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    At Australian Construction, we have reliable cleaners. Moreover, they are proud of their work and make your premises shine. We specialise in high-quality industrial cleaning in Port Macquarie. In view of this we aim to keep our customers happy. Therefore, we offer superior services. As a result, we reduce their non-core operating expenses. So it creates customer retention, thus, generating more business for the future.

    We provide flexible and customised cleaning programs. So, we package our services to suit our customers’ needs. We communicate effectively with staff and ensure continuous quality. Our skilled team monitors the work they deliver regularly.

    Factories deep cleaning services

    Factories can be untidy at times. With time grime and dirt accumulates in your machinery and facility. As a result, your productivity is seriously affected. For this reason, our industrial cleaners use a deep cleaning treatment. Moreover they utilise it on each piece of machinery and surface in your facility. Our cleaning specialists provide cleaning services for all kinds of surfaces in an industrial facility. It includes:

    • Metallic surfaces
    • Ceramic and tile areas like bathrooms
    • Cement and concrete hard floors
    • Carpet cleaning for office spaces
    • Office cleaning

    It is not enjoyable to work for long hours in a messy office! In other words, a clutter-free and spacious office space is vital. More importantly, a clean office area is essential for a:

    • Healthier team
    • Productive working surrounding
    • Good impression with guests

    You may urge your office staff to maintain cleanliness and neatness in their office spaces. However, there is limited time to carry out general cleaning each week. Therefore, leave the professional office cleaning work to us.

    Industrial facility cleaning

    Apart from your deep cleans, you need frequent plant cleaning and maintenance. It helps you to remain in control. Moreover, it can prolong the period between deep cleans. Australian Construction knows you cannot manage to shut down entirely for your regular scheduled clean. For this reason, we work with you and create a cleaning schedule that suits your production cycle. As a result, it reduces interruption to your operations.

    Safe cleaning methods

    In any workplace, operational health and safety are essential. , For industrial facilities, they are crucial. There are many dangers and risks in warehouses and factories. Because of this, all our industrial cleaning specialists follow strict safety procedures. Likewise, they have a comprehensive awareness of industrial surroundings. So our work is not only thorough but also 100% safe.

    Commercial construction and worksite cleaning

    You can save your builders precious time and allow them to concentrate on their construction work. Leave the post-construction site cleaning to the experts at Australian Construction. We carry out complete remodelling or simple renovations. As a result, we restore your workspace to a tidy area. It takes time to leave clients’ properties looking clean and neat. However, our expert team provides cleaning services on schedule. So, you can focus on your future building project.

    Our work site cleaning includes:

    Removing plaster, sawdust and paint. We also discard nails from frames, sills and windows. We remove rubbish and debris as well, and our team thoroughly wipes all doors, cabinetry and skirting boards. Our other services involve:

    • Wiping all skirting and washing the doors.
    • Cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces
    • Vacuuming
    • High-pressure clean-ups of concrete driveways & surfaces
    • Vacuum out all cooling and heating ducts.
    • Cleaning and polishing all stainless steel, wood finishes and porcelain

    Australian Construction building clean-up services suit:

    • Construction firms
    • Sole trader builders
    • Tilers
    • Property managers
    • Painters
    • Electricians
    • Real estate agents
    • Plumbers


    Australian Construction has a highly trained staff. Moreover, we create a relationship with our customers. Due to this, they feel comfortable with our services all the time. We provide cleaning solutions and perfectly customise them to your business premises and facility.

    Talk to us about all your industrial cleaning in Port Macquarie requirements!