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Ballarat Kitchen Renovations

Ballarat Kitchen Renovations

    Kitchen renovations are exciting! However, they can be overwhelming. The Australian Construction team is passionate. Therefore we make your kitchen renovations and installation stress-free. Moreover, we deliver ideal outcomes that suit your budget. 

    We maximise your storage area and layout. To do this, we choose suitable cupboards and benchtops. Additionally, we select the ideal splashbacks and drawers. Therefore call us to find out how we can make your dream kitchen a reality!

    Do you want a contemporary or modern feel? Or do you wish for something more traditional? In that case, our specialists guide you through all the steps of the renovation procedure. We understand your needs and create a lovely bespoke kitchen. As a result, you have the ideal kitchen that suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

    Kitchen cabinets

    Your kitchen cabinets account for a big part of your kitchen renovations in Ballarat. Therefore, the kitchen cabinets you choose are necessary. Moreover, the finish and style you pick impact your new kitchen significantly. Quality is vital, and because of this, we use the best combination. We utilise the best materials to provide well-built cabinetry.

    Kitchen Cupboards

    Cabinet handles, drawers, and doors influence the feel and look of many kitchen designs. Additionally, they are some of the first elements people notice. For this reason, it is crucial to get these elements correct. Fortunately, Australian Construction has various options!

    Kitchen cupboard doors

    Our skilled team ensures they get the right aesthetic for your kitchen renovations in Ballarat. For example, simple styles like ultra-high gloss, handleless and flat doors would not suit a French provincial design kitchen. Many people have a kitchen style idea. As a result, it helps to narrow the different options. It also enables us to decide whether to use a flat or profile door.

    Common styles for kitchen cupboard doors

    • Flat: This type is self-explanatory. It lacks door features and is entirely flat. Because of this, you can wipe it quickly using a cloth. It features a clean and straightforward style. Consequently, it is an excellent option for contemporary and modern kitchens. 
    • The Shaker style is a widely used profile cabinet door design. Shaker doors consist of a level centrepiece together with a frame around the edges. This design is simple and suitable for various kitchens.
    • Glass-front doors: This type is excellent for showcasing items inside cabinets. We also use them to make your cabinetry more attractive. One glass-fronted door or two adds interest. 
    • Open shelving:Open shelving has optimal functionality because items are visible to you.

    Kitchen drawers

    The Kicker Drawers utilise areas that are not being used. It is best for cooking platters or trays that are difficult to stack. You can even use them to store your favourite red wine! They save you from bending to pick items from the rear of cabinets. 

    We expertly install these new drawer systems. As a result, it enables you to store your items easily. Also, you can access them without any problem. These items include glasses, plates and saucepans. Modern soft close drawers are lovely to use. Moreover, they can sustain a maximum weight of 65kg.

    Kitchen pantries

    The most crucial kitchen section is the pantry. We no longer consider the pantry as simply somewhere to keep food items as you can also store small appliances here. For instance, you can keep crockery, kettles, Tupperware and toasters here. Generally, it is ideal for keeping the rest of your area looking tidy, uncluttered, and clean. 


    Australian Construction has an innovative business model. Because of this, we complete a kitchen. We handle the rip out stage and reconnect all your appliances and add stone benchtops. Due to our unique business technique, we complete your kitchen renovations quickly. Because of this, we make this procedure seamless for you. Soon you have a completely functioning kitchen!

      So call us today and enjoy the best kitchen renovations in Ballarat!