us today for ideal industrial cleaning in Coffs Harbour!


                                                              Hire The Absolute Best Industrial Cleaning Service In Hervey Bay

                                                                At Australian Construction, we appreciate that for a workplace to thrive, cleanliness and hygiene is essential. Having clean premises gives a good impression of your business. For this reason, we specialise in industrial cleaning services in Hervey Bay. Therefore, you can rely on us for all your cleaning requirements.

                                                                We offer industrial and commercial cleaning services for all sized business. Moreover, we deliver remarkable outcomes. It is essential to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for all commercial businesses. Additionally, it presents a healthy and safe workplace for employees. We are professionals in commercial and corporate cleaning. As a result, we have years of experience in expert cleaning services to local companies and businesses.

                                                                Your time is valuable to us, and we understand you need to handle more important things. Therefore, allow our team to undertake all the difficult work for you! Our team has the expertise and knowledge. As a result, they handle all your building and office cleaning requirements.

                                                                Ideal office cleaning

                                                                At Australian Construction, we are specialists in offering remarkable industrial cleaning services. Because of this you can maintain a clean and neat area. We provide comprehensive industrial cleaning services in Hervey Bay. So, you can trust us for remarkable results. Our team has the skills and finesse to do the work correctly. They clean desks, doors, windows and chairs; in addition, they disinfect and vacuum clean. Regardless of how complex your cleaning is we can handle it.

                                                                Expert factory cleaning

                                                                Our company offers various factory cleaning services. In other words, we handle our clients’ different needs. We know it is essential to maintain the highest standards of tidiness in factories and are skilled in providing the appropriate results. It is necessary to undertake thorough factory cleaning regularly.

                                                                The reason is it maintains your employees’ health. When dirt and grime accumulate, it makes your premises unhygienic. Moreover, it is a fire hazard.  So use our factory cleaning services to ensure an impeccable space.

                                                                Industrial cleaning

                                                                Large factory areas should not have grime and clutter.  They should also be dust- free. For this reason, we deliver professional and comprehensive cleaning. After all, we have the necessary expertise and skills. We also provide services according to schedule. We clean greasy equipment and machinery as well as dirty floors. As a result, we restore your factory to a safe and clean work environment.

                                                                Customised services

                                                                Australian Construction understands that all businesses differ. It is the reason we tailor each business, for instance, specialist cleaning if necessary. It includes carpet cleaning and exterior pressure cleaning. We also undertake major disinfecting and complex floor maintenance. 

                                                                In addition, we check for hidden grime in your factory. Our expert team also cleans dirt on top of architraves and cabinets. Likewise, we wipe the hand prints on frequently used surfaces. We also wipe away neglected layers. Industrial surroundings are busy. So we design packages depending on your cleaning requirements. 

                                                                We have a team of skilled cleaners, who mainly provide industrial cleaning services in Hervey Bay. They offer this cleaning during the breakdown, maintenance and shut-downs.

                                                                Also, we have a team of dedicated, on-site, full-time cleaners. Furthermore, they are competent and offer you deep cleaning tailored services. It forms part of your general maintenance and plan. We aim to cater to all your requirements. More importantly, we work with minimal disruption to your business. Whether you want us to implement a cleaning program in the evening, during day time or at weekends, we give you the best solution.


                                                                At Australian Construction, we are a top industrial and commercial cleaning company in Hervey Bay. We offer a full range of affordable services. Because of this, you maintain a clean space. We have a highly qualified team, and we guarantee excellent outcomes.

                                                                Call us today for the best industrial cleaning solutions in Hervey Bay.


                                                                  Affordable Industrial Cleaning In Port Macquarie | Australian Construction

                                                                    At Australian Construction, we have reliable cleaners. Moreover, they are proud of their work and make your premises shine. We specialise in high-quality industrial cleaning in Port Macquarie. In view of this we aim to keep our customers happy. Therefore, we offer superior services. As a result, we reduce their non-core operating expenses. So it creates customer retention, thus, generating more business for the future.

                                                                    We provide flexible and customised cleaning programs. So, we package our services to suit our customers’ needs. We communicate effectively with staff and ensure continuous quality. Our skilled team monitors the work they deliver regularly.

                                                                    Factories deep cleaning services

                                                                    Factories can be untidy at times. With time grime and dirt accumulates in your machinery and facility. As a result, your productivity is seriously affected. For this reason, our industrial cleaners use a deep cleaning treatment. Moreover they utilise it on each piece of machinery and surface in your facility. Our cleaning specialists provide cleaning services for all kinds of surfaces in an industrial facility. It includes:

                                                                    • Metallic surfaces
                                                                    • Ceramic and tile areas like bathrooms
                                                                    • Cement and concrete hard floors
                                                                    • Carpet cleaning for office spaces
                                                                    • Office cleaning

                                                                    It is not enjoyable to work for long hours in a messy office! In other words, a clutter-free and spacious office space is vital. More importantly, a clean office area is essential for a:

                                                                    • Healthier team
                                                                    • Productive working surrounding
                                                                    • Good impression with guests

                                                                    You may urge your office staff to maintain cleanliness and neatness in their office spaces. However, there is limited time to carry out general cleaning each week. Therefore, leave the professional office cleaning work to us.

                                                                    Industrial facility cleaning

                                                                    Apart from your deep cleans, you need frequent plant cleaning and maintenance. It helps you to remain in control. Moreover, it can prolong the period between deep cleans. Australian Construction knows you cannot manage to shut down entirely for your regular scheduled clean. For this reason, we work with you and create a cleaning schedule that suits your production cycle. As a result, it reduces interruption to your operations.

                                                                    Safe cleaning methods

                                                                    In any workplace, operational health and safety are essential. , For industrial facilities, they are crucial. There are many dangers and risks in warehouses and factories. Because of this, all our industrial cleaning specialists follow strict safety procedures. Likewise, they have a comprehensive awareness of industrial surroundings. So our work is not only thorough but also 100% safe.

                                                                    Commercial construction and worksite cleaning

                                                                    You can save your builders precious time and allow them to concentrate on their construction work. Leave the post-construction site cleaning to the experts at Australian Construction. We carry out complete remodelling or simple renovations. As a result, we restore your workspace to a tidy area. It takes time to leave clients’ properties looking clean and neat. However, our expert team provides cleaning services on schedule. So, you can focus on your future building project.

                                                                    Our work site cleaning includes:

                                                                    Removing plaster, sawdust and paint. We also discard nails from frames, sills and windows. We remove rubbish and debris as well, and our team thoroughly wipes all doors, cabinetry and skirting boards. Our other services involve:

                                                                    • Wiping all skirting and washing the doors.
                                                                    • Cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces
                                                                    • Vacuuming
                                                                    • High-pressure clean-ups of concrete driveways & surfaces
                                                                    • Vacuum out all cooling and heating ducts.
                                                                    • Cleaning and polishing all stainless steel, wood finishes and porcelain

                                                                    Australian Construction building clean-up services suit:

                                                                    • Construction firms
                                                                    • Sole trader builders
                                                                    • Tilers
                                                                    • Property managers
                                                                    • Painters
                                                                    • Electricians
                                                                    • Real estate agents
                                                                    • Plumbers


                                                                    Australian Construction has a highly trained staff. Moreover, we create a relationship with our customers. Due to this, they feel comfortable with our services all the time. We provide cleaning solutions and perfectly customise them to your business premises and facility.

                                                                    Talk to us about all your industrial cleaning in Port Macquarie requirements!


                                                                      Industrial Cleaning In Melton For Use On All Industrial & Commercial Sites

                                                                        Australian Construction offers specialist factory cleaning. We offer these services to various industrial warehouses all over Melton. Our industrial cleaning in Melton mainly includes warehouse floor cleaning. We also provide maintenance services and clean ceilings and walls. Our skilled team helps you with industrial scrubbing and sweeping. Pressure cleaning is also among the services we offer. We meet your area-specific industrial cleaning service needs.

                                                                        At Australian Construction, we offer industrial cleaning services. More importantly, we do not disrupt your business or employees. We are committed to providing ideal warehouse cleaning services. Furthermore, we use top-notch industrial floor sweepers. We also use the latest industrial floor scrubbers.

                                                                        Quality services

                                                                        Our company offers you various industrial cleaning services. The Australian Construction team also follows the required time frames. These deadlines include:

                                                                        • Site visits
                                                                        • Shut-downs
                                                                        • Hand-overs
                                                                        • Cleaning or emergencies

                                                                        Our expertise is unmatched. Before any industrial floor scrubbing or sweeping, we offer you essential safety documentation. We also provide inductions and licenses, and risk assessments. As a result, we all work safely. We want to remain safe also!

                                                                        Warehouse and factory cleaning

                                                                        We offer comprehensive industrial cleaning in Melton. So our clients can concentrate on their primary business. We carry out factory cleaning and industrial cleaning. Moreover, we handle warehouse cleaning. Regularly cleaning your warehouse as part of the cleaning work is an effective way of reducing dust on the stock. Since we clean warehouse floors, you don’t need to hire an office cleaner to clean the warehouse.

                                                                        Industrial cleaning for environmental compliance

                                                                        Australian Construction provides industrial cleaning in Melton. We safely remove all waste, particularly waste water. We offer a complete waste water removal service for your premises. Besides, we utilise our industrial floor scrubber and keep it away from storm water.

                                                                        Protecting and caring for our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Given this, we are dedicated to ensuring our business activities does not lead to environmental damage when we use our industrial floor scrubber and sweeper. Disposing of waste water stops environmental harm. Also, treating enables recycled water to offer a climate-friendly and affordable water source. It is essential for a healthy water supply. Not to mention it is the right action to take.

                                                                        Removing stubborn graffiti from walls

                                                                        As a business person, it is essential to consider cleanliness. Perhaps you feel that graffiti have ruined the appeal of your commercial building or office area. In that case, you can rely on our industrial cleaning in Melton. Our professional cleaners clean the graffiti from the walls. Besides, they work without damaging the colour of the tiles or paint. In other words, we work without any mess or destruction.

                                                                        Professional car park cleaning

                                                                        People like parking their cars in a clean parking space. Consequently, it affects an overall business revenue. Due to this most business people work with a reputable industrial cleaning company like us. Professional cleaning services ensure there is no damage when removing stubborn stains. Our expert team at Australian Construction proficiently cleans floors, windows and walls. Moreover, they know how to clean various types of stains. Additionally, they are familiar with using liquid and chemicals stain removers also.

                                                                        Builders cleaning

                                                                        Our team of builder cleaning experts are the best in the sector. They are knowledgeable of the tools and solutions used. Besides, they use elements that suit corporate cleaning services, renovation cleaning and post-construction cleaning. We use proven cleaning solutions.

                                                                        Because of this, we ensure your premises are safe for individuals and animals.  Following builders’ construction, cleaning your area gives you a refreshed and clean feel. Our builders expertly clean your messy area after the completion of construction or renovations.


                                                                        At Australian Construction we offer efficient and safe services. Also, we are professionals in providing customised and cost-effective industrial solutions. For instance, we offer sustainable treatment of hazardous waste. We also clean and offer maintenance services as well as emergency spill response.

                                                                        Contact us today for all your industrial cleaning needs in Melton!


                                                                          Hire The Most Professional Industrial Cleaning Services In Canberra

                                                                            A clean office promotes employees’ motivation, health and performance. Therefore, tidiness is essential. At Australian Construction, we have an experienced cleaning staff. Our staff handles industrial cleaning in Canberra. These services include various cleaning tasks customised to your needs.

                                                                            We clean bathrooms, computers and telephones. Moreover, our cleaning services extend to ceilings, kitchens and floors.  In other words we undertake general office equipment cleaning. We tailor our services for your unique needs. Because of this, you can focus on running your business successfully. 

                                                                            Furthermore, you know that our professional and trustworthy cleaners are handling your office. When you have a clean office, it ensures a healthier workplace. Moreover, your staff productivity increases. Australian Construction guarantees you knowledge, capability and experience. For this reason, we provide top quality office cleaning to your premises. 

                                                                            Our services

                                                                            Australian Construction provides cleaning for the following office and commercial sectors:

                                                                            • Childcare
                                                                            • Offices
                                                                            • Embassies
                                                                            • Churches
                                                                            • Banks
                                                                            • Hospitals
                                                                            • Dental & medical clinics
                                                                            • Shopping centres
                                                                            • Nursing homes

                                                                            You would not enjoy shopping in a filthy mall. Neither would you be comfortable working in the dirty surrounding. In other words, no one wants to work in an unclean area. Because of this, whether you have a commercial building or office, it is essential to provide a healthy and hygienic surrounding for your employees and staff. 

                                                                            Hence, we provide industrial cleaning in Canberra to give you an efficient cleaning solution. As a result, you maintain a clean surrounding at your workplace. Additionally, you keep other commercial buildings clean. At Australian Construction, we are a committed industrial cleaning company. Given this, we offer tailored office and commercial cleaning services. Besides, we manage the cleanliness of your workplace and nearby areas. Moreover, we do not disturb your routine plan.

                                                                            Superior commercial cleaning

                                                                            Our company aims to relieve you of the hassle of maintaining a clean environment in your office. We have the newest technology. For this reason, we carry out sanitisation processes. Given this, we efficiently manage to sustain a clean surrounding in small and big premises.

                                                                            Our team is sufficiently skilled to undertake your work. Also, we consider your work preferences and routine. Due to this, your business is not affected. That is to say, you enjoy stress-free cleaning of your offices and other structures. More importantly, you do not have to take part in this process. 

                                                                            Commercial & office cleaning services

                                                                            The Australian Construction team endeavours to give you a healthy and clean environment. We offer outstanding expert cleaning services. Because of this, we have handled all aspects of commercial cleaning. So we give you our best. We offer the following commercial cleaning services:

                                                                            1.  Office cleaning

                                                                            When your staff is healthy and happy, they become more productive. Therefore your business grows. For this reason, we are available to help you realise this objective. We are proud to offer comprehensive cleaning packages. Similarly, our work quality is superior. From furniture to floors, we ensure a fully hygienic and sanitised surrounding. In effect, we create a working area you will love.

                                                                            2.  Commercial cleaning

                                                                            Our company does not only provide cleaning services to individual offices but also the commercial sector. In other words, we offer specialised business cleaning services. Here we include commercial sector management. Our efficient on-site management staff visits your premises. They avail themselves at the scheduled time. Moreover, they undertake on-site cleaning without disrupting the peak hours. Our industrial cleaning in Canberra allows your business to thrive in a clean environment.


                                                                            You manage complex machinery and a huge staff at your workplace. Due to this, it is hard to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at an industrial level. Moreover, it would help if you handled a huge set-up without disrupting the work routine. However, Australian Construction is here to help. 

                                                                            We manage your industrial cleaning processes in a stress-free manner. Our trained and skilled staff visits your site and cleans your whole set-up. As a result, it looks like a newly constructed building!

                                                                            So call us now for all your industrial cleaning services!


                                                                              Hobart Industrial Cleaning Services For Hire By Australian Construction

                                                                                Are you unsure of the industrial cleaning services you require? In that case, you can choose from Australian Construction’s different cleaning services. We offer industrial cleaning in Hobart for neglected areas. As a result, we refresh and revitalise your surroundings thoroughly.

                                                                                You can book an appointment with us to talk about your needs. We then arrange a continuous hygiene and cleaning solution with our affordable services. Not only are we committed to your health but also your business presentation.

                                                                                Our team of cleaners is trained and professional. Moreover, they have full liability insurance and are accredited to Australian Standard. We handle builders cleans, carpet cleaning and rubbish removal. Our company also undertakes rental property maintenance. 

                                                                                Moreover, we handle end of lease cleaning. We provide our cleaning services to retail shops, offices and the hospitality industry. Additionally, we carry out warehouse cleaning. 

                                                                                Carpet cleaning

                                                                                It is not easy to restore damage caused by heavy traffic wear, sun fading and burns on carpets. However, our expert team removes most of the stains easily. We use suitable application of our special stain removal products and consequent cleaning. The Australian Construction team of technicians is professionally trained.  Additionally, they have vast knowledge, skills and experience. Because of this, they can refurbish your carpet to its previous state.

                                                                                Our procedure

                                                                                First, our technicians examine the areas you want us to clean. Second, they discuss any elements they consider to be an issue. Because of this, you have full awareness and understanding. Third, they begin the cleaning process. We use the newest truck-mounted cleaning equipment. In addition, we have portable hot water extraction equipment. More importantly, our equipment is accepted in the sector and provides ideal outcomes. 

                                                                                This procedure is mainly referred to as Carpet Steam Cleaning. Here we use our equipment to spray-pressurise hot water. Together with this, we use other cleanings, degreasing and deodorising solutions. This method removes contaminants from the carpet. 

                                                                                Furthermore, it flushes this dirt from the carpet roots, the centre of the carpet and fibres tips. It then removes the grime, solutions and water with it. As a result, your carpet becomes clean and soft. Similarly, it is sanitised and looks lovely.

                                                                                Our services

                                                                                • Toilet and wash-room maintenance
                                                                                • General cleaning
                                                                                • Carpet stains removal and cleaning. It includes soft furnishings.
                                                                                • Glass and windows cleaning
                                                                                • Hard floor stripping and resurfacing
                                                                                • Cleaning car parks and concrete driveways. We also use high-pressure cleaning for paths.
                                                                                • Hygiene, health and sanitary products and services
                                                                                • Odour control, air freshening and scenting
                                                                                • Disinfection, hazard decontamination and terminal cleaning and more

                                                                                Flood & fire restoration 

                                                                                Disasters happen any time, especially when you do not expect them. We appreciate it can be stressful and cause inconvenience. For this reason, our committed renovation experts take control. So they take the stress from you and restore your operations quickly. Australian Construction has the various specialised equipment, products and tools. 

                                                                                Due to this, we restore your property and possessions to their pre-disaster state. Before restoration, we take full stock of your property. Also, we list, document and photograph the items effected by smoke, sewerage or water. After this, we remove the items from the premises and move them to our safe warehouse restoration centre. Then we return the items to your property. As a result, you have  a fully operational business once more. 


                                                                                Australian Construction knows that unclean areas can be embarrassing for you. Because of this, our skilled technicians undertake all specialist industrial cleaning in Hobart.  Furthermore they do this fast and discreetly. Therefore they rectify the situation quickly, reducing stress.

                                                                                Coupled with this our technicians have training in sanitising. Also, they are qualified in eliminating bacteria and odours, for instance, biological contamination. Our industrial cleaning in Hobart also involves disposing of contaminated materials safely.

                                                                                So let us know your requirements, and we will give you the ideal solution!


                                                                                  Your Local Industrial Cleaning Service In Geelong | Aus Construction

                                                                                    Commercial cleaning services and general cleaning is very different. Depending on the nature of the business, the grime and dirt can be substantial. Also, it can recur more frequently. Given this, Australian Construction ensures we meet your industrial cleaning in Geelong requirements often. 

                                                                                    Because of this, the number of germs present in the surrounding decreases. Moreover, it helps the workplace to function at its optimal level. We offer proper care, cleaning, maintenance and sanitising. It has a substantial impact on the facility’s general environment. 

                                                                                    An industrial cleaning service assists in ensuring that staff remains in maximum health. Therefore they have a safe working surrounding. Nothing compares to the benefits our experts provide. We endeavour to give exceptional services. Our trained cleaning staff has quality, integrity and expertise. 

                                                                                    Carpet cleaning

                                                                                    We are among Geelong’s best carpet cleaning services, and our steam cleaning techniques produce unique outcomes. We offer comprehensive and deep carpet cleaning processes. Additionally, we use superior carpet cleaning equipment. Also, our team uses safe cleaning agents for carpet dust and dirt removal.

                                                                                    Office cleaning service

                                                                                    A clean workplace has a significant impact on your company image. It provides your clients and staff with the first impression. Your office presentation affects employees and visitors. Australian Construction provides its customers with the comforts and benefits of a clean working surrounding. Because of this, we offer everyday office cleaning services. Moreover, we handle all elements of office cleaning. For example, we undertake simple jobs like:

                                                                                    • Walls
                                                                                    • Carpets care
                                                                                    • Washroom hygiene
                                                                                    • Windows
                                                                                    • Telephones
                                                                                    • Ceilings

                                                                                    Window cleaning

                                                                                    If the building you occupy has dirty windows, it damages the company image. More importantly, clean windows facilitate more natural light in the working area. Therefore your staff has a brighter working area. Moreover, it saves the usage of artificial light. We are specialists in commercial and window cleaning. 

                                                                                    In light of this, we service store fronts, commercial buildings etc. Our team of experts are experienced and handle the toughest cleaning jobs fast and carefully. For this reason, you can depend on our friendly staff to handle your concerns. Since we are flexible, we meet the requirements of our different clients. 

                                                                                    Building maintenance

                                                                                    Builders leave a mess after working. Because of this, our team efficiently cleans up during our industrial cleaning in Geelong. Your spotlessly cleaned interior and windows will make you happy. We handle all sized jobs, and we have the right equipment to address your needs. Moreover, we follow your work & safe requirements.

                                                                                    Expert factory services

                                                                                    More importantly, we establish a safe plan that is effective for industrial areas and factories. Consequently, it ensures your equipment remains safe, and well cleaned, enabling you to work. 

                                                                                    For years, we have worked hard to hone our skills depending on our clients’ needs. It includes outstanding reliability and affordable pricing. Additionally, we are flexible and therefore work in different surroundings.

                                                                                     Tile & grout cleaning

                                                                                    Dirty grout makes your property look unclean and out-dated. You might clean and mop tiles regularly. However, it is challenging and time-consuming to clean and sustain grout sections in between. Fortunately, Australian Construction Services is available to help. Grout is porous, unlike tile. 

                                                                                    It means many places are present where bacteria, dirt and contaminants conceal themselves and breed. We offer water-pressure cleaning solutions. As a result, we help attain a deep cleaning level, and our skilled team removes impurities and dirt from the surface. After this, we seal the grout, therefore, adding beauty and protection. 


                                                                                    For superior and affordable services talk to Australian Construction today. We are reputed for excellent industrial cleaning in Geelong. Our vast experience and modern equipment enable us to provide fast and effective outcomes. For a convenient method of improving your premises work with us for expert industrial cleaning services.

                                                                                    Call us for the ideal cleaning services for your premises.


                                                                                      Australian Construction – Industrial Cleaning Experts In Brisbane

                                                                                      Expert Industrial Cleaning Service In Brisbane

                                                                                        When things are chaotic in your workspace, it can be difficult to focus on your core business, and this is the reason why you need Australian Construction’s professional cleaning services for your commercial premises. When you leave the work to the experts in our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane, you have the assurance that you will be provided with a consistently healthy clean workplace, and a friendly and warm environment to match.

                                                                                        Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane has many years experience in the cleaning sector, and we provide affordable commercial and industrial cleaning services. If you reside in Brisbane and notice that your work premises are getting dirty too fast, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company’s services.

                                                                                        Advantages of a commercial cleaning service

                                                                                        It lessens the workload

                                                                                        You and your staff should concentrate on your core business, that is, running the actual business and producing the required outputs. If you are worried about maintaining order and cleanliness in your offices and the reception area, you will not be able to work efficiently. Therefore, leave the cleaning to our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane.

                                                                                        It gives a good first impression

                                                                                        No matter the industry you work in, no client will be motivated to work with you if they encounter a disorganised cluttered and unclean environment. It is not the impression that you want to give to your clients. As business owners spend a significant amount of time at the office, they sometimes become acclimatised and unaware of the increasing filing pile and mess (!) that can accumulate over time on the premises. 

                                                                                        Therefore, in our view, it is wise to hire an outside firm’s services like those of Australian Construction, because we are specialists in commercial cleaning and can enhance your office space appearance. Our professional team leaves your office smelling fresh and helps you create surroundings where you can strike deals!

                                                                                        Maintains health

                                                                                        When you ensure that you have clean and adequately maintained offices, you significantly decrease exposure to health risks. Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane can help increase your businesses productivity by decreasing the number of sick days.

                                                                                        Our commercial cleaning services

                                                                                        Our team cleans the building’s exterior and entrance, work and reception areas and focuses on:

                                                                                        • Cleaning the kitchen
                                                                                        • Cleaning the windows
                                                                                        • Emptying the bins
                                                                                        • Dusting the desks and polishing them 
                                                                                        • Cleaning different surfaces
                                                                                        • Vacuuming the carpets and mopping the floors

                                                                                        Builders cleaning

                                                                                        Cleaning a building can be challenging. Therefore, get an expert builder cleaning service like Australian Construction. Our skilled team cleans up after the builders! Our cleaners specialise in commercial cleaning and can easily change a construction site to an attractive and enticing building.

                                                                                        Our builders cleaning service is also known as a move-in clean, entry clean, final clean, initial clean that takes place only after completion of all the painting and construction. It is also an essential requirement for all Brisbane business-owners before they are able to sell their properties. If you want to lease or rent a building in Brisbane, the industrial cleaning team at Australian Construction can help with the cleaning prep prior to posting the premises’ availability.

                                                                                        Hiring us to carry out your post-construction cleaning provides the following benefits:

                                                                                        • Comprehensively insured and free from risk: Our firm gives you excellent insurance in the event that something occurs to your building as we work. 
                                                                                        • We take care of our customers, ensuring that you feel secure with us.
                                                                                        • Our dedicated team always finishes the job, and their services always make our clients happy with us.
                                                                                        • We treasure your time, and our company respects your time. Our team always endeavours to beat deadlines, so you are always on time when moving in or showing the building to customers.

                                                                                        Window cleaning

                                                                                        Your first impression is crucial. Whether it’s a customer visiting your showroom or a building site handover after completing the job, sparkling clean windows are awe-inspiring. It is the reason we are proud to provide the very best retail and commercial window cleaning services!

                                                                                        We handle jobs of all sizes like:

                                                                                        • Unusually positioned or high windows: We have extension water polls that easily clean them without boom lift costs.
                                                                                        • Paint, concrete or builders’ dirt: Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane is fully equipped, and our experienced window cleaners effectively handle builders’ mess.
                                                                                        • Removing hard water stains: We remove hard water stains from pools or rusty pipes.
                                                                                        • Retail window cleaning: If you want us to regularly clean your retail store windows to make them look professional, you can enquire about our retainer costs.
                                                                                        • Pure water window cleaning: We have professional filtration systems to give you an extra unique finish with our pure water window clean.

                                                                                        Advantages of engaging an expert window cleaner

                                                                                        Windows enables you to view the outside world and facilitate sunshine exposure to give you warmth and light. So, it is vital to keep your windows crystal clear and clean. Due to condensation and moisture, debris and dirt on your window become smudged, preventing you from having a clear view of the outside world.

                                                                                        Here are some benefits of working with a professional window cleaner:

                                                                                        Improve your curb appeal

                                                                                        Sparkling clean windows boost your structure’s curb appeal. Our team cleans your windows gently and thoroughly, enhancing their appeal.

                                                                                        Protect your windows

                                                                                        Dirt and debris can lead to irreversible damage to your windows. With time, they penetrate the glass, causing scratches and eventually trigger distortion, preventing you from having a clear unobstructed view outside. This is why it is essential to work with a skilled industrial cleaning contractor. We use specially formulated and high-powered cleaners for cleaning your windows.

                                                                                        Our skilled team ensures your windows are safe by washing them professionally often. This is important, particularly if you have tall or expensive windows.

                                                                                        Office cleaning

                                                                                        If you want a reliable and trustworthy office cleaning service, we are here to help. We are experienced in commercial cleaning, and we also specialise in small business office cleaning and property care. Our industrial cleaning team in Brisbane works hard, paying attention to all the details. The end result for you is a hygienic and spotless office space every time! Our cleaners are passionate about their work, and they are efficient at it!

                                                                                        Basic services

                                                                                        • Window & desk cleaning
                                                                                        • Mop and vacuum
                                                                                        • Specialised services
                                                                                        • Cleaning the kitchen and shower

                                                                                        Specialised services

                                                                                        • Front façade cleaning
                                                                                        • Maintenance of car park floor
                                                                                        • Water cleaning using high-pressure
                                                                                        • Polishing communal areas and machine scrubbing
                                                                                        • Steam cleaning carpets


                                                                                        A clean surrounding has a positive impact on any business. It increases morale, improves organisation and impresses clients. Australian Construction ensures that you have a tidy environment with our professional cleaning, enabling your firm to shine!

                                                                                        Give us a call today, and we will be happy to serve you!


                                                                                          Skilled Industrial Cleaning Team In Townsville For All Types Of Cleaning

                                                                                          Enjoy A Cleaner And Healthier Environment With Professional Industrial Cleaning

                                                                                            Your office represents your company’s face. Australian Construction can transform your business, ensuring that it is perfectly positioned to create the best impression to its clients. Our highly trained industrial cleaning team in Townsville is committed to giving all our valued customers lasting solutions to make your office spotless. We can protect your investment and make it more valuable.

                                                                                            Our skilled team in Townsville integrates with every business, finds out each premises features, and treats the facilities like their own. So, you do not need to be concerned about your building’s cleaning services. Our priority is our clients’ satisfaction, and our work quality and dedication attest to this. We keep our promises every single time!

                                                                                            Periodic, regular and maintenance cleaning

                                                                                            The industrial cleaning team Townsville has experience in providing maintenance, periodic and regular commercial cleaning services to various commercial sites. To know the tasks the contract includes, we present a detailed written work schedule specific to your premises. We give our staff schedules to follow, and we work with them from the beginning of the contract and frequently monitor, ensuring quality control.

                                                                                            Australian Construction avoids lock-in contracts because we are confident that our work is self-evident. Many businesses confirm our excellent work. We offer different types of commercial cleaning in all areas of business. We exploy extra staff who are well-trained and know your site well. Therefore, if a staff member falls sick or is unable to report to work for some reason, we have other staff who can stand in and cover that individual’s shift to avoid loss of service.

                                                                                            Glazing and glass cleaning

                                                                                            Our industrial cleaning service in Townsville offers various glazing and glass cleaning services:

                                                                                            • Frequent planned shop-front cleaning
                                                                                            • Regular planned commercial cleaning
                                                                                            • Cleaning glass for new builders
                                                                                            • External and internal
                                                                                            • It can be monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly and weekly
                                                                                            • Sticker and signage (residue) removal.

                                                                                            Exterior and interior tile cleaning

                                                                                            Australian Construction has numerous procedures for cleaning grout and tiles, depending on their condition and type. Our cleaning mainly involves a combination of numerous methods that include:

                                                                                            • Alkaline and acid washing
                                                                                            • Machine & hand scrubbing
                                                                                            • Suction and team blasting
                                                                                            • Sealing grout lines
                                                                                            • Pressure cleaning

                                                                                            The sealed grout prevents grime and moisture from getting inside the sub-surface structure; it makes cleaning much simpler and successful. We use the clear seal to maintain the grout’s natural colour and is appropriate for new grout, and for thoroughly cleaned and maintained grout where the grouts natural colour is suitable. Sealing is necessary for the grout to be dry and clean. We apply it meticulously by hand using customised tools.

                                                                                            Commercial end of lease cleaning

                                                                                            Australian Construction’s industrial cleaning team in Townsville offers services to retail shops, warehouses, offices, workshops and other commercial buildings. It forms part of many lease agreements to restore the premises to a good standard, enabling the landlord to lease the premises again. We provide all external and internal cleaning services to avoid issues when handing over the premises.

                                                                                            We mainly carry out commercial exit cleans in:

                                                                                            • Workshop areas
                                                                                            • Lunchrooms
                                                                                            • Kitchens
                                                                                            • Toilets
                                                                                            • Showrooms
                                                                                            • Offices

                                                                                            Our skilled team handles all necessary cleaning areas like furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and fixtures. Externally, we provide cleaning to buildings, roofs, paths, driveways, bins and path areas, and lawn and garden services care. Our company gives quotes for services or provide services on an hourly basis.

                                                                                            Dental and medical centre cleaning

                                                                                            • Our staff understands the essentials needed to maintain high standard cleanliness and hygiene in a medical facility. We integrate these qualities into our services and ensure our team follows these standards:
                                                                                            • Disinfection is mandatory for high-touch areas, cleaning materials and surfaces, and decontamination is carried out by our team at all the services.
                                                                                            • Our team uses coloured mop heads to avoid cross-contamination of areas.
                                                                                            • We clean and sterilise our mop heads in bleach before using them in every service.
                                                                                            • Our cleaning agents contain hospital grade disinfectants. Our team uses cleaning solutions for every service and disposes of them safely.
                                                                                            • We use sterile cleaning cloths (disposable) is preferable to general dusting.
                                                                                            • Australian Construction does not use brooms. We use HEPA filtration vacuuming and mopping for cleaning all hard floors.
                                                                                            • During each service, we disinfect all shared items, high touch items and all toys.
                                                                                            • We disinfect ceiling returns and vents to decrease air-borne contaminants
                                                                                            • Our team considers contaminated waste and bodily fluids as dangers, and we use suitable PPE for cleaning and dispose of it in clinical waste bins.

                                                                                            Sports & leisure centre cleaning

                                                                                            All sports and leisure centres are different and have different cleaning needs depending upon the individual centres requirements. Each day, many people use these facilities, and it is essential to give your members a clean and safe surrounding by ensuring regular cleaning and disinfecting services. 

                                                                                            Your facility may require mopping each day to clean up after the heavy foot traffic, or it may need a spring-clean now and then. Whatever the requirement, we have you covered. The sports and leisure cleaning our industrial cleaning team in Townsville provides, focuses on floors, change rooms, clubrooms, common areas and washrooms. We use sanitation methods and cleaning products to sanitise, leaving these areas spotless and inviting for your esteemed patrons.

                                                                                            Educational facilities cleaning services

                                                                                            Schools and daycares are among the most challenging surroundings to keep clean especially on a daily basis. But, its cleanliness is vital in presenting a healthy environment for both the staff and the children in attendance. It also communicates to parents your organisation’s excellence and professionalism.

                                                                                            We have efficient quality control processes and our managers conduct frequent facility inspections to ensure that we clean your school to your high standards. Whether you need periodic cleans or daily cleaning services even during the school holidays, our industrial cleaning team in Townsville is ready to help you!

                                                                                            Daycare and school cleaning services

                                                                                            • Vacuuming, mopping and steam cleaning all floor coverings and floors.
                                                                                            • Frequent anti-bacterial cleaning of used surfaces like chairs, computers, desks, sinks, whiteboards, benches and countertops.
                                                                                            • Window cleaning
                                                                                            • Toilets 
                                                                                            • Staff room space cleaning
                                                                                            • Vinyl floors strip and seal
                                                                                            • Basket court, gymnasiums, play areas cleaning and any other cleaning need you have.


                                                                                            The Australian Construction industrial cleaning team in Townsville is highly trained and skilled, and specialises in construction, sports and leisure, and other commercial cleaning projects. We appreciate that safety is essential, and our cleaners strictly follow quality standards and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations at all times.

                                                                                            Call us today, and it will be our pleasure to meet all your cleaning needs in Townsville!


                                                                                              Clean Your Premises The Professional Way- Industrial Cleaning Melbourne

                                                                                              Hire A Professional Cleaning Team For Superior Quality Services

                                                                                                If you want frequent commercial or industrial cleaning services in Melbourne, Australian Construction is the go-to company. We are the top cleaning team in the city, and appreciate the importance of maintaining cleanliness in your workplace premises. Our industrial cleaning service in Melbourne is committed to giving you comprehensive cleaning services to keep you, your employees and also your customers and clients, happy and healthy.

                                                                                                Our team of experts are happy to deliver. Their experience, expertise, top quality products, methods and equipment, including flexibility, gives you peace of mind that we will do the job well! 

                                                                                                Our industrial cleaning team in Melbourne proud to offer affordable, professional services, and we never compromise on quality. We are able to offer a variety of services, such as carpet cleaning, industrial tile & grout cleaning, floor stripping & sealing, and also many other cleaning services.

                                                                                                Factory floor cleaning

                                                                                                Cleaning industrial floors, warehouse, pressure wash and industrial hard floor cleaning

                                                                                                Production areas, factories and warehouses require high dusting, pressure washing and deep industrial cleaning. Our team of industrial cleaning experts in Melbourne will ensure that your working areas are sanitised and properly maintained through our cleaning services. Our team has vast experience in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

                                                                                                It is essential to ensure that your industrial workplace or factory floor remains clean according to production procedures and Occupational Health and Safety requirements. If a working area is not cleaned properly, it can have a detrimental effect on employee morale and productivity, and may also destroy your brand image with your clients. Australian Construction helps to ensure that your industrial workplace or factory remains clean, well maintained and safe with our professional cleaning services. 

                                                                                                Superior industrial cleaning 

                                                                                                Our experienced industrial cleaning team in Melbourne is committed to providing our clients with superior quality and affordable cleaning services. We consistently deliver our work to high standards, which is unmatched in the cleaning industry in Melbourne. This has made us a leader in the industry. We have a loyal customer base of industrial operators and factory businesses who frequently work with our skilled team. The reason for this is our cleaning experts’ professionalism, efficiency and thoroughness in all jobs that we undertake.

                                                                                                Hospitality cleaning services

                                                                                                Ensure you have a well-maintained brand image with our hotel cleaning services. The solution to great branding is consistency and sustaining your premises with a professional look. This forms part of your business identity. Where hospitality is concerned, maintaining a polished look is vital for your business success. 

                                                                                                Customers easily notice a messy or untidy looking entertainment area in the hospitality and entertainment sectors and can give a negative review, which can have a flow-on effect on potential future customers. Be unique from your rivals by enhancing your industry standards with our professional hospitality cleaning services.

                                                                                                We offer comprehensive and professional cleaning services for:

                                                                                                • Pubs
                                                                                                • Hotels
                                                                                                • Nightclubs
                                                                                                • Restaurants

                                                                                                Our industrial cleaning team is established and has vast experience working with the hospitality sector. Whether you are a CBD nightclub or a boutique hotel that attracts hundreds of customers on a Saturday night, we have the expertise to ensure your premises’ cleanliness despite the foot traffic the previous night.

                                                                                                After builders and post-construction cleaning services

                                                                                                Do you want to renovate your commercial area? If so, you need the correct cleaning services to make your property look clean and refreshed. Our industrial cleaning service provides builders cleaning depending on all your requirements. We have the following services:

                                                                                                • Builders final clean
                                                                                                • Construction cleaning
                                                                                                • Renovation cleaning
                                                                                                • Post-construction cleaning
                                                                                                • Builders clean
                                                                                                • Office and commercial area cleaning
                                                                                                • Factory cleaning 

                                                                                                Why choose Australian Construction for your building cleaning services?

                                                                                                • Reliable, experienced and thorough builder cleaning services
                                                                                                • Fast turnaround services
                                                                                                • Fair and competitive costs
                                                                                                • Detailed focus on all projects
                                                                                                • Customer-friendly services
                                                                                                • Expertly trained cleaning professionals
                                                                                                • Accredited cleaning methods

                                                                                                Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to clean surfaces thoroughly. We appreciate the importance of maintaining clean surroundings. Our rich and comprehensive experience ensures that we finalise your project fast.  If you want remarkably efficient pressure wash services, we have you covered.  We have the best cleaning company in the market that serves Melbourne clients efficiently. Our team is highly skilled, and they are professionals with enough expertise to render pressure wash services to various facilities. Our contemporary pressure wash methods eliminate all dust and dirt that accumulates with time. Eliminate all contaminants by talking to our experts.

                                                                                                We provide professional pressure wash services for the following:

                                                                                                • Patios
                                                                                                • Decking
                                                                                                • Driveways
                                                                                                • Concrete floor
                                                                                                • Tennis court
                                                                                                • House facades
                                                                                                • External walls
                                                                                                • Mould removal and roof cleaning
                                                                                                • Factory floor
                                                                                                • Swimming centres

                                                                                                Floor cleaning and warehouse cleaning services

                                                                                                Industrial cleaning needs specialist services, specific considerations and regular maintenance. The industrial cleaning team in Melbourne is prepared to offer these for your industrial business. Our objective is to supply maximum client satisfaction by providing comprehensive industrial factory cleaning jobs all over Melbourne. We can service your premises according to a weekly, daily, monthly or fortnightly schedule – or as otherwise requested by you.  

                                                                                                We have modern resources and equipment, and our qualified and versatile team easily handles complex and simple cleaning projects, ensuring optimal client satisfaction at decreased disposal costs. Our expert cleaners assist in protecting and maintaining your equipment using frequent cleaning services to enhance efficiency. 

                                                                                                Specialised industrial cleaning and cleaning factory floors 

                                                                                                We are different from most cleaning firms who handle factory work as they would a commercial area. We provide special procedures to ensure we do the job properly in accordance with your premises requirements. Furthermore, we acknowledge that in an industrial working surrounding where employee safety depends upon cleanliness, the procedure should be stricter than in different surroundings. Due to this, our industrial cleaning team in Melbourne has customised procedures to accommodate the meticulous cleanliness needs of industrial workplaces.

                                                                                                Our industrial cleaning team in Melbourne endeavour to give our Melbourne customers quality return on investment in our services. We also provide a cost guarantee to beat our competitors’ quotes. If you would like additional information on the various factory cleaning services that we can provide all over Melbourne, call us today!

                                                                                                Window cleaning

                                                                                                Australian Construction provide cost-effective window cleaning services to businesses. It can be a risky undertaking, but our team does it with the utmost professionalism. Our comprehensively insured cleaners give wonderful outcomes throughout. For frequent offices window cleaning we provide efficient and affordable service. We clean glass balconies, fly screens, etc. Call our experts for professional window stain removal.


                                                                                                Australian Construction is a long-established expert provider of all commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. We specialise in all aspects of industrial cleaning, office cleaning and school cleaning services. 

                                                                                                Do not hesitate to call us to access our wonderful cleaning services!


                                                                                                  Our Team In Perth Will Provide Ideal Industrial Cleaning Solutions For You

                                                                                                  Industrial Cleaning Service In Perth

                                                                                                    Australian Construction offers a comprehensive industrial cleaning service in Perth, suitable for any workplace and budget, such as small distribution warehouses and large production plants. We have vast experience in providing industrial cleaning solutions, making sure that your work area operates at peak production throughout with minimal downtime. If you want a specialised cleaning team in Perth to maintain cleanliness in your warehouse, keeping it safe and organised, call us today.

                                                                                                    We will give you an obligation free industrial cleaning services quote.

                                                                                                    Industrial area cleaning safety

                                                                                                    Areas for industrial workplace pose many dangers, and it is this reason why our key focus is your clients, suppliers and staff safety. Our industrial cleaners have the training to proactively recognise risks and follow particular safety practices on your premises, ensuring that we clean your premises meticulously to minimise any possible dangers.

                                                                                                    Our industrial cleaning team in Perth works with your staff to ensure that they understand your working environment and needs, in order to achieve the best cleaning outcomes. We use industrial cleaning chemicals depending upon the particular work area. These chemicals are pH neutral which minimise risk to safety. When engaging our services, you may consider including bathroom and cleaning consumables in your contract to avoid the need to be concerned about diminishing cleaning chemical stock levels.

                                                                                                    Working harmoniously with your work area

                                                                                                    The Australian Construction industrial cleaning team in Perth is flexible enough to adjust our work according to your business requirements. We form a service schedule that suits your operating hours, including working during off-peak periods. We even uniform match your employees for minimal disruption. Our team appreciates that working sites vary, and we provide customised industrial cleaning packages that suit your organisation’s needs.

                                                                                                    Our tailored packages ensure that we take care of your industrial cleaning needs so that you can concentrate on your company’s core business. Our industrial cleaning service in Perth provides inspection cleans, machinery cleaning, building site clean-ups and waste management. You have peace of mind knowing that our professional team appreciates that your workplace is unique, and handles your cleaning accordingly. Call us for your industrial cleaning free custom quote today.

                                                                                                    Office cleaning service

                                                                                                    We provide high-quality cleaning services at affordable rates to suit any business. Our company has cleaned offices in Perth for years, and we understand having a clean office environment is essential for people to enjoy visiting. Our friendly staff has intensive training and great attention to detail, creating a spotless workplace for your staff to thrive in. 

                                                                                                    We are proud to give you a pleasant, clean and fresh surrounding for your clients and staff using an expert cleaning service. We value our reputation and are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive and hygienic office cleaning. 

                                                                                                    Office cleaning services

                                                                                                    Our skilled team adapts to your business requirements, and we schedule our cleaning services to match your working hours. We acknowledge that each office is different, and we provide customised office cleaning packages to fit your needs. With our personalised packages, you can be sure that we are handling your office cleaning requirements, leaving you to concentrate on your firm’s operations. We provide everything such as post-party office cleanups, supply restocking and emergency office cleaning.

                                                                                                    Medical cleaning service

                                                                                                    We provide superior quality clinical cleaning services for medical and healthcare facilities in Perth. We have vast experience in medical cleaning and have been cleaning medical facilities for years.  Our friendly expert team is specially trained in medical cleaning services, and we are proud to offer these services with attention to detail.

                                                                                                    We prioritise hygiene and safety

                                                                                                    Australian Construction fully comprehends the importance of medical cleaning, and we ensure we give our medical cleaning staff training on the medical sector safety and regulations. We utilise clinical-grade equipment for all our medical cleaning services, and our management staff monitors the medical cleaning staff, ensuring that they always meet safety requirements.

                                                                                                    Give your staff and clients a pleasant medical environment by using an expert medical cleaning service. We give our customers a comprehensive and hygienic medical cleaning service. Our priority is our contractors and employees’ safety and health. So, we have established an occupational health and safety management structure to facilitate practical OHS issues assessment and management. We ensure our staff gets continuous training to make certain they are updated with OHS knowledge in your workplace. 

                                                                                                    Maritime cleaning services

                                                                                                    Australian Construction makes sure that our cleaning staff is fully-equipped to qualify as marine cleaning specialists, and they go through a thorough interview process. After they get approval to work with us, we give them the appropriate equipment to enable them to work in the proper manner. If you want us to clean a navy or have a ship cleaning project, our employees are certified with MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card).

                                                                                                    Maritime services

                                                                                                    We provide the following services:

                                                                                                    • Offshore cleaning
                                                                                                    • Onboard cleaning
                                                                                                    • Deck cleaning
                                                                                                    • Passenger ship cleaning
                                                                                                    • Painting
                                                                                                    • Ship refurbishment cleaning
                                                                                                    • Engine & ship room cleaning
                                                                                                    • Comprehensive mess and gallery cleaning services
                                                                                                    • Jetty facility cleaning

                                                                                                    Additionally, we are proud of our remarkably short turn around in cleaning as ships reload or refuel. Our competent team is well conversant with floating dock cleaning.  If you want more information about our expert maritime cleaning services, do not hesitate to call us. Our team is friendly and helpful and will be happy to give you all the information you need to decide whether to engage our services. 

                                                                                                    School cleaning services

                                                                                                    Do you want us to sanitise and clean your educational facilities? Australian Construction is available to give you efficient school cleaning services. We have a good reputation because of our longstanding professional relationship with educational institutions and schools in Perth.

                                                                                                    Due to the large numbers of occupants in educational institutions, these facilities need proper sanitisation and cleaning. You can entrust our expert team in Perth to provide your staff and students with a healthy, clean school environment. We provide expert school cleaning services, ensuring that your educational facility maintains optimal cleanliness, minimising the occurrence and transmission of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

                                                                                                    We consider the challenges and concerns you have, and we ensure that we give you affordable cleaning packages.


                                                                                                    Choose from our services above, to create a tailored industrial cleaning package for your workplace. You can also speak to our team to enquire about any other cleaning services that we have not mentioned here. Rest assured that our industrial cleaning team in Perth will give your industrial premises thorough and professional cleaning services to cover all your work areas.

                                                                                                    You are welcome to call us any time to discuss your professional industrial cleaning needs!


                                                                                                      The Best Professional Industrial Cleaning Services In Adelaide

                                                                                                      Enjoy Pristine Clean Surroundings In Your Business Premises

                                                                                                        Australian Construction’s trained and skilled cleaners give your premises the best clean at affordable costs. We offer expert industrial cleaning in Adelaide, and we aim to provide that service in a way that surpasses all expectations. Our industrial cleaning team in Adelaide endeavours to provide complete customer satisfaction, and forge lasting customer relationships. 

                                                                                                        Our helpful and caring cleaners are available to meet our client’s requirements. We appreciate that integrity is essential, and earning our clients’ trust is vital. So, all our cleaners go through police checks, public liability insurance and clearances.

                                                                                                        Quality guaranteed office cleaning

                                                                                                        Our company prides itself on proactive, hands-on attention and hands-on service.  We provide our clients with expertise, knowledge, vast service provision and personalised service and attention. This is the reason most of our customers are satisfied repeat clients, having engaged our services for years. Our industrial cleaning team believes in excellence in all aspects of the job, and this is evident from the quality, artistry and sophistication of the services we provide.

                                                                                                        Commercial cleaning services

                                                                                                        Commercial cleaning describes a vital part of the business world; however, it is usually ignored. No one wishes to work in untidy surroundings. However, it is not the machine operator, factory hand or other worker’s job to clean. They are employed for a particular purpose, which is why it would be best for you to outsource your cleaning needs for your industrial premises.  

                                                                                                        Sparkling floors, clean restrooms and impeccable conference and lunchrooms are essential when entertaining clients, guests and prospective clients. Clean surroundings are also essential for your employee’s health and thriving of your business. Our Australian Construction industrial cleaning team in Adelaide is skilled enough to give you a clean and healthy work surrounding with our expert services.

                                                                                                        Industrial cleaning

                                                                                                        At Australian Construction, we are specialists in industrial cleaning around equipment and machinery. Where cleaning warehouses and factory floors cleaning is concerned, we utilise heavy-duty cleaning products and tools that save time and facilitate the ideal results. If your office space is located near the factory environment, we service the two areas to separately to keep away the dirt and grime.

                                                                                                        Industrial cleaning service

                                                                                                        Our industrial cleaning team in Adelaide offers unsurpassed industrial cleaning for an ideal clean at affordable prices. We appreciate that industrial spaces become dirty pretty quickly, on a daily basis. So, we implement fast and efficient cleaning methods in our work.  We use industry-grade machines and environmentally friendly products. Our qualified team gives you the same exceptional outcomes each day at cost-effective prices.

                                                                                                        Call us today to discuss your industrial cleaning requirements!

                                                                                                        Industrial cleaners

                                                                                                        Factories always get dirty daily, and it is not possible to avoid this. The most you as an employer can do, is to request your staff to manage their own mess.   However, in industrial places with long working hours and many responsibilities, this may not be such a practical option. If your premises is not maintained, stains and spills can damage your floors, and dust can pile on your costly machinery, also causing damage to your essential equipment.  

                                                                                                        Our industrial cleaning team in Adelaide works on stubborn stains, accumulation of dirt in corners, and whatever else is making your factory untidy. From deep cleaning to vacuuming to dusting, our industrial floor cleaners offer all types of services, giving you a spotless finish fast.

                                                                                                        Industrial equipment cleaning professional

                                                                                                        Industrial equipment cleaning is complicated, and paying attention to details is necessary. Our team takes great care to clean your equipment without causing any damage.  We take extra care to ensure that the products and equipment we use is appropriate and safe for your premises and fixtures. Our team handles its work seriously, and we finish our work efficiently to avoid any delayed service that causes your company downtime.  Hiring our team of professionals guarantees that you are working with the top industrial cleaning experts in Adelaide!

                                                                                                        Industrial machine cleaning services

                                                                                                        All you need to do is call us to hire expert industrial machine cleaning on site. We provide a highly tailored service, and we plan your cleaning at a convenient time for you and within your budget. Australian Construction ensures that your industrial machines, equipment and factory are restored to the best possible condition.

                                                                                                        Aged care cleaning services

                                                                                                        We know that aged care homes and facilities need specialised attention and cleaning. That is the reason why our industrial cleaning team in Adelaide provides trustworthy senior care cleaning services. Our team of skilled cleaners handle the dirt and dust that accumulates in all areas. Not only that, we also provide thorough cleaning which helps to prevent the possibility of dangerous cross-contamination, which is a real issue in aged-care environments. 

                                                                                                        The muck does not intimidate us, and we passionately clean until all areas are spotless and neat! We have helped different commercial and domestic clients to maintain clean facilities, giving our clients tidy surroundings. Our biodegradable cleaning products and advanced equipment enable us to remove all dirt particles leaving your property thoroughly clean.

                                                                                                        We offer all kinds of cleaning services at affordable costs, from mopping floors, cleaning curtains and high-level dusting. Call us today to discuss your needs, and we will arrive at your premises promptly. All of our services are accessible at affordable rates.

                                                                                                        Cleaning commercial offices

                                                                                                        It is essential to enhance and protect these assets values to retain the current tenants and attract potential customers. Apart from performing frequent routine cleaning maintenance, it is essential to carry out regular deep cleaning. Carpets steam cleaning, window cleaning, scrubbing floor tiles, and stripping and sealing of vinyl floors all help to avoid the deterioration in the buildings’ appearance and value. At Australian Construction, we can provide these services.

                                                                                                        Tailored building cleaning solutions

                                                                                                        Australian Construction provides tailored plans that match your property best, giving you peace of mind to maintain optimal cleaning standards. We also attend to ponds, pathways, car parks and entrance areas as part of our industrial cleaning in Adelaide. Our team can attend to these by staining, removing leaves and using high-pressure cleaning to restore these areas to their best possible condition. 

                                                                                                        Commercial buildings are mainly sensitive surroundings, and privacy is paramount. Our cleaners team is vetted, security cleared, and they sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that all data remains private. 

                                                                                                        We are mindful of rising power costs and train our cleaners to reduce power consumption by switching off the lights and other items when they are not in use.  Our industrial cleaning team understands your needs and facilitates high-quality standards and handles problems immediately.


                                                                                                        The vast experience of our industrial cleaning team in Adelaide sets us apart from the other cleaning services in the city.  Whether it’s general cleaning, lounge cleaning, laundry, office cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, we guarantee quality work.

                                                                                                        Call Australian Construction today to discuss your needs, and our competent team is available to serve you immediately!